Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Barbara Bleu.

Jean-Paul Hevin loves blue too Jean-Paul Hévin Cadeau, watercolor on paper, 9" x 11 1/2"

I bought this cobalt blue pitcher after I had lunch with Barbara.

Barbara on the train from Venice to Paris I first met Barbara Marcinkowska by chance. We shared a couchette from Venice to Paris in 2005. She not only paints (always in blue) but is an accomplished cellist and music festival organiser.

Barbara's beautiful cello I thought Barbara's favorite color was rose till I had lunch at her Ile Saint-Louis studio last trip. Everything was blue, blue, blue!

Bleu, bleu, bleu everywhere Rugs, tapestries, necklaces, dishes, towels..you name it, all was BLEU!

Barbara, first came to Paris to study the cello. Now svphe judges competitions, writes, teaches master classes and performs. AND she paints too!
this cobalt blue glass is waiting for Barbara.. As I left Barbara's studio I spotted this cobalt glass in an antique shop next door. Did they know that Barbara loves blue too?

the book for those who love the color blue! You can see more blue at the FIT show, Color in Fashion.

Blue has become the most popular color. "Blue bloods", "blue collar" workers, the "Blues"... Certainly blue is favored by Americans - blue jeans, blue blazers.
Michel Pastoureau, in this book covers the iconography, symbolism, sociology, the economic aspects of weaving, dyeing, and other aspects of the color bleu.


Anonymous said...

I have a special blue window in my kitchen. A blue glass nativity scene from Venice is a main focus, together with a few other collected pieces of glass. And the curtains are of course .....blue.

curiositykiller said...

Blue-tiful! You are an amazing water-colour painter. Thank you for every one of your creations.

simon said...

blue.. :o) I have a friend in Paris who paints only in blues and reds the results are amazing....

Anonymous said...

C'est exquis. You exploit this medium with such grace - it's always a pleasure to visit your blog.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I'm a Singaporean, and i LOVE your blog! I like to take pictures too, and your blog is simple yet very colourful! Keep it up, Carol! And i havea question- what countries do you usually go to, and if you live in new york, why are all your posts in Paris?

Anonymous said...

Are you true BLUE?
I haven't a clue..
Everything you drew
Was blue too.
Even the stew
Was served on BLUE.
And your shampoo
Was in bottle BLUE.
To you !

Parisbreakfasts said...

Dear Singaporean,
I've been to lots of countries, mostly for work, Latin America,the Far East, the Near East etc. But I like France best. I wish I lived there instead of New York..but maybe it's better to dream.
Answered prayers...are not always so great.

Lin said...

oh how FANTASTIC!! LOVE THE SKETCH and the contrast of the blue against the chocolate! I LOVE BLUE TOO!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Is it hard to paint steam? I wonder what that would look like coming from this cup? But please do not paint chocolate dripping from the spoon or I might have to jump in there and lick it up!

What was in this pretty box?

Susan Schwake said...

i love blue too! cerulean is my favorite!

Victoria Pittman said...

Lapis lazuli!

Wanderlusting said...

Gorgeous blues in your paintings. I heart anything blue, the more vivid the better...especially blue glass bottles. You can get the nicest ones in Mexico (and if they have tequila inside it's an added bonus).

Paula J Atkinson said...

I wear a lot of blue. I can't say it is my favourite colour but I do like it. Here in the UK, you are accused of being safe if you wear it. I just like it!!! I adore cobalt blue. But navy or cornflower does me just fine...in fact I have decided that yes.. I do like blue. I have a blue bottle in the shape of a double bass & I adore it.

Anonymous said...

Early bird!
You got a bella bleu verre du terre!!
LOVE the colblat creamer,are very well done!!

Anonymous said...

tu es incroyable,
je t'adoreeee!!!!!

Joy said...

Blue is my favorite color and I am a musician. Wonder if there is a connection? That pitcher is gorgeous!!! I love the daintiness of the bow in your painting. Cute, cute, cute!

Linda said...

I've come to really love blue. I painted a small bathroom a medium hue of blue and it seems to be a very joyful color. It make me happy when I enter the room.

Merisi said...

I shall have to get Michel Pastoureau's "Blue" book. Thank you for all the other book tips, too. do you know Victoria Finlay's "Color - A Natural History of the Palette"? I found it an interesting read. I guess you know your colors as well if not better than her. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Is your friend related to Yves Klein ?

Anonymous said...

Now I feel compelled to read one of the books I received for Christmas: La couleur bleue by Jörg Kastner.