Friday, August 31, 2012

Paintbox Colors

Painting your paintbox is a fun thing to do.

 Here's one I did a few years back

 If the paintbox is small it definitely helps

 Sketch it in with Burnt Sienna paint

 Then just color in like a coloring book

 Get to know your paintbox colors

 Make loose swatches of each color in blobs of water on a scrap of paper

 It's easier to do if your water is dirty - easier to see that is.

 This Paris paintbox is on the to-do list. The trouble is not eating the macarons in the setup

 Did you do your blobs last weekend?

 The mess of paintboxes I'm playing with at the moment.
Paintboxes are so portable. Take yours with you this last weekend of summer.


  1. I didn't do my blobs..but I will get to know my the watercolors..the real things:)

    C'est une très belle pensée de reprendre nos couleurs les couleurs de la vie..
    I tried making a little Altoid kit for my grandson..but all the blobs fell off:(

    So I bought new little paint sets for them..

    Thank are just so inspiring..And so generous with all your ideas..
    Bon Weekend~

    1. Merci M!
      Lots of people make those Altoid kits on Flickr..I'll look for a link for you.
      DO YR BLOBS!
      or else

    2. Thank you so much. I was just lettering with steel pen and hand mixed color(gouache with a dash of gum Arabic) and now wish I had time to just get to all these colors here and play all day.

    3. Thank you so much. I was just lettering with steel pen and hand mixed color(gouache with a dash of gum Arabic) and now wish I had time to just get to all these colors here and play all day.

  2. Hi Carol, I so painted blobs and am continuing to do so! Love blob painting and there are so many fun little drawings to put over them, too.

    Your paintbox paintings are so neat compared to mine! Do you paint them when you first buy them or are you just being a good and cleaning up your work?

    Really fun paintings and I can't wait to see the macarons and paintbox one!

    1. GOOD JOB!
      I've had this little paintbox for ages and never thought to paint it but it's the perfect subject matter.
      The colors are already picked out for you so you can't go wrong really

      Painting blobs in a nice mindless activity - meditation with water + paint

  3. A delight to see all your various paintboxes, color swatches, blobs, and whatnot!

    A wonderful Labor Day weekend to you,

  4. Very beautiful, Carol - I love the colors in your sketches.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a cute idea. Everyone loves coloring books!

  6. Love, love love the paintbox paintings! When I first started to watercolor, I bought one box and a few tubes, maybe 8 or so. I kept seeing all these artists with multiple boxes, all sizes and shapes and couldn't imagine why they "needed" them all. Then I read about a box that had a seal to keep the paint fresh. I "needed"it. And I have since "needed" many more boxes, tubes, brushes. Sigh...

    1. Buying paintboxes is an addiction.
      I've given away many and wish I had them back : (
      what paintbox with a SEAL on it!!
      I never heard of this!!
      I NEED it bad.
      Does it work?

  7. Utterly beautiful and charming. I love your paintings of a paintbox. Cute!!

    Of course, a macarons had to feature:)
    Happy weekend carol x

  8. Wonderful, Carol. Your work always makes me smile. Big time. xo

  9. Carol, I am falling behind with my watercolor blob production. I think it is because right now some knitting projects are sort of filling that experimental window of time.

    Ah, but tomorrow is always just over the horizon, offering freshly created hours! And, I will have the day off tomorrow. Maybe I will get an early start, go over to Central Park with paper, brushes, paint box, and jam jars...and do some green blobs with yellow edges, inspired by the turning of the trees.

    Sounds good? xo

    1. make color blobs of the yarn Frances!

  10. LOve the paint boxes! I have one still from 1967! Mon mari tried to toss it out, I dove into the bin to retrieve it! The only blobs I did were the French blue ones I got on the driveway while painting a small cabinet last weekend, does that count?

  11. Late yesterday aft.I painted swatches of my WN pocket set..Koi packet set and Cotman studio set..
    Great idea..I wonder if you know how many people think of you while doing things like that!?
    Have a great weekend..
    And thanks again..

  12. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Wonderful- I love the watercolors of watercolor paints!

    Hope you're having a great 3-day weekend!

  13. No paint blobs. I haven't done any painting at all. Had company last week and that kept us busy & tired. Fun to come and see yours tho.

  14. A great blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. You are so talented..! Wow! I'm your new follower. Come check out my blog sometime :)

    xx Olivia

  16. Fun idea! Now THIS might be something I could paint...

  17. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Dear Carol,

    This is totally off subject, but I did not know who to ask, I hope you dont mind. My husband and I are planning to go to Salon du Chocolat in Paris this October for our anniversary. I am also preparing an album for us, and hope to collect lots of souvenirs. I know I can purchase the tickets online, but that means it will be printed on paper. I was hoping to get one of the “postcard” colored type of ticket or is it an invitation? Do you have any idea how I could get those, I would appreciate any advice you could give me. I live in the United States, therefore have no access to the French shops where tickets are being sold. I have enjoyed your Blog very much and learned about the Salon du Chocolat through you:)

    Thank you so much for your help and I hope to hear from you soon,

  18. You inspire me, Carol. From childhood I was a natural artist. And then in design school learned to render quite well. In fact, credit the ability as a second language to convey ideas--then don't even need to speak about them. Put together a materials board and watercolors--voila! Then had a head injury accident and never drew/painted again. Hope and believe that when I relocate to France this skill will magically return. In the meantime--I love your tips and revel in your style and colors!

    1. start practicing now FH
      painting is no different than the piano
      You have to do your scales and Paris has nothing to do with it!

    2. Lol. Yes, Sister Mary Carol, I will. ;) x-S

  19. All these beautiful colors make my heart beat fast!!! OOOh oooh oooh! For the moment, I have failed the blob homework because~ I haven't done it!! Une mauvaise note pour moi! Had to get a show together for my French school. Merci encore une fois! Rita


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