Friday, December 15, 2006

You're invited !

For Darling Charlotte
Charlotte Russe, watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"
I hung a "FOR SALE" sign on Paris Breakfasts' front lawn this week.
Finally I felt ready to sell my paintings and your response has been lovely.

YUM !Paris Breakfasts began last May so I could share my vision of Paris and show my Parisien watercolors. I wasn't sure anyone would come to my party.All in a row...
I was reminded this week when I was 7 or 8. My imagination was vivid back then too. Round the neighborhood I went selling tickets to a circus show I planned to put on. (5 cents each). I had to go and return those nickels.
No circus - just inside my head.

THANK YOU for coming to my party :) Getting Paris Breakfasts out 5 mornings a week has been like putting on that circus show. And it's been the most fun I've ever had.
Your response has been...well I can't find the words.
I wanted to THANK YOU ALL for coming to my show.
It's meant more than I can say
Help yourself! Please help yourself to a slice of this beautiful cake.It's for you !
Click on me please :)
*Don't forget little
#UE02 is waiting for you...


  1. Stunning photographs and wonderful art. Congratulations again.

    Carole, I am subscribed to your blog but for some reason always get it twice. Please would you be good enough to check the subscriber list and erase one of them. Thankyou.

    All the best - Jilly
    Postcards from 'Pension Milou'

  2. BUON CUMPLEANOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND MANY MANY MORE!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Congratulations, Carol!
    Wintry greetings from Vienna,

  4. What a sweet and beautiful party!

  5. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Yours is the most delicious blog I know! As a French expat, I'm often asked if I miss France. I do miss some aspects of French life, the culture, the literature, the cafés, some landscapes... but mostly... I miss the breads and cakes! Checking your blog daily for the last month or so has made me totally "homesick" :-)

  6. I understand, Chantal. I am counting the days to my next visit to France and vsiting Carol and a few other blogs helps ease the wait. It is what you are feeling, in reverse.

  7. Well darling, you put on one of the best five days a week circus party I know! And the best part is it has a Parisbreakfasts free of charge!

  8. Anonymous12:46 PM

    I just happened upon your blog a month ago and LOVE it. I too am an Artist but work with Oil's and I love photography. I love your work in watercolors and your photography. It is very inspiring.I check it everyday. And who doesn't love Paris! I had to write and tell you to keep up the good work on the blog and Paintings. I love Charlotte's Charlotte rouges.. wonderful painting. Not what I paint but I would hang it in my home and love it. Oh and not to leave out the little bird paintings.... I love them too. Oh and Chocolate... Well... I could go on and on.... ;-) Just had to tell you I Love it all. Thanks.
    PS I am new to this blogging so am annoymous till I figure it out. ;-)

  9. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Yes, the best circus in town for sure! And I can't wait to have some of the 'cake' in my home too!!! Tres Fabulous!!!

  10. Wow! Felicitations! Tres jolie! The watercolors are gorgeous and the photos make my mouth water!!

    Carol, I hope you don't mind me adding your link to my blog, if it's okay with you :)

    A la prochaine!

  11. Anonymous4:05 PM

    For a while your blog made me
    Then it moved to "hungry."
    Now it simply makes me happy.

  12. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Dear Carol,

    When we're children it's easy to make us laugh or dream with only a red ball on a nose.
    But that marvellous faculty becomes more difficult as we grow up.
    We lose our imagination, we lose our time to dream or to get surprised.
    You help us return to childhood. You help us remember how to dream with your paintings and writing.
    Even if you get us out of our reality just a few minutes a day. It's enough to make us laugh or feel happy.
    That´s special!
    Not everyone can do it.
    But you can.
    So now I want to open a bottle of Veuve Cicquot and pour it into my
    Baccarat glass,and eat some of that fantastic "Charlotte" and say:"
    Thank you,Carol,for sharing these feelings with us.

  13. Thank YOU Carol, :o)

    Your art sits in my piano room..and I am reminded of THAT coffee I had had on a cold winters night in Paris, each time I look at it...(sigh).

    Anyone who has a painting of yours will share similar "feelings" that they bring....

    I agree with anon too...


  14. Carol,
    You are doing a wonderful job. Your paintings are clear in their motives, evocative of your loving view on life and well executed.
    Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I appreciate your work and wish you the best.

  15. WOW !
    What can I say...
    To paraphrase Sally Fields,
    "You really, really like...Paris Breakfasts!
    Nothing could make me happier!
    A BIG MERCI :)

  16. P.S.
    Gary I'm not about to quit ParisBreakfasts!
    I'm celebrating the warm response I got this first week the watercolors were up for sale.
    And to thank you all for your support.
    This is that time of year when you want to say THANK YOU:)

  17. Thank you for the slice and for sharing all your wonderful watercolors with us every day we click on this breakfast site!
    ~*Happy Holidays to you!*~ hugs NG

  18. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Carolall I can say is thank you so much for this show it makes me happy when my body is in pain soI turn on the computer and lose myself in your wonderful paintings stories and Paris. It means alot forme and thank you again for such a wonderfulJourney.
    Happy Holidays and a happy new year,

  19. Merci for your UNSURPASSED blog ...and thank you ...I enjoyed that slice of cake! Oui Oui!

  20. Charlotte's Charlotte Russe Rouges was commisioned by me for our daughter who lives in Paris. I told Carol a story about the Charlotte Russe I purchased from Fauchon in Paris for Charlotte's birthday and a picnic we had in Place de Vosges. I tripped with the expensive cake in my hand, fell flat on my face but saved the cake.
    She came up with this fabulous painting from that story. Delicious isn't it?
    The process we went through whilst producing this painting took us on a journey through the cake shops of Paris and I didn't even have to buy a ticket.
    I recommend you commision a painting by this girl as she not only produces a great piece of art she does it with humour and grace.

  21. Congrats! The charlotte is beautiful... makes me want to go out and get one for myself!

  22. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Beautiful paintings and stunning photos. You bring Paris to life!

  23. Salut! I've been visiting your blog for several weeks and wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful watercolors and photos. Paris et New York me manquent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I can get a small slice of both...ICI!

  24. Congrats and best wishes on your new adventures! The cakes look absolutely scrumptious... Yum all over again.

  25. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Just the sight of it is so enjoyable ! We can feel there with you !
    Thank you !


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