Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paris Bunny Invasion

As we were out viewing the windows around the Madeleine.
 French Girl let out a great sniff.

A 'HMPH' regarding the invasion of Easter bunnies in Fauchon's windows.

I was informed traditionally the French only had chocolate church bells, chickens and eggs for Easter.

 The bunny is a trendy interloper.

Perhaps like the wretched Cane Toad that invaded Australia?
Here you see the classic French traditional chocolate church bell. For some reason I can't figure out the French are deeply enamored with the stupid chickens!

Honestly, does this look like a savvy chicken with je ne sais quoi to you? I think not.
At least Fauchon is keeping a low profile with their chickens - not quite so silly in my opinion. There will be more on the dumb French chicken/poule a demain. Prepare to be shocked.
The almighty PIERRE HERME has included a BUNNY in his Easter/Paques collection, so TAKE THAT French Girl! HMPH indeed.
Anyway bunnies are famous for proliferating madly so why fight it? The bunny has become like the cupcake in Paris - A fact of life.
Here you see the bunny and the chicken duking it out with the kingly egg on top. I think it's a losing battle. Some fiercely traditional Frenchies would do best to accept the influx of the trendie Bunny. That's all there is to it.


  1. Merisi in Bunnyienna4:25 PM

    Pierre Hermé's bunny looks like a very clever hare who will outrun all those clueless chickens in no time! ;-)

  2. Yes I have noticed there are a lot more bunnies in Paris lately. Another American influence I guess.
    I do think that chicken looked crazy--

  3. At 35 years of age, I still get an Easter basket from my mom with a chocolate bunny. And I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

  4. I'm afraid French girl knows best! PAS des rabbits!!!!
    As for the chickens, you nailed it; they look like Elmer Fudd designed them!

  5. You're a luckie duckie Catherine!

    Still if you were French you might want to keep mum about it around certain persons...ahem

  6. Chickens and Church bells are a bit foreign :)
    I glad that the bunnies are on the march!!
    Do they have those sugary yellow chicks, too?

  7. I love this colorful Fauchon bunny! Lots of chocolate will be eaten this weekend!!!!

  8. Oh my! I must have one of those Fauchon pink bunnies! and the chocolate church bells are simply delightful - must go back to Paris real soon.

  9. We always had an Easter basket full of goodies, so I had to make sure my son did, too. It's a great excuse for chocolate, let's face it. Chicks, bunnies, bells,... I'm open! Those all look good, Carol!

  10. Love the Paris Bunnies!! Cute... and delicious!! beijo!!

  11. Well Carol...based on the photos you've show us, it surely looks as if the Bunnie has got much more muse power than those wild eyed chickens do.

    I do like the bells.

    After holding off from chocolate all during Lent, I can just about glimpse the returnof chocolate into my life, and might just settle for a Cadbury creme egg. (Don't tell anyone in Paris.)


  12. Another fabulous informative post. I do love an Easter bunny, but chickens whilst looking bizarre in chocolate, do make more sense regarding the egg thing. I love their church bells! I didn't know that was a French tradition. Now I need to arrange to be in Paris for Christmas/early January to have galette des roi/April fools day for the red fish and now Easter for the chocolate bells. I'm rather impressed with your cane toad knowledge- thankfully I've never seen a chocolate toad- I don't know that they'd be big sellers....

  13. Delectable post! I think I would gain 5 pounds just walking past these places if I were there!
    Luckily most of our chocolate in our town is in the mall. I will be keeping away this easter. Beach season is coming!
    The Wanderfull Traveler

  14. I loooooooove the church bells!

  15. "Here comes Pierre Rooster Tail,clucking down the chicken trail!" (yeah, loses something in translation...)

  16. They haunt my dreams...my garden... and my favorite blogs!

  17. Anonymous7:53 PM

    And a rooster is the national symbol, Le Coq.

  18. My Mum is from Alsace, a province of France, and in Alsace, it's the Easter Hare which brings the eggs.
    Then again, Alsace was German for quite a bit of it's history, so the hare/bunny thing come probably from the German influence.


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