Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Green Boxes...


A Stack of Boxes, 9" x 11 1/2"

Why are we so in love with those green boxes..? I have yet to figure it out...
What does it remind you of?

So many sizes and shapes.


Pink Macaron, 9" x 11 1/2"

The memory of what's inside those lovely boxes lingers on too. The memory of sitting in that beautiful salon, forgetting all the cares of the outside world for just a half hour... Priceless!


  1. I used these boxes and their colours as inspiration when revamping an old French Farmhouse chair for my furniture range.
    Great minds think alike!

  2. That green reminds me of a delicate layer of mint next to deep dark chocolate.

  3. Anonymous1:30 PM

    I ADORE these colors and boxes, what a glorious collection! Is the 'Pink Macaron at Laduree' still available???

  4. just have to say that my favourite colour happens to be green...

  5. Anonymous2:40 PM

    You give light and dreams to a lot of people with your drawings,photos and comments:thats important too.There are so many differents ways for making
    this world better and you do it ;D

  6. Well said!

    I visit here for those very reasons!

  7. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Carol, Just lovly as always. I really like the way you paint things there so soft and just wonderful.
    Have a great Merry Christmas.

  8. beautiful, calm and sweet

  9. You have created the prettiest post of Laduree!!

    These paintings are so sweetly delicate and inviting!


  10. Anonymous8:23 PM

    When I was a young girl, growing up in Northern California, there was an upright sort of pared down armoire (fancy name for such a utilitarian object as this was)in the room I shared with my siblings. It had two doors; one opened to reveal some shelves, on which we stacked clothing, and the other opened on a small hanging rack. It was painted just such a green. "Mom, I need clean socks!" I would cry out. "Look in the green chest..." Thanks for the memory.

  11. You really do post the most beautiful things!

  12. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Mint green
    Leaf green
    Sea Green
    Even armoir green...
    I keen for Ladurée's GREEN!

  13. That green is my favorite color. In fact, I have on a new sweater that color right now!

  14. Anonymous3:34 AM

    great idea for xmas presents to bring home... thanks!

  15. Blue is most definitely not my favourite colour - in general, but I do love some shades of blue.

    The Ladurée green is sooooo beautiful and peaceful. Your paintings are gorgeous, as usual. :-)

  16. Gorgeous color and boxes. I especially like those green boxes in the company of the lavender ones. Reminds me of the lavender growing in my gardens - the new, spring growth is that delicate shade of green with new pale lavender buds. Perfect combination.

  17. Anonymous6:13 AM

    WHAOU AS ANY french woman I just love the LADUREE TRESORS ! yours seem as delicious as the real ones !! yep yep !

  18. l love the pale green boxes but the one l have seen that l love most is the dainty and so pretty round box that only one almond cake can go in.
    But after seeing all the beautiful pictures of the boxes l thought about your pictures and l could see them done in fabric but only the most delicate sheer fabric and maybe pale green as the first one and underneath a pale pale pink, can you see it to,

  19. I look forward to receiving some new & interesting paintings & inspiration of the day, your eyes are wide open and you see wonders and delights every where you go.
    Portland Oregon

  20. Gorgeous! I would keep the boxes as a new decoration for my room, they're so delicate and inspiring!


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