Wednesday, September 05, 2012

La Cite de L'Ecrit et des Metiers du Livre

 September is the time of the French la rentree - pommes for the teacher, pens/plumes, notebooks/cahiers, schoolbooks, you name it...

 Darling Biff insisted on taking myself and Karen Wheeler(his mum) to La Cite de L'Ecrit et des Metiers du Livre - sort of a prep trip for La Rentree.

 It's in the vielle ville of Montmorillon so a pedestrian steep walk up hill and down cobblestone allies was on the menu.

 With Biff leading the way our first stop was La Plume

 An adorable hole-in-the-wall calligraphie shop

 A plethora of plumes/pen points on offer

 And even plume-feather earings!

 Biff is rather bookish you know since his mom is an author of three books so he was in seventh heaven in this old bookish town

 Book shops right and left

 Everything very artsie

 Especially the cobalt bleu art shop

 In the street nearby a mini puce/flea

 What should you wear when visiting a small town in the Poitou-Charente? A flowered chinzt pinafore of course accompanied by a floppy straw hat.

 Biff and Karen take in the view on the vieux pont...

 Quite enchanting...

4:30 pm
C'est l'heure de gouter (snack time!)


  1. Oh, this is such an incredibly beautiful and romantic village!

    1. it really is charming isn't it?
      There are many in rural France I think...

  2. I would love that place!Vos pommes sont belles ma belle!

  3. Really gorgeous photos of the town, Carol.
    I love the shops & the pics of the streets.
    Nice watercolors, too!

  4. Carol, I do like the looks of Montmorillon...I even had a look at the link. It seems easy to access from Paris, via Poitiers. I see one hotel mentioned. Surely, there might be some pension/B&B places in the village?

    Or even a house to rent?

    Dreaming again....


    1. parisbreakfast9:17 PM

      Oh I'm sure there are B&Bs aplenty
      Forget hotels
      It's a very charming little town
      Bonne reve Frances

  5. I hope Biff wasn't too bossy!!! Looks like you had a great day......but then again you always do :)
    Carla x

  6. Gosh, I need to check this place out. Looks enchanting indeed with these bright shop fronts!

  7. Biff is a great tour guide...Now I want to go to Montmorillon...les pommes sont très délicates...

  8. I want to be there! And love those strappy shoes in the last photo.

  9. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I just finished reading Tout Soul yesterday. After crying my eyes out ... I am feeling better today and it was nice seeing the author happy, and having fun with you and Biff.

  10. Lovely little town! I used to love calligraphy. I got some rose-scented pink ink for Christmas and wrote and wrote and wrote in a calligraphy book until the room smelled like flowers.

  11. I can't believe you stopped your post at tea time and you torturer didn't share this delicious moment with us :)


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