Saturday, September 15, 2012

Play Misty For Me

 Friday in Rockland, Maine starts off misty and atmospheric and I couldn't be more delighted. Blobs + blur. Yay.
 David's misty painting viewpoint. He says it will burn off and it does.
 The morning demo begins.
 A work in progress
 I decide to paint another misty view, listening to David's words in the background
 But my efforts are too spotty
 Nevermind. I shall paint Chateau du Petit Thouars and make it misty a la Paul Rickert + a touch of Turner!
Et voila
 At afternoon crit David likes my paint dispursal but suggests perhaps I'd like to paint some Rockland chateaux?
A nice Blurb book workshop student, Tina Raver put together - you can view it here.

 No, I have no plans to try a Maine Whoopee Pie, even if it does look a tad like a French Tropezienne. And here's GRACIE, Jackie's better half - the tail never stops wagging.


  1. Wow! Lessons from a master of water colour painting. Love your misty Turner style chateau painting. Enjoy & keep letting us be able to share your wonderful experience.

  2. It hailed here yesterday..misty looks good to me..
    How fun IS what you're doing!! Enjoy..

  3. I so enjoy your workshops PB, especially the Maine one you do each year....and,I really liked your misty chateaux~

  4. This looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to go to Maine!

  5. HI Carol!
    So nice to see you are enjoying perfecting your craft in such a nice place!!!!! I think your efforts look great!!!!!! I don't think I would do a whoopee Pie but a Lobster roll might be worth considering......;)xo Maryanne
    Oh and your picture up there looks marvelous....

  6. Misty Maine looks like a wonderful place to be - I'm in love with that first pic of the boats. ADORE your chateau paintings xo

  7. Yes, welcome to Maine.
    As artists living here, it truly is a magical part of the country. Between the mountains and the ocean, the light is so perfect.

    Sorry to miss you, today we were right where you photographed and painted. Did you stop in at Archer's for a bite? She beat Bobby Flay in best lobster roll. Good food there.

    We've enjoyed your blog for years now, so it was a treat to read about you in the area.

    Though there are many many artists painting the light house and boat scenery, that tourist come to expect, there are those of us that extend our artistic vision into the inner landscape as well.
    We invite you to see our work here:

    Again, a fond welcome to Maine!

  8. Great paintings--I loved yours, Carol!!

  9. I like it all :)
    The small town atmosphere, your painting and blobs, the Tina Raver painting, and the dog!

    1. it looks like fun doesn't it
      but hard work painting all day outside
      If there were chateaux about I'd prefer it franchment...

  10. Looks lovely there.. and I can feel the hard work going on there. Sea air and sitting for hours would make me want to go lay down and nap. :))How long is the workshop?

    1. David's workshop is a 5 days intensive
      I may take a break from boats today and go paint lobsters, ahem

  11. What a great blog!

  12. old neighborhood. I grew up here. Nice post. Pretty cool to find it on the web.

    The beige building on the left in the second photo used to be a grocery store. It was in business for 128 years before closing. I used to buy 'penny candy' there when I was a little boy.

    I had 'David's misty painting viewpoint' planned as a painting of my own, only in winter. I never did get around to it but instead, painted this view a couple of streets over:

    Hope you enjoy your time here in Maine.

    1. Thanks Brian!
      Love YOUR painting
      A lot of Mainers read PB it seems!?

  13. Marilyn9:24 AM

    Be sure to post the finished chateau, it' lovely!

  14. Thank you, Carol!

    Actually, I didn't know about your blog. I found it through one of my Google Alerts. I explain how to set them up on my blog here:

    I wasn't going to leave a comment at first but then got thinking about the old store and that you might like to know some of its history.

    It was a great store...everything about it was 'antique.' I miss it.

  15. Maine looks soooo gorgeous.
    xxx Annie

  16. Well, Carol, Maine will miss you & your chateaux are lovely wherever they are!

  17. Your blog is so beautiful and your art is stunning! I happened upon you completely by accident when I was doing a google search for Laduree photographs - your beautiful painting of macarons appeared! Lovely to visit you!


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