Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Regarding Andy

 Regarding Warhol opens at the Met today

 The show covers Andy's pervasive influence on contemporary art with 150 pieces, one third of them Andy's. I'd rather see a show of just Andy...

 Certainly we're still stuck in the era of celebrity worship  thanks to Andy. He revived the art of portraiture with his iconic images of Marilyn, Liz, Jackie, Elvis - all from publicity shots or newspaper clippings and later from his own photos taken with a Polaroid with flash. The artist aimed to flatter:"Always omit the blemishes. they're not part of the good pictures you want."
Too true.
 I love Andy for his incredible skills as a colorist and a designer. I treasure this catalogue raisonne of his prints.

 Andy took an old print of Goethe

 And made multiples of it using the richest of color combinations.

 How will Mao be remembered? As a Warhol print? Fab colors.

 Queens were a favorite subject. Andy would print up a big role of canvas and then tell his dealer to cut it up however...

 I hadn't noticed these delicate still life drawings of Andy's before.

 Pears/poires by Andy.
I plan to take macarons to Maine to paint (in the dirt? whilst the others paint landscapes en pleine aire...).

Don't you think if Andy were alive today he'd be painting French pastry like these tartes at the newly opened Eric Kayser on 3rd avenue and 74th street? I do.
 Or these croissants?

 Note the big caps on the outside of Kayser's new patisserie. Sadly they didn't think New Yorkers would be able to read little pastry signs of ecriture française, so none are in the pastry cases. quelle domage

 I say skip the pricy lunch

 And go for the delish cheesecake verrine piled high with smushed berries, topped with a touch of crumble and very little sugar throughout ($3.50). It's a terrific combination of fresh vibrant flavors.

At the Met there's much more joy and color typical of Andy in the gift shop. Well that's what I think anyway.
I'm off to Maine and lobsters today...must finish packing!!


  1. Susan H7:35 AM

    You probably already know this but Target has rereleased Campbell's Tomato Soup with the 4 labels designed by Andy Warhol.
    The colors are just as rich as you might expect.
    There is also a wonderful children's book "Uncle Andy's" written by his nephew James Warhola that is available on Amazon.

    Can you imagine what Andy might have done with a box of macarons to paint? Have a great trip to Maine. I continue to remain your faithful blog reader.

    Susan H

    1. THANKS Susan
      I didn't know any of this..
      Andy + macarons = bliss

  2. I never quite got Warhol, but your post makes his work more accessible...Your macarons, Warhol's pears, & Wayne Thiebault's sandwiches & shoes...While the others paint en plein air & you paint macarons, I'll probably still be doing color charts! J'attends avec impatience votre visite dans le Maine...

  3. I was just in NYC and so sorry I missed this exhibit...darn! I did see some of his work at MOMA. I like that you keep me posted on the art world...thanks.

  4. I loved those little sketches he made -- I didn't know Andy had ever worked so daintily.

    And who knows? Maybe there will be a patisserie in Maine so you can stalk the macaron in its Yankee habitat.

  5. Hi, just browsing your blog via the link from mine....another Parisophile. Yay!

    I love Andy Warhol too.. but are you in New York or could be forgiven for thinking you are in Paris, art and macarons.

    Love Denise

  6. BTW.... ( other readers may not understand this) I rode all the way round on the 96 bus on Tuesday in the rain. I have stayed in that area several times, I am beginning to fall in love with it, in fact it is becoming my "hood", and was curious as to the route.

    If you stay there again, there is a supermarket just round the corner on Rue Crussel much nearer than Amelot.

    Love Denise

  7. I think you would be giving "how to properly paint a macaron, Mister" lessons to Andy, were he still alive.

  8. I've always been fascinated by Warhol's talent - he was very creative and pushing the envelope was his norm. His personal life is another story :)
    Have fun in Maine!

  9. Fun post. Love seeing what you get to go see in your area. Have fun in Maine. what ever you paint. :)

  10. Love these Warhols, Carol! Look forward to Maine stories! The delicate sketches he did were beautiful.

  11. You're always so good about getting to the museum exhibitions, Carolg - you're an inspiration!

  12. I also love Andy Warhol. I saw a big restrospective in Edinburgh, Scotland. Of course, also saw many exhibitions in London but loved that one best.

    One of my fav images is Queen Elizabeth and Marilyn Monroe of which I own one but not the original:)) x

  13. Great post! Hubs and I went to a Warhol Travelling Exhibition at the Art Gallery in our city a few years ago, it was the most attended exhibition ever there! I find his work very interesting and very 'New York'. I think his photos of Diane Von Furstenberg, Marilyn Monroe and Deborah Harry are the best.


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