Monday, December 11, 2006

Menu For Hope III

This little chickie can be yours over at Menu For Hope III #UE02 Ladurée Green Box, 9" x 10", original watercolor on paper

Welcome ParisBreakfasts readers to Menu For Hope III, an annual online auction to raise funds for the United Nations Food Programme. They provide hunger relief to needy people worldwide.

We food bloggers write, photograph (and some of us paint) food all year long, everyday. But many who share our world do not have that privilege. For them, food is a matter of survival. Last year the Menu For Hope drive raised over $17,000 during this auction. This year it's even bigger and better. And the prizes you can win are STUPENDOUS!!

One of those prizes (code UE02) is this stunning 9" x 10" original, signed, amusing watercolor painting by Paris-obsessed moi!

Chocolate macarons and Ladurée green pastry boxes hold a special place in my heart, so I've donated this little chickie with chocolate macarons to the Menu For Hope III list of gift prizes for those who share my French obsession.

How can I win this little chickie and contribute to the MENU FOR HOPE III you ask ?

1. Go to the donation page on FIRST GIVING

2. Make a donation! Each $10 you donate will give you 1 raffle ticket toward the prize of your choice. Please specify which prize you'd like in the "Personal Message" section in the donation form when confirming our donation. You must write in how many tickets per prize. AND PLEASE USE THE PRIZE CODE NUMBER!

3. If your company matches your donation, please remember to check the box and fill in the information so we could claim a corporate match.

4. Please also check the box to allow us to see your email address so we can contact you in case you win. Your email address will not be shared.

5. Check back at on January 15 at Chez Pim to see if you won this chickie watercolor or any of the other terrific prizes when the results will be announced.

6.To see all the fantastic gifts you can win please visit Chez Pim's prize page.



  1. Anonymous4:56 PM

    A very good cause, and the possibility of a lovely watercolor...I'm in, too.

  2. Just thinking how great that watercolor would go with the sampler of fruit butters I am offering! Isn't this fun?

  3. Anonymous9:48 AM

    What a lovey gift, Carol. It's as delicious as being at Ladurée in person! Beautiful, and I'm sure one of your readers and visitors will be happy to hang it on their wall...whether they live in Paris or not!

    Thanks for being part of the auction and for your generosity.

    Happy bidding everyone & best of luck to you all!

  4. I wanted to give but unforunately I cannot read the writing on the page that the link takes you to. Its light grey and very small on my computer.

  5. Shanti did you get to this page?
    You should be able to go to VIEW on your browser and change the size of the text..but I'll alert them. Thanks for telling us :)


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