Friday, September 07, 2012

L comme Livret Explicatif

 Do you have a large collection of livret explicatif?

 Do you even know what a livret explicatif is?
 I didn't until this morning when L. set me straight.
 FYI a livret explicatif is any kind of paper 'guide' or brochure that tells you about a product. It can be in an accordion format or like this fancy fan-thing of Christophe Roussel.
 You find them inside your box of Parisian macarons much to your delight.
 This one from Jean-Paul Hevin tells you of all the fabulous flavors you forgot to buy so you're wishing for more even as you polish off what you have.
 By the way Jean-Paul Hevin has some of the best packaging out there if you want your darling Paris macarons to survive the trip home intact and in lovely condition. It's true.
 La creme de la creme macaron creator Pierre Herme has been creating the best livret explicatif from day one. He understands we love to dream of macarons long after they are gone. He even understands how fragile and delicate they are and has plastered some broken macs on the cover of his wonderous guides. So witty. So wise.
Are there other mad collectors of these livret explicatifs out there?
And do you find yourself bereft of your formerly full fridge of edible macarons?
Are you now reduced to simply gazing with intense longing at little paper accordion guides with nothing to munch on?
Do tell. Fess up PBers!
Bonne Week-end!


  1. I don't have a pretty macaron livre explicatif..but just opened one a few minutes ago for Italian canning jars..(that I bought at Ross in Fl last year,imagine)..loved reading the Italian..words.
    I must have many of these livres..but here and there.My daughter just bought a Nespresoo brewing machine..and the beautiful Nespresso capsules came in a Thank you box..w/un couvert explicatif:)
    Vos macarons sont superbes Carol~

  2. Has anyone ever tried to eat a livret explicatif?
    They also look like color charts! Refined color blobs. My favorites here: Gerard Mulot & well as your little painting, of course!

    1. Good observation SW!
      They ARE a lot like color charts - part of the delight of macarons is their wonderfully happy colors.

  3. I don't have any livre explicatif, but have saved some ribbons. There are several bakeries in my city trying to make French macarons, but only one of them comes close. Still not what I would find in Paris.

    1. I lurve the ribbons too
      all the French macaron trimmings make me swoon

  4. It's a great packaging idea - I like it, very colorful!
    Love the watercolor, too!

  5. I always wondered what those things were called. Your paintings are getting more and more beautiful by the day!

    1. THANKS Connie!
      practice practice
      though I do find I'm fueling myself with too many real macarons to commune with their inner spirit..ahem
      Beauty hurts.

  6. Anonymous1:06 AM

    In Portland Oregon the patisserie called PIX had wondeful macarons,but you have to buy the
    livre explicatif seperatly .SO the deal is you have to remember to take it with you when you go shop for Macs.

    1. Not fair!
      Too commercial :(
      A livret expicatif is a gift-with-purchase in France, a little surprise inside the box so you can keep dreaming about macarons...
      c'est comme ca

  7. Thank you, Carol, for expanding my French vocabulary! I very much admire ces livrets explicatifs, and think that I do have the potential to become a collector. There are wonderfully designed little booklets, surely very much like little gifts that provide a delightful alternative to our "paperless environment."


  8. wow, so lovely. EXACTLY what I needed to see today. PROMOTION OF YUMMIES in a way that makes the macaroon last twice as long while you savor each bite and peek at what will be NEXT. THIS IS SENSUAL ADVERTISING!!!

  9. That is SO TRUE!! I never realised it but they are all over French everything! :)

    My favourites are the ones from Pierre Herme - yummmm... I can taste them as I read them, and THEN get to taste them for real shortly thereafter! :)

    x Milla


  10. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Know what I love?
    The poetry and the cream of MOnt blancs.
    And it's not just a mere flambé with chocolate .
    Talking about the appliqué , the technique of "Meilleurs macarons de Paris" and all for petite boite.
    And that indescribable taste of "ganache Valrhone".
    And often you can find it at Angelina.

  11. Oh sister it makes me want to be in Paris and eat macarons.

    Well I will eat them in NYC

    1. life can be very tough at times
      Hey I'm near cleaned out of my supplie of maccies

  12. Teresa2:16 PM

    Love your posts.
    It is the best way to get a little bit of Paris in Saudi Arabia.
    Thank you for sharing.


  13. v. impressed by this gourmand collection !

  14. It makes my mouth water just by looking at these pictures. I hope someday I could visit Paris and try one of these yummy macaroons. Thank you for sharing.
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  15. so far, I have only managed to save chocolate l.e.'s....but that leaves me something to look forward to!


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