Monday, April 18, 2011

Bonjour Tax Day 2011

Is your head in the ground today?
Don't U wish U were here instead? Rather than here? *BEAR is busy guarding the envelopes awaiting mon Oncle Sam. The clock is going tik tok tik tok!!! Piles of green are headed out the door today... Have you ever been to Pierre Herme at 6:45 pm on a Saturday? Empty non? That's my bank account tomorrow=MT :( Yeah, I'm seeing RED! Why do I keep checking the fridge? Anything to avoid signing checks. I'm looking for something fruity... I'd settle for MacDo's macs at this point (if it was in Paris). R U in the same boat? My heart goes out 2 U. We will all be good boys and girls and do our taxes on time. I'm gonna hit it with my best shot. Where are the stamps? So I can celebrate later.
(repost from tax day 2010)


  1. Tax Day. It should be banned.
    Oh well, maybe we get lucky and there is a refund, after all? ;-)

    Loved your diversions,
    great fun!

  2. Catherine9:13 AM

    It's nice to do some armchair traveling with you even if it is dreaded TAX DAY.

  3. Carol, you've made me laugh with this charming homage to the gentle art of procrastination ... or perhaps it's just wise prioritizing?

    I am definitely anticipating a refund from the IRS and will add it to my travel fund.

    Best wishes to you and Bear. xo

  4. Such an adorable post!
    Tax time in Canada as well :(
    I will definitely have a drink of champagne for you this coming weekend!

  5. Uncle Sam was nice to Amy this year. I got a refund! I'm saving it in my "escape to Paris" fund.

  6. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Tax Day :(
    But I have to say, I really like Bear's workspace :)

  7. Oh to take that money Carolg and run away to Paris!

    A girl can dream....

    Find those stamps and once the check is mailed off, toast with a glass of champagne. Here's to next year, may the check be smaller.

  8. Oh, tax day--I guess that means I actually finished early! I sent mine in the 13th, forgetting that I had "extra" time. I'm glad it's behind me now. Good luck, Carol! Have a mac when you're done, as a consolation for the pain of the taxes.

  9. Oh to take that money Carolg and run away to Paris!

    What a brilliant idea!!
    You are a genius!!
    Let's hightail it over there.
    Take the $$$ and run!
    I'm dipping Almondinas in my Monop Four Red Fruits tea instead of champers :)

  10. Great collection of photos, Carol.
    Did you declare BEAR as a dependent?
    Might get you some cash!

  11. Tax Day? Do you have one Tax Day? Here we have 365 of them!

  12. Carol you could deduct the cost of macarons...for you they would be considered art supplies!

  13. Melissa9:22 PM

    Ahh the joys of having a family friend/neighbor who's an accountant... my taxes were done weeks ago!

  14. Mine are long gone! She said, wrenching her shoulder patting herself on the back.

  15. At least we got two extra days this year to be stressed. :O

  16. Patricia M11:32 PM

    YOu are such a breath of fresh air floating through my computer every day!

    Where are those adorable "Bonjour" bowls from???

    Patricia M
    Sherman Oaks.

  17. I deduct ALL Parisien desserts Wayne.
    If only I could deduct the calories as well...

    The 'Bonjour' bowls are from downstairs at Lafayette Home Patricia.

  18. That fruit tart with the pineapple looks exquisite. Bet it tastes better than it looks too.

  19. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Au revoir is more like it. Thankfully. It's even more dramatic when you have the money deducted directly from your account--brutal truth. Oh well, it has come and gone.

  20. pink champagne seems like the right way to observe the day whether it's a good one, or a bad one relative to one's tax situation!

    i missed your venice posts - will have to come back and catch up!


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