Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cupcakes Berko

Cheescake and cupcakes. What's not to love? BUT is this why you come to Paris? OUI! If it's BERKO in the Marais at 23 rue Rambuteau 75004
I'm not even a cupcake person but...
These little minis are soooo enticing.
Now Berko has long rectangular tartes in citron meringue too...
What to get? The citron meringue mini cuppie? Which one would you fall for?
OR the long tarte thing? The tarte thing won out bien sur - more lemon meringue to love. It was just as good as it looks, maybe even better. Note the pecan tartes behind and it ain't even Thanksgiving!?
Berko has new little mini round tartes too...
I thoughtfully waited until after lunch before showing you these...


  1. ... haven't had lunch yet but don't they say - "eat dessert first!

    ... anything pecan is year round!

    ... pointed to several pastries but no one handed them over.

  2. For a moment I thought you are taking us to New York City, and then I realized I was in Paris, only to doubt myself again when I spotted the pecan tarts. That looks all so yummy, Carol, If this bakery where a ship, I would not mind working in its galley. ;-)

  3. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Yummmm that's enough I'm doing research to find a cupcake store and tart store.... and this weekend I'm going to have tea and dessert.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  4. Fruit and chocolate tarts for me!
    I love this about Europe, so many QUALITY pastry shops with delicious coffee.
    I think we must get together and drink champagne while sampling a few of these delicious works of art!
    I am also really enjoying your book suggestions! I too have French Women Don't Get Fat.
    I read your post about Donna Leon, what is your favourite work by her? I am thinking of picking one of her books up.

  5. Ah, but Carol, I didn't have dessert tonight, and this leaves me feeling distinctly unsatisfied...

    Entre parentheses, the name of the shop is funny, because it sounds regrettably similar to the French version of yuck (beurk). And yes, this observation is how you can be certain I am the mother of young children.

    P.S. my 'captcha'/word verification word is lowemat, just a hair away from being lovemat. What this hare-brained observation tells me is that I could really use a slice of Berko cheesecake. Or maybe the pecan pie.

  6. Parisbreakfast4:43 PM

    Oh you're so right!

    And I love that funny unpronouncable word 'BEURK'
    There is nothing BEURK about BERKO! ! !


  7. I read reviews that said their cupcakes were dry, but I've had their tarts and they are absolutely delicious. On my last trip I couldn't decide what to have, so I bought 2 of the longue tartes. Yum.

    Did you visit Pain de Sucre across the street?

  8. Definitely delicious photos!
    The tarts look great - I think that I could eat quite a few of those lemon tarts at one sitting :)

  9. Oh and desserts are my downfall I want it all!! Yum!

    Art by Karena

  10. Marvelous!! (Yummy!!)xx

  11. Those ALL look great to me, Carol! Yum!

  12. It's hard to choose the best Brunetti since I've only read About face and now Death in La Fenice (and the cookbook). But all see to be character studies through Brunetti's eyes and he doesn't miss a trick.

    There isn't that much to the mini cupcakes - top heavy with icing. So I wouldn't say they were 'dry'. But I'm no expert Canadian Saver.

    I wish I had bought TWO of the long tartes...

  13. I'm not a cupcake person either but is that a banana creme in a caramel sauce? Oh my, it looks luscious.

  14. You always offer the sweetest torture!

  15. I love your gourmet tours! :)

  16. That cheesecake is gorgeous!

  17. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Hello from Australia,
    Just had to drop by and let you know that your blog makes me smile. Thanks for taking the time and energy to present life in Paris in such a uniquely beautiful way.

  18. BB in India8:48 AM

    You're so right about BEURK
    There IS nothing BURK about BERK! ! !

  19. These all look fabulous! So many to choose from, how can you choose just one. :)

  20. YUM! Mouthwatering, especially the lush red berries. I feel like I'm putting on weight just looking at them. XO

  21. That's it. I'm buying a ticket to Paris and bringing my elastic-waist pants.


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