Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Apilco Porcelaine

Café Mondrian - watercolor - 9 x 11
Café Mondrian, watercolor on paper, 9" x 11 1/2"
I may have to move to the Netherlands. You can buy APILCO porcelain very easily there. Or better yet move near the factory in Chauvigny. (Open Monday - Thursday mornings by appointment)Café Dome I first spotted APILCO (it was love at first sight) while passing Café Dome in the Marais last May...

Pretty gorgeous you have to admit.. I came back and started searching.. You can buy APILCO's "Flora" Bistroware at Bridge Kitchenware and William Sonoma in New York, but only in white.

I found a Flora cup and saucer on Ebay in a delicious shade of dark GREEN..or so I thought. My cup arrived shrunken and more Army green than Forest green. Long-distance love can be disappointing at times.

Waiting... For these gorgeous colors, you must move to Amsterdam or open a café in Paris. Colors are reserved for restaurant owners. Paris department stores do not carry restaurant ware unfortunately.

Café Mondrian was on my corner at 158, bd St. Germain last October. They always had a charming Apilco place setting out, waiting for me, but I always ran off somewhere else. Still waiting APILCO was founded in 1906 by the Deshoulières family. They supply the hospitality industry. "Their unerring focus on quality and attention to detail is unparalleled." Yes I agree completement! Now where can I buy some? Don't you love the way they mix up the colors? Some New York "quality and attention to detail" is on the facade of Sak's Fifth Avenue right now.


  1. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Star bright, star light.
    Santa please bring me some APILCO tonight.
    Red, blue or yellow...
    It makes me feel sooo mellow.

  2. Anonymous12:02 PM

    The porcelaine is wonderful! Such fun colors. Even the food and drink would taste better in it.
    Not only do we get to view wonderful Art and Photography, but we get a classy education on top of it. Thanks again. Still figuring this blog thing out.. CM in OR.

  3. WOW - love APILCO!! So 'SIMPLE~elegant'!
    Thanks for the great painting too .... rec'd it and it is now under the tree ....WhEEEE!


  5. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Love that YELLOW pitcher and the BLUE cup sitting on the RED square napkin.
    How very Mondrian!

  6. I do like the mixing of the colours! For some reason the greens remind me of Dianna ware...


    I was given a beautiful beer glass by the staff at LIPP in Paris... it was beautiful too!

    It was stolen from my hotel.. :o(

    very sad as the shape and style was beautiful ( as was the evening)

  7. Peaudane le queue interminable c'est jusq'ue pour regarder les vitrines de Noel pas pour rentrer!

  8. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Just discovered your blog and had to write to you. I just finished painting my ktichen cabinets the pinky lavender of a Laduree gift box that I had Porter Paints match. Everyone scoffed at me at first and now they all LOVE it. It goes so well with the two chandeliers and large oil painting of ballerinas I also put in my kitchen. I cannot WAIT to get one of your paintings!

  9. Any ballerinas in particular? Sylvie, or Darcy perhaps?....

    A mate has a pair of Darcy's pointe shoes in a glass cabinet in in bedroom....(runcible fellow!)

  10. his! i menat to say not in in !


  11. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Didn´t you visit Vista Alegre's little boutique on the corner of Place Saint Sulpice?
    I´sure there you´ll find the perfect cups and dishes there ;D

  12. I bought my green apilco sets many years ago in the days when Paperchase sold fantastic paper and other marvellous stuff. I worked in London then and walked past a catering supplies shop on the Tottenham Court Road on my way to Paperchase and Heals. One day I just popped in and bought the apilco sets. I have not seen it anywhere else since, and I'm afraid I don't know if that shop is still there - so I've not been of much use really! I love drinking coffee out of those cups.

  13. I have seen and used these type of cups and creamers a million times...and never did I give them much notice...Thank you for drawing my eye to the simple beauty of the cafe-wares! The next time I have a "chocolat chaud," I will think of you and smile!! I hope my cup is pink!!
    Leave it to you to point these out to me!

  14. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Simon, nobody famous like Darcy or Anna...two ballerinas that showed up at last week's flea can see them about 10 posts down at my blog. Find of the century!

  15. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I've always liked those squat little Apilco cups. They're great color combinations. Love your painting of one.

  16. Anonymous9:04 PM

    I always wondered about those cups at Le Dome... now I have another stop on my itinerary next time I'm in Amsterdam!

  17. Anonymous12:16 PM

    You can have a nice tea, cafe creme or cappuccino at the unique CASBAH CAFE on Sunset Blvd Silver Lake , Los Angeles, in these blue and gold, or turquoise and gold Apilco cups. Ask to be served in them.w

  18. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Just got back from Paris and Dome and became obsessed with these colored cups/plates. Any idea where in Amsterdam they can be bought or how to contact the factory store? Am willing to travel from London.
    Love the blog and your watercolors are breathtaking!


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