Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Yellow Bird!

Macaron with Yellow Bird, watercolor on paper, 9" x 11 1/2"

Yesterday Corey linked me using the words "Yellow Bird"
She wrote, Wear a green hat with
a yellow bird on top. I wanted to be linked with the phrase, "Pass out chocolate kisses" I was a little put out.

Ladurée Green Box with Yellow Bird, watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"
But today I remembered I AM making an awful lot of YELLOW BIRD paintings. Because of this silly yellow wind-up bird I bought in a kid's shop.

I got a bunch more wind-up birds in the mail yesterday that I'd bought on ebay.
I had to go to the post office to pick them up...
I was a little put out :(

The mailperson me left one of those pink notes saying "Final Notice"
Hello? Didn't you mean to write "This is the ONLY Notice you're gonna get"?
And of course I WAS home when mailperson stuck up the note AND DID NOT ring my doorbell. I was a little put out 

At the post office I had to show a picture ID to get my boxes..
I was a little put out :( But the boxes were addressed to PARIS BREAKFASTS!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee! We exist! :) Fortunately I did have my
MOOOO cards with me and they have my blog name on them.

Ladurée Green Box with Blue Bird, watercolor, 9" x 11 1/2"
And when I saw the size of the boxes my little birds came in??
Well I was REALLY taken aback :(
Two HUGE boxes!
One you could of put a horse in!!! I had to open them in front of everyone and I couldn't stop giggling :) I couldn't even find the birds for all the packing peanuts!? And then...
There they were!
My new darling birds :)
And one is a YELLOW BIRD.
Well, sort of..He quacks occasionally, well once so far... I ran to Fauchon to get macarons to make more bird + mac watercolors. I keep eating my stilllifes...
*Speaking of YELLOW BIRDS, please don't forget the Menu For HopeIII We have just till December 22 to help.
My YELLOW BIRD is waiting for a new home.


  1. A little bird told me that you are so funny. It also told me you are a good painter. I tried to put salt on it's tail and catch it for you but it flew away!

  2. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Flying in the sky,
    Or sitting on a greenhat up high.
    Did you escape your canary cage?
    Is some one in a rage?
    Come back litte Yellow Bird.
    Don't be a nerd...
    In the Theater of the Absurd!

  3. oh love your yellow birdies!

  4. Anonymous10:11 AM

    What a delightful post, and such a wonderful flock!!! I love that they show up in unexpected places in your art... a new signature perhaps???

  5. What a fun post!! Love your paintings and how you have displayed them!

  6. Mailpersons all over the globe seem to love that game of "Let's ruin the customer's day". :-(
    One of the stands at the Schönbrunn Christmas market is selling nothing but those old-fashioned tin-toys. My brother got a so-called monkey-calculator there the other day. Are you looking for any particular birds (I mean besides yellow ones *g*)?

  7. you make me laugh! ;o)

  8. PB
    This post is delightful, full of surprises! I love how you placed the little birds in and about your paintings and photos! Clever!
    The way the little birds are looking at one another I can imagine their conversations!
    Your including this symbol, " :( " made me crack up! Funny post, talented you!
    Gee, if I link you to Chocolate kisses what will you paint for us? I doubt it would make me giggle as much as this one did!

  9. What is that little bird thinking while looking at that macaroon? The expression on his face is so appealing I could take him home but I doubt you would let me.

  10. Those little birds are awesome. I especially like the yellow roostery one!

    My Parisian friend is coming home for the holidays and I asked for more scarves and macaroons. This blog has invaded my dreams... :)

  11. I remember your post about getting the little bird and recently I saw one at a stationary story here in Oak Park, Illinois. It was imported from France. The world gets smaller every day.

  12. Oh, both yellow bird and bear must go to Maine!

  13. Yellow bird......up high in banana tree....

    Have you ever thought of doing portraits? I know you don't do traditional kind of portrait stuff, but do you like fashion illustration? I love it. I want to get into that kind of loose portraiture at some stage. It's really beautiful. I found a book on it recently -

    Best I've seen (and I've seen many.)

  14. David Downton has a blog too-
    Continuous line
    THANKS Sherri


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