Monday, September 10, 2012

Blobbing Venice

 I was looking for my 'waterproof' map of Venice for Alison (like you're really going to fall into a canal like Katherine Hepburn!) when I discovered an old pile of blobby Venice watercolors from days of yore...

 It certainly helps to pick up a few post cards whilst in Venice to blob from - your shapes are cut out for you comme ca.

 Taking pictures at l'heure bleu/dusk is another way to get your major shapes cut out for you to paint from. Yes that's moi in '97.

 A double-blob

 Paint in your background blob skyline on top of a wash of gradated colors. Then you can add a gondolier or two in the foreground. Easy peasy.

 Canaletto could blob a gondolier with his eyes closed.

 So can Huck Scarry in his Venice Sketchbook

 One of Scarry's gondolas. Another suberbe blobber is Jean-Louis Morelle.

 Blobbing puts you in a meditative state of mind.

 I touched up an old beginning this morning by adding some washes to the sky and water.

 Then a touchup to the skyline

 Et voila

Thursday I'll be back blobbing up in Maine at David's Fall watercolor class. I need to brushup of my watercolor skills for Paris in October. But first on Wednesday I'll be blobbing for board - giving Rita/Sketchbook Wandering une petite lecon before we scour Portland for macarons and then head up to David's next day for blobbing immersion.


  1. "Blobbing" - you're hilarious.
    Your paintings - divine.

  2. Busy girl!
    I loved Venice..I actually LOVED it... and Summertime..although I found it sad too..I can't remember everything though..
    Enjoy all your upcoming happenings..
    You know how to live..with passion!

    1. there's plenty of Venice here if you can't remember LTDN

  3. You're a great blobber...I like them all.

  4. Funny - the picture of you in Venice is a similar figure to me when I usually cut my hair short for travel - thought someone had taken a picture of me!

  5. I LOVE your blobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. Really, Hahahaha! The Blobbing Blogger, or is it The Blogging Blobber. You DO make watercolor painting sound Oh So Elegant Hahaha! Results by any name: lovely. How far will she go into the Blob Zone?

  7. Great blobbing. Love the paintings. How fun to be going back to David Dewey's. Look forward to the posts. My monitor went bad so I haven't been around lately. Finally went to get a new one. or I should say ANOTHER new one. This one actually works. So now I can see color. Have fun blobbing in Maine. :)

  8. I love your blobs! Beautiful little gems.

  9. I just love your blobbing paintings, you say easy peasy !! I'm trying but I'm still not there yet. But as you said practice, practice, practice. I must learn to be patient.Look forward to seeing your new posts after your visit David Dewey, wish I could be with you.

  10. So beautiful ... you're gifted Carol

    1. ANYONE can Blob Louise!
      I'm sure you could do it...
      with pastry cream peut-etre?

  11. You're hilarious! Your photos reminded me of the Canaletto & Guardi exhibition that opens at the Musée Jacquemart-André this month! You should check it out when you're in Paris in October.

    x Milsters


  12. Carolyn1:36 PM

    Your painting teasers have me close to pulling out those unused boxes of watercolors. Thanks for the all of the inspiration!


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