Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pierre Hermé's Paris Green...

Pierre Herme Emotion Sarah
There's a green pigment, called "Paris Green" so poisonous you can't paint with it any more. It contains arsenic among other toxic ingredients.

Pierre Herme is fond of this green..It was once used to kill rats in Parisian sewers
Sadaharu Aoki too likes to throw this green around. Again these extra-terrestial desserts. I couldn't bring myself to buy one - they might take off or explode or implode? Perhaps all Paris is in love with Paris Green. It makes sense.
Here at Mariage Freres the windows were full of it..
Pierre Hermé's pastry box opens like flower petals
The Pierre Herme dessert above is called the Emotion Sarah.
It contains not arsenic, but rather passion fruit, marrons, and creamy green tea. You're instructed to dig your spoon straight down to the bottom and taste all 3 flavors in one lovin' spoonful :)
I did as I was told for once.
THEY WILL KNOW if you did not follow instructions. I wish I could describe this to you. I'll let the painting do the talking.

The Bronze Age cookie made a clunk when I put it on the saucer.
I decided to pass - too metalic for my taste!

Here's a New York Green - THE BIG TREE at Rockefeller Center!


  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Again - beautiful!
    I'm taking my youngest daughter downtown for the Christmas market and some last minute Christmas shopping today. After reading your post I know we have to stop somewhere for a coffee and some extra sweets :-)

  2. You not only fill my eyes with treats and take me on exotic travels, now you even educate me with history. You are here by awarded the Blog Legion of Honor medal. (it is edible by the way)

  3. Love the green in your painting! Tres chic ;)

    PS off to Pareeee tomorrow. Macarons here I come!

  4. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Carol, the paintings that have been hear as of resent have been so wonderful!! I like when you put your work on hear.
    Happy holidays,

  5. My boss is superstitious about green.

    So much so that we are not allowed to drive green cars or wear green ties or shirts.....

    I wonder if he has a french past??!!

  6. I love that color so much I could paint my whole house in it and it would not be too much.

    The tree must have a kajillion lights on it!

  7. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I have Ikea bowls this color and love them ... not as much as I love your paintings. Merry Christmas!

  8. your blog is such a treat to visit!
    Love the tribute to Green!

  9. Carol, how do you do it? Come up with such beauty, I mean!

  10. Anonymous2:44 AM

    Green...my favourite colour!

  11. What a great shade of green - arsenic notwithstanding. :-)

    I love anything with passionfruit - one of my very favorite flavors.

  12. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Greens, greens,who needs Blue?
    Parrots and Emeralds, Granny apple greens
    You were made for queens.
    Divas prefer you...
    Callas and Taylor,
    To name just a few.
    A diva I ain't
    But I love you too...

  13. Green is my absolute favorite, too. But I think I could forego that arsenic color, as well.

  14. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Finally you´ve written about a different green from Ladurée's green :D)
    J'adore le vert!!!
    I always find the right green for the right time or place:a goldy or a silvery green...a green really bright for the summer nights. Another green that's a bit grey for a sad winter morning.
    And it mixes perfectly with black.
    I can express a lot of emotions only changing the shade of green.
    I think it´s perfect, even when you mix it with opposite colours like orange.

  15. my favorite color by far. . . .wonderful painting and photos! and hey I just read that Herme's has opened an on-line shop, and though no shipping to the US yet, it will in future.

    Paris Trip Tips

  16. I adore your blog - where is that green teapot? I must haveone.

  17. Anonymous10:53 PM

    wow, that link on paris green was interesting. thanks

  18. I'm quite fascinated by traditional pigments and painting methods. Did you know that yellow lake used to made from evaporated cow pee (from special cows in india fed toxic mango leaves.) Discontinued a while back (thankfully.)


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