Thursday, April 28, 2011

Going To The Royal Wedding?

Going to the Royal Wedding tomorrow? Tomorrow this time I'll be off to family 'royal wedding' in Austin TX of all places! I'm always on the lookout for wedding dresses - this shop, Le Spose di Gio...
More elegante gowns from Le Spose...
I've always wanted to attend this event in Paris but somehow...
Is this what the Venetian bride wears...during Carnevale?

Certamente she will have white lace umbrellas from Burano no?

Her bouquet should be from Aquarelle in Paris...

Is this not the perfect flower girl/baby dress from Gucci?

And the perfect 'Auntie' dress if you have no hips. I'm wearing a 'sustainable' dress from H&M - either organic or made from recycled rubber bands. Qui sait?

A very 'sustainable' Italian bow tie for the groom made of porcelain...



  1. I think William and Kate lost Joe/my invitation--just an oversight. It'll all get worked out in jolly good time. Have fun in Austin--we will definitely want pix of that recycled rubber band dress.

  2. My invitation is in the mail, I am sure! ;-)

    I'd love to wear that "Auntie" dress!
    The flower girl with all those gauzy bows is adorable.

  3. I'm actually having a "Royal Wedding Reception" on my blog tomorrow. Please come if you can make it!

    Hey, the wild wedding dress is very cool in my opinion.

  4. I wanted to go but just didn't have anything to wear!

  5. Love the theme and photos on this posting. I'm finishing a Paris/Berlin/Prague/Vienna trip with the weekend in London and the Royal Wedding. If I can get past the street vendors, maybe I'll be able to find a good place to view what is going on with the wedding. Wish me luck! I'll take pictures and post.

  6. Darn, where did I put my invitation? Love the photos!

  7. I am getting up at 4:00 a.m. and going next door to watch the royal wedding on TV with Ethel, my 92-year-old neighbor. I'm going to bring some scones and some coffee - she'll have the TV on so loud there'll be no chance of falling asleep! Happy travels to your family affair - will you wear a spectacular hat?

  8. OH CAROL!!! You will be in my neck of the woods (I live near Waco, TX in Clifton, TX). Tomorrow (Fri) I will ALSO be traveling through Austin on my way to visit family in Hondo, TX (near San Antonio, TX). Do have a wonderful time at the wedding in Austin, and you are in for some of Texas' prime weather (breezy and in the 80s) have caught that small precious window of time when our grasses are still green and our wildflowers are out, plus bluebonnets studding the landscape (beloved State flower) and Austin is a pretty hip place to be in Texas...such a foodie capitol. Enjoy.

  9. WONDERFUL NEWS Jenny re: the breezy Austin weather.
    I was told to expect 90 degrees.
    My rubberband dress might melt...

  10. Good grief! Don't let the dress melt!!
    Have fun in Austin - I hear it's a nice spot (watch out for the bats, though).
    Great photos. So much money to get married :)

  11. Carol, have a grand time in Austin, and please do take your camera, and Bear.

    A Parisian Bear in Austin provides so many possibilities.

    Of course, we all want to see that dress you are going to wear in Austin.

    I'm still undecided on whether to set my alarm clock extra early tonight ... or not.


  12. That rubber band dress could be really versatile - cinch you in like a Spanx, help you bounce around the dance floor, hold your papers together...! And definitely take one of those fantastic parasols!

  13. Oh why did I mention the Sustainable dress???

    Frances I have to leave the house at 5 AM.
    Would you like a wake-up call?

  14. Enjoy the wedding!

    I read that the Royal Wedding will be covered with over 300 hours on the telly. Amazing!

  15. Sure I'm going (in my dreams). I am 1/4 English after all. And my mother attended the coronation of the Queen! YAY for Will & Kate!

    Have a great trip Carol!

  16. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Wasn't it fabulous? Perfection unravelled. Enjoy your wedding auntie x

  17. I want to get married now just so I can wear the dress in the sixth picture down....

  18. Howdy and Welcome to Austin, Carol!

    I hope you are having a lovely time here in the capitol city, and I hope your camera and sketchbook are busy!

    I hope you brought breathable IS warm.

  19. I was about going to London, but finally I preferred to go to Barcelona! I'm sure we had as fun as they did at the royal party!!!

  20. the salon de mariage poster in the metro always makes me laugh out loud a little bit .
    lovely photos - perfect for some royal inspiration

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