Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Parisian Squirrels

It's Fall in Paris and squirrels/L'Esquirol are EVERYWHERE.
Even in the Metro.
La Mere de Famile always keeps their windows in tune with the seasons. Les Folies, cocoa powder-covered almonds are their Fall specialty. They have complimentary samples at the cash to tempt you when you pay for other items.

Marie-Noelle translated this for me - something to the effect that squirrels symbolizes economy and preparedness. My father used to remind me to follow their example. Learn to think ahead for the oncoming winter. I should get my nuts lined up in a row etc. Instead he said I played like the grasshopper. Hmmm... I'm still playing too much.
La Maison du Chocolat has some nice chocolate nuts lined up in a row in their Fall windows. I would happily squirrel these away for the winter.

A pretty Fall still life in an antique shop window in the Marais.
Another Fall painting in Portobello's window.  
Place du Vosges in the Marais is full of fallen leaves.

Fall is the French season for the hunting for mushrooms/champignons.
La Mere de Famile's vitrine is full of marzipan mushrooms, chestnuts
And chocolate cocoa beans filled with candy leaves and pebbles.
Baby squirrels sit in kids shop windows.
to remind us that our own bebe squirrels
need some Fall colors in their wardrobes.
Orange, orange, orange!
I've yet to see an actual Parisian squirrel. I think they're on vacance in New York. Back to playing
a repost from 2007


  1. Adorbs!
    Frendh kids clothes are the best!
    well next to Italian anyway..

  2. They are all in my backyard.

    Love fall..and your photos..:)

    1. What smart cookies!
      I can't begin to imagine what fabulous treats you throw their way...
      Lucky Parisian squirrels!

  3. Several of them have moved onto the street where I live. I get chattered at and scolded the entire time I'm running.

  4. "I like what you're doing very much." Yes, I do. If you are a grasshopper, carolg, you do it well, hoppiing from image to image in a connected way!

  5. They might not be in Paris but we saw a red squirrel in our garden in the suburbs the other day. Too cute. True about squirrels in Paris windows - they're everywhere. There's even one as a logo for a bank! You certainly save your amazing shots like a squirrel too ;-)

    1. I must save my pics for a rainy day Jill.
      Like Dad said...

  6. I think they shipped 'em all to us here. We sure have a lot of them! Your paintings are exquisite, Carol!

    1. Maybe you could export them to Paris Sue?
      Sadly lacking in a squirrel population...

  7. Love your autumn theme,lots of great photos. But where's your aquarelle painting of a squirrel, I was scrolled down & thought I'd missed it so went back again. I look forward to seeing your little paintings.

    1. Hmmm...must think squirrels
      Not sure I can do an Albrecht Durer properly...

  8. Isn't bear going to get some new autumn rags?

  9. Ha! So fun :)

    I may be reminded of this post each time I see a squirrel- they're all over Connecticut right now too!
    Eat Cake

  10. Would love to window shop in Paris in the fall and during the holidays. I asked a man in a little park next to Notre Dam where the squirrels were and he told me no squirrels in Paris.

    1. VOILA!
      PBers you have heard it hear FIRST.
      This is major news and cause for great we help out Parisians and smuggle in some bushy tails.
      It might quickly put an end to all the Metro posters and candy boxes covered in squirrels. The truth will be out that squirrels are not quite so mignon, ahem.
      what do YOU think?

    2. How could a city full of parks not have squirrels? If there are many men like a certain Frenchman I know....they might have succumbed to stewing pots. This man (a hunter from Alsace) was visiting in Northern California. We walked around a lake and he was shocked and amazed that the geese were so fat and plentiful and no one was out ringing necks and filling booty sacks. I explained they are protected.

      Eyes rolling Heavenward...hands outstretched. 'Americans!'

    3. Interesting!
      The French are BIG hunters and it's encouraged by the government. To the point that farmers are paid to keep 'hedgerows' flourising on their land so game have a place to hang out (wild boars, deer, pheasents etc.)
      Who knew?
      I thought the French were just being aesthetically pleasing in their landscaping...

  11. Anonymous2:09 PM

    I love autumn, so cute theses squirrels

  12. We have lots of squirrels here. We love to them in our yard tho so I am going to keep them.. :))And yes sometimes we feel like squirrels gathering up things for winter. Fire wood..Check. Putting things away..not yet. :)

  13. oops..We love to SEE them in our yard. :)

  14. Is there really such a thing as a city without squirrels? Seems unAmerican...well, I guess it is!

  15. So cute! I'd love it if the squirrels in our neighborhood road bikes. I'd be happy to fill their baskets with nuts.

    ;) :)

    1. Oops, I think accidentally posted when wasn't finished writing.

      Love the fall colors and fun theme! Always so cohesive.

      The AA commercial is hysterical, but the overnight 'bed' reminded me that I contacted Air France for a quote as taking my cat when relocate to France and willing to pay more for ease.

      Discovered they do not take cats in any of the classes where beds fold down. She said it's the mechanism in the bed...but it makes sense that many passengers would object to being horizontal and eyeball to eyeball with a strange cat while sleeping.

      Therefore, Lili and I will be squished together in steerage. ;)

      I love Lili completely....but envy you Bear's low maintenance. ;)

  16. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I returned last week from a two week trip to Paris enhanced by stops in stores learned about in your blog. Just so you know...when you say you have come because you read about them in a blog, they squeal "Carol". So fun to see Le Bonbon au Palais (yummy candies and George is a kick) and to buy a scarf to remember my time in Paris at Anne Maisonneuve's. By chance we brought home a sack of the cocoa covered almonds from La Mere au Famille because my husband works with a wildlife hospital (Walnut Creek, CA) that rehabilitates squirrels. We thought the "squirrel team" needed a sack. This blog post has been forwarded to them all with more squeals in return. Thanks for your blog!

    1. Very nice to hear Lois!
      Thanks for reporting back to me :)
      Must make new finds next time!!

      The squirrel team...who knew?

  17. Anonymous1:04 PM

    When I was jogging in the Bois de Vincennes last week, I sighed with relief because I finally saw a squirrel! But looking closely, it was actually a big, old rat. Then I ran all the way home...

  18. what a shame that there aren't any squirrels in Paris. I'm so keen to see Paris in the autumn and the winter. I've only seen it in spring/summer thus far. I want to see her other moods.

  19. Anonymous8:57 PM

    As a French person, maybe I can tell you some clue about "missing parisian squirrels" :

    It sound a little bit shocking but a long time ago, there was no laws about species protection. So what French Heart tell is not far from true. Actually there are very few red-haired native french squirrels anymore... They all as been eaten ! But it was in times France was a monarchy and french men had to learn how improve the fooding needs... with frogs and snails in example. Plus, there is a lot of cats living outdoor in France, even in Paris, so...


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