Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Painting Biff

 Painting darling Biff was no piece of cake it turns out. It took all day to get him right.

 You'd think hanging around Biff for a bit it would make it a cinch.


 My 1st go at Biff flopped miserably

 Too many teeth and lacking in oumph perhaps?
 Back to sketching thumbnails (4" x 5 1/2"). Somehow I'm never ready for Prime Time if I skip the 'thumbnail' step. It happens every time.

 Jane's Kumquat and Persimmon were a tad easier. Aren't they adorb?

 They required an Eiffel Tower background, ahem.

 Dempsey looks very regal.

 He deserves to go to Paris bien sur.

 As do Dianne's sweet pups.

 Whether I'm painting Corky in Paris...

 Or Tippy in Hawaii, I like to know your dog's name. It just works that way, don't ask me why. Getting on first-name basis helps the painting for some reason...

Biff is waiting for his watercolor I guess...


  1. Bravo Carol. No matter what the background of choice may be, you excel at depicting our furry friends... Quelle artiste! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Buckets of MERCI Mme.Veronique
      I'm enjoying your posts on teaching Americans how to cope in France.

  2. I love the working sketches and the finished product - Biff is my favorite!

  3. Aw, Biff came out wonderful! They are all adorable:)

  4. Don't feel bad about Biff #1 - I've been told that many portraitists charge extra to show teeth. Seriously.

  5. Your picture of.
    Biff is gorgeous - I think you've captured him perfectly and such
    beautiful colours.
    (and a woof and a lick from Monsieur Biff)

  6. These are just PERFECT!!!!

  7. Master Biff turned out, well, a real master piece! I think I saw him opening an eye, looking at me, then back into his very relaxed pose (methinks he's contemplating some little mischief!).

    All furry friends look adorable!

  8. Carol you have done beautiful work! I love the colours..and the subjects you have painted are rather cute too..particularly that King Charles Cavilier!

  9. I love the freedom with which you paint and the humour that comes out in every painting. Most charming indeed! xx

  10. Biff's portrait is just perfect. our dog watercolours are so adorable. You are so talented Carol. Love seeing your watercolours in your blog.

  11. He looks so suave and handsome! Great job, Carol.

  12. Your finished Biff painting has captured that pup very well, from nose to haunch to paw, and the personality within, too!

    I imagine that his coat with all those waves would have been fun to paint. Setting him amid the pillows made a fine setting.

    Wasn't Marcel Marceau's character named Bif?

    Best wishes. xo

  13. Love the finished Biff & the "no way" sketch catches such a great personality~ dogality? Again, thanks for sharing the efforts that go into it all. Now, on to your previous posts...

  14. A propos David & September: Most likely will be there on the 1st day as I missed a day of the last one. He's permitting me a make up...So glad you've decided!!

  15. Well Biff is adorable. You did a fantastic job on him as on all of them. Fun seeing the process.

  16. Very nice sketch, thanks for sharing.

  17. I love Biff! Nicely done.

  18. Michelle2:14 PM

    I could not believe that you would stoop to stealing my dog, and then I realized that our Tavi was right here, playing with her red bug laser toy, and Biff is far away. They are exactly alike...vraiment twins. Tavi even has a red collar. Ours is a schnoodle and is the funniest and funnest dog we have ever had. I hope Biff is as great a dog as ours. Love your work. I may have to try my hand at a portrait of Tavi. Michelle

  19. Thanks everyone for the compliments. I think Carol captured me perfectly too. I am happy to 'sit' for her again anytime.


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