Friday, December 29, 2006

Bouchons de Champagne...

Bouchons de Champagne
Bouchons de Champagne, original watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"
Have you ever saved a champagne cork (bouchon de Champagne)? I saved one from a birthday celebration in Paris with my favorite and only 2nd cousin, Kristine, who lives in Pigalle.
In Reims, Champagne's home, you can buy dark chocolate "bouchons" filled with Marc that burst in your mouth when you crunch on them!
Marc de Champagne is a brandy produced by distilling the grape skins, seeds and stalks, left from the pressing process in the first stages of Champagne production.
I have one of these please.. La Petite Friande, is a chocolatier on Reims' main boulevard, 15, cours Jean-Baptiste Langlet, not far from Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral. They specialize in these yummy candies since 1951. Their bouchons come in all shapes and sizes.
YUM ! You can get the Marc inside a bunch of of dark chocolate grapes.
Buckets of Champagne would be nice too... I like these little buckets of Bouchons.
is a beautiful wine town to visit and an easy 90 minutes from Paris by train. Reims is the hardest French city to pronounce. It almost rhymes with "chance" if you hit the "n" lightly. Atmospheric Café du Palais is THE place to drink your champagne. Local winemakers have been coming here for lunch since 1930 on 14, place Myron-Herrick.
Cheers and Bonne Annee 2007!

Merci, Roselyne for the lovely déjeuner


  1. À vous aussi, chère Carol!!!

  2. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Let it rain Champagne,
    That's my refrain.
    Not the plains in Spain.
    Just plain Champagne.
    That's my refrain..
    I ain't ashamed..
    Straight up Champagne!

  3. It is all so lovely. . .
    Enjoy your New Year's toasts.

  4. yum. veuve cliquot - my favorite! And what fantastic chocolate grape bunches. What a beautiful blog site! Thanks for sharing. I feel like I'm on a mini holiday.

  5. Oui, Carol, Bonne Année!

  6. I think I will pour myself a glass! :o)

  7. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Ooooh--this watercolor is charming, Carol! I think you did better on the lighting in this one than just about any I've seen! I particularly like the difference in values between the inside top of the cup, then directly under the cup, and finally, under the saucer...and the box is wonderful--I love the way you captured the shadow in the top left and bottom left corners of it...and the calligraphic strokes are wonderful (and I love that they are just hinted at--you didn't spell out the "Bouchons" in its entirety, which is nice.) I guess what I'm saying is "Pas mal!!" Bonne Annee for sure...I'll look forward to following your entries in '07.

  8. Over at
    they were showing a glass wine stopper. I have not heard of those, Have you Carol?
    Anyways they look like they would be interesting to paint

  9. Anonymous1:31 PM

    Your blog is simply yummy!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Love the color choice on your watercolours Carol. Feels like a very summery Sargent. Did you go to the Americans in Paris exhibit at the MET?
    You may find it interesting...

  11. Anonymous10:30 PM

    You're KILLIN'ME. I'm in bed and now I have to send husband downstairs for some good European chocolate.

  12. I love champagne & that bottle pictured is one of my favs.

    Wishing you a successful 2007.

  13. May your New Year be filled with good health, much love,happiness & ~*inspirational chocolate!*~ hugs NG

  14. Heaven....Simply heaven.. AND I thank Heaven that I found your blog!

  15. Anonymous2:21 PM

    You switched it on me, bucko...I caught that!!! Nice, but I still like the other one, too!!

  16. Beautiful post today-love the pictures!Your art work is fabulous- how come i missed all this chocolate when i was there-what was i thinking?


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