Thursday, September 06, 2012

Material de Cuisine

 It's great fun to hang out in Paris's pastry supply area, 75001. The amusing kitchen gadgets/materials de cuisine are endless.

 Though you won't have to do thumbnails to get in.

 A.Simon is one of the top purveyors but you don't want to show up just as their closing their doors.

 Most bake supply shop are clustered around rue Montorgueil. Not the 'golden triangle' but maybe the 'panhandle triangle'.

 Mora is top drawer for pastry bakers but it was closed too.

 G.Detou was open.

 You want bleu macarons?
You want your macarons to smell of pineapple? You'll find aromas to scent your meringue shells.
Do you prefer to use liquid coloring or powdered? Some say the liquid changes your batter's consistency too much..

 Have you ever tasted macarons a l'ancienne? Old fashioned macarons are available at G.Detou.

 La Bovida is a higher-end supplier of kitchen equipment/materials de cuisine

 La Bovida has been doing it since 1921.

 E.Dehillerin is the classic & oldest Paris cuisine shop

 They have every size French whip under the sun - an essential to sucessful macaron making.

And pehaps every size duck too. Certainly the essential red checked towel if you want to look dashing in the kitchen.

Bear wants to look dashing when he becomes a Parisien cafe waiter. You can find that gear as well nearby on rue Saint Etienne.


  1. Your auntie shows up You May Also Like..and I did and do..

    How I would LOVE to visit those shops AND paint comme vous.

    1. You would go nuts Monique.
      I forgot to mention the brand new addition:
      DECO RELIEF just across the rue from MORA -they make many of the idems in these stores like the food coloring etc.

  2. Tasty! The watercolors, I mean.

    And I could go for a dozen bleu macarons. There just isn't enough blue food in the world.

  3. Nice shops for professionals ... and amateurs! :-)

  4. I love the watercolors! Your photos are great too, & the vintage photo of La Bovida is a winner.
    What is it about macarons that they have to be so complicated :)

    1. I love those vintage photos of old bakeries etc
      someone should do a book
      I looked in Paris - it doesn't exist :O

  5. your adventures never fail to amaze me!

  6. I l o v e the water colors and all that fun that comes afterwards!

  7. Yep, G. Detout is definitely the place to be for "cookistas" :) I love this address

  8. I loved this post. Beautiful pictures!!!
    I´ll be soon in Paris and for sure in Rue Montorgueil.
    Many thanks!!!

  9. Why oh WHY do macarons have to be made with almond flour? (sneeze, wheeze...)

    1. Many gluten-intolerant (who are not baking-intolerant like myself) would sniff at you dahlink!

    2. I know.
      verybody's got issues, don't they?
      Do you know of macarons can be made with other flour (nut-free flour that is?)

    3. anne-craig11:32 AM

      Hello there, Macaron Fans! I have substituted hazelnut flour for almond flour with excellent results using this recipe from the IronWhisk blog.

      Carol, thank you so much for an excellent itinerary for my next trip. It is batty how much time I can spend wandering and gaping in awe at culiary shops!

    4. You don't sound a bit batty to me Anne Craig! Have fun exploring Paris

  10. Last time I was in Paris, I spent nearly three hours in E. Dehillerin.... I was mesmerized by all the options but ultimately only bought a crepe pan. Pity.

    1. OMG
      I did the same exact thing in there.
      But I didn't buy a thing.
      It's a nice cooking museum for me.
      I love to enhale the serious atmosphere...


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