Monday, September 24, 2012

French coffee Sale!

 A 3-day Parisbreakfast French coffee original watercolor SALE on Etsy today as promised!

 A bit of Parisian atmosphere thrown in for good measure...

 Malheuresement the larger watercolors (14.5" x 12.5") are impossible to scan so they look a tad bluish but they're every bit as bright as the smaller watercolors (8.5" x 11") colors.

 Bonne journee

 French Coffee Macaron Express14.5" x 12.5"
 Again a sample scan of the larger watercolor

 La tasse petal cup from Cafes Richard...


  1. Oh, wow, fantastic show, Carol!

    And there I go, putting my macchinetta on the stovetop. Suddenly an urgent need of strikes ....

    1. Btw, a thousand thanks for letting us comment without jumping through CAPTCHA hoops (I have stopped commenting on some blogs, half a dozen tries and still not alright, simply too much).
      Merci! xxx

  2. Okay, I'm bypassing the organic treen tea this morning and going straight for the coffee! I love your paintings, Carol.

    By the way, I was playing my harp at a wedding show yesterday and one of the other presenters was a baker who makes...MACARONS! In Southern Minnesota! So pretty. Wonder if I could get her to make them with nut-free flour...

  3. What a parade of talent, Carol. Even your coffee beans have this hint of macaron cheekiness! Bravo.

  4. As I sit here in the USA with my dull cup of auto drip coffee, "I Thank you for taking me away AND into your flavorful world"!!! It is delightful, refreshing and "OH SO GOOD"!!! LOVE YOUR WATERCOLORS!!!
    Have a fun week,

  5. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Aloha! Here I am in Hawaii drinking 100% KONA coffee and here comes your beautiful coffee post. Coffee with Paris Breakfast is good anywhere! Coffee is a BIG industry here. You even inspired me to bring watercolors to the islands, But I a still afraid to start! Maybe today...Your Maine pics were lovely,too.Very good lessons. Merci~ Fan from Rural Oregon

    1. Start by getting some water and opening the paintbox
      Just put down the colors and write their names..get friendly with them. Get to know them before you begin any projects.
      1st things 1st!
      Bon chance

    2. Anonymous2:31 PM

      Thank you! I DID IT!!!! How fun!!!!
      Getting friendly is a great way to begin!!! NO projects just COLORS xoxoxo Aloha!

  6. I look forward to receving my new French Coffee Paintings! Get them while they're hot, folks! ~Rita

  7. Wow. You just made me want a nice big cup of hot coffee. I am actually going to leave my writing desk and go make one because of this post!! :)

    Hope all is well on your side of the continent!

    x Milla


  8. Great collection - it's nice to see so many of your watercolors! They are beautiful!

  9. Wow, gorgeous photos and especially gorgeous watercolors! :-)

  10. No one does washes like you! Maitre indeed!

  11. You are so talented Carol..All the slight variations in ceramic shadows. Even through glass..they make your work so real..but with a lot of charm.A ton of charm.
    I am so glad you don,'t have the robot check also.

  12. Wow--someone sure has been busy! Beautiful, Carol!


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