Friday, September 21, 2012

P comme Petale de Rose

 Petale de rose macarons

 Sundays in the Marais flower shops are open. As I passed by Double Pensee on 35, rue Archives 75004

 I was enticed.
 Inside Double Pensee (what does that mean? Double thoughts or thinking twice?) was like a million other Paris flower shops - full of bouquets.

 Outside were a million little colorful buckets of flowering plants for your balcon.

 Who could resist?

 Even though I didn't have a balcon and knew I could never bring my little rose through US customs. I left it for the apartment caretaker.

 Off in the Loire vallee I picked up rose petals off the ground to paint.
*No rose bush was harmed for this post.

 It's easy to gather your own petale de rose while you may - just grasp the head of the rose in one hand and give the stem a good twist. Stash your rose petals in a plastic veggie bag releasing all the air and store in the fridge. Voila you have rose petals to paint or throw at a bride.

 Did you know Pierre Herme created a rose macaron with perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez this spring - Delicious! You can find tea made from rose buds at Fauchon and Cafes Richard. And rose jelly from Au Nom de la Rose.


  1. There is a love little Rosé..Pétale De Rose..I think I loved it first because of it's Le Bonheur..either white or's name..either the label or the name..or Jacque's.
    I like eau de rose in certain baking too..and Crabtree and Evelyn's Rose soaps..
    and your darling pinks..everything that you paint..
    If ever I receive roses..I always do pinch and save the petals...I made rose hip jelly once but preferred the one I bought at The Cape..probably the memories associated with the trip.I have rose buds to put on cakes..and rose teas:)
    I once tried to make a rose petal necklace.. you made beads by rolling the petals..I gave up too soon..I would have needed too many roses!
    Roses in the garden..on French Ephemera..on little girls and big boys:) never even asked if I liked roses..LOL...and here I am..well telling you.

  2. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Laduree did it long before Hermé...

    1. Pierre Herme was at Laduree originally and got the whole macaron trend going.
      They created nothing new but fancy boxes and spa products.

    2. I have heard that the company that owns Laduree also makes the macarons MacDonald's is selling here in Vienna. Do you know anything about that?

    3. PAUL Boulangerie, a big global corporate company bought Laduree in 2000 or so.
      They have an industrial bakery, Mont Blanc that makes the macarons for McDos.
      I would imagine Laduree's macarons are industrial as well but made on a different site - they're proud of selling tons of macarons per day.

  3. "No rose bush was harmed for this post."
    Thank you, Carol, for that one. I am still smiling. xxx

    Your "Petale de rose macarons" painting is exquisite.

  4. I love your painting 'Petale de rose macarons'so charming, also the minature rose plant in the little green bucket. I was in Limoges a few weeks ago & bought two just like that, only I chose pale pink. Then wandered into 'Gifi' a cheap chainstore near where I live & bought the same little green buckets to put them in. How lovely to see them on your post. P.S. Thank you for your help on the RYB

    1. There's something irresistable about mini colorful buckets isn't there?

  5. Your Rose painting is gorgeous. I love pink anyway. Love the Rose Macarons too. I only have one rose bush with pink roses at the moment. Think I will go smell it after seeing these. :)

  6. I am not that interested in macarons but I want that rose painting :)
    besitos, mon cherie !!

  7. Lovely post. Ahh... rose macarons, tea, and jelly... The mouth doth water just thinking of that!

  8. I love the watercolors!
    It's nice to see such summery shots of the sunlight on the flowers - it's definitely getting into chilly weather here in RI.....

  9. delightful, Carol! Just got home for a day, and saw this. Lovely watercolors--so delicate and you always seem on a new wave of creativity after classes. Good for you!

  10. ps
    guess what?? Getting emails again of your posts! ;)))

  11. Not to mention Pierre Herme litchi and rose Ispahan :)

  12. Geri NJ6:47 AM

    Beautiful! I was also wondering about the name of the shop and thought as you did, and I'm thinking maybe a sort of French vernacular for a double take ~ which is the same thing I guess ~ interesting how the roots of English are in many ways French. Also, so odd...was just having a discussion about Jamaican coffe the other day!

  13. You are completely, totally enchanting. Thank you for this bit of whimsy for the 1st weekend at the beginning of Fall. Love you !!

  14. Double take sounds possible. I also think it might be "on second thought". It would work for remembering to buy flowers to take home, I think.

  15. Here's the thing: Pink can be really pukey forgive that expression, as in Barbie Doll Pink, or in My Little Pony Pink, but it can also be beautiful. And YOU have made it be beautiful!

  16. Suffering Paris envy as ever!

  17. Double Pensee

    I believe it means "second thought."
    Love your work and emails. :D

  18. Doesn't "double pensee" mean "double take", as in doing a double take?
    Love your missives so much.
    Thank you.

  19. Beautiful pink!


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