Friday, September 14, 2012

Mornings in Paris, Portland ME

 PBers I'm in Maine not Paris. These macarons are at Mornings in Paris in Portland
 Mornings roasts their own delicious coffee along with having little bags that look just like a French newsprint for your mac.
 Isabelle Julien is the owner and very French. Born in Montpellier in case you're wondering.
 Why doesn't New York have a cafe like this?

 Isabelle sent us to J's Oyster Bar on the wharf for the real deal.
 If it's briney atmosphere you're after you came to the right place.

 I got a bucket of steamers natch - fresh and sandy the way I like em.
 I stayed overnight at Sketchbook Wandering, a francophile in the deep end. SW says you must surround yourself with French words where ever you look.
 Including the French Conditional on the refrigerator door. Fortunately no French words were hidden under my pillow...mon dieu
 Next morning Bear was raring to paint outdoors. I wish I could say the same, ahem

 David does his demo - a brilliant thumbnail capturing Bear's viewpoint to a T.

 Mixing greens in watercolor can bust your chops if you're not careful

 Your painting is on the palette first.
 I was not so lucky. My blobs fell short IMHO

I'd rather be painting macarons - something I know best.

My landlord, Jackie at the B and B. I'll show you his better half, Gracie tomorrow. Bonne Friday!


  1. Mornings in Paris, yet another reason to go north - who'd have thunk?

    DD's thumbnails are extraordinary, love the notes in the margines.
    Have you tasted that brilliant yellow macaron on the oh so clever newsprint bags? It looks so tempting!

    1. I'm saving the macaron to paint...
      Triste no?

  2. I am picturing you in a grassy beautiful field surrounded by amazing landscape artists, and you are annoyed because there are no pastries to paint.
    ha ha.
    I hope you are having a great time, and I am missing you.
    love bel

  3. I love that MIP:)!! Plus the little bags..the awning..oh so so so cute!
    I have to think that way about the palette..

    What fun Carol!

  4. Your posts are always a delight! i get my daily PB fix and am never disappointed. Your post about laying in washes of color and painting the Venice scenes on top was very timely. I'm painting plein aire along the Mississippi with a teacher encouraging the same thing! Enjoy Maine.

  5. The French cafe in Portland looks so welcoming. Yes, Carol, why is it not closer to New York?

    Of course, I am curious to learn how the cafe did land in Portland. (If I had accepted a long ago marriage proposal, I might myself be living in Portland, so know how some story lines develop!)


    1. and you could have your own cafe Frances!!

  6. Never in a million years would I think that there would be a French patisserie in Maine! (See how I used the conditional subjunctive?)

    PLUS a watercolor lesson, clams, and one outstandingly handsome cat. This post is sublime.

  7. Nice blobs!

    How lovely to find a bit of Paris wherever you are.

  8. Love all your pictures and then just glanced at the end comment and misread it as nice boobs - got an extra laugh at myself today!

  9. Ah, merde. When I read "Portland," I immediately thought of lovely Portland, OR, where I travel a couple of times a year... I could not believe there would be such a great place there to help a poor French Girl when she gets homesick in Seattle... Then you mentioned the wharf, and I started fearing the worst. Helas. You were talking about the East Coast! Dommage. Dommage. At least one of us (two, counting Bear,) got to enjoy this beautiful place... et les macarons, bien sur! Bon weekend, Carol. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  10. What fun you seem to be having in Maine, & your favourite macarons as well. Dare I say !! the colours don't look as apetizing as the ones in Paris, oops !! I said it.

  11. So glad to hear you're back in Maine! MIP is one of my favorite spots in the Old Port. If you get a chance, do wave hello as you pass by Yarmouth. Or better yet, stop into Royal River Books on Wednesday or Thursday. I'll keep an eye out for you.
    Enjoy - and eat well!

  12. carol, you said it about those greens! definately bust chops...I love your pages. You're too hard on yourself. I like the little bags for the macarons. Nice touch, love the small details:) have a wonderful weekend:) We3

  13. Carol, those are delightful! You will make the most of this time, of that I'm quite certain. Enjoy!

  14. I'd like to be there, it looks like a great place!
    I like the macaron shop (does she make her own?), and the oyster bar, especially....
    Have fun!

    1. J's Oyster Bar was a slice of life.
      Bet you have them by the dozens in RI!
      A Sam Spade kind of joints...

  15. MERCI!
    It was very nice of you what you write on your blog,thank you and enjoy the Rest of your week in Maine.
    Perhaps next time we can meet in Paris!

  16. macaron boxes- you no doubt know of these?


  17. Anonymous10:35 PM

    As a former American-Parisienne that's now living in Maine, this place is right up my alley! The Chef and I are sooo driving down to Portland tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Well this trip certainly got off to a fantastic start. Macaron's in Maine.. Lovely. They knew you were coming. :) Have fun and enjoy the weather and food for us. I saw an old watercolor book by David Dewey in a used bookstore today. Almost got it.

    1. Cris! GET IT!
      it's out of print and terrific!

  19. It was fun to see you in action with your camera & ENTHUSIASM OH MY!!! not just for les macarons & the wonderful Mornings in Paris, but for Portland ME! Isabelle not only has created a beautiful café, but she herself is so welcoming. And, from this "Francophile in the deep end" Hahahaha, I will tell you that she is so much fun to talk with in French or English! Do come to Portland & spend some time in Mornings in Paris! Follow in the footsteps of carolg! Rita

  20. LOVELY! It looks like you're in for another wonderful visit to Maine - amuse toi, Carolg!

  21. Macs follow you everywhere! I have spent a while in a no-cell-phone, no-internet area of Michigan...beautiful! When I finally got to Ann Arbor, I found macs, which I forgot to photo, but they were awful....all sugar and no flavor!


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