Friday, April 15, 2011

Blooming New York!

Macaron Ladybug, art on Etsy, 9" x 11"
Lady bugs/ coccinelle are lucky in France. I hope they're lucky in New York. Because Park Avenue is littered with them from 57th street.
As well as giant pink roses for Spring.
Created by artist Will Ryan for the Parks Sculpture Commission.
Macy's Flowers Show is blooming with REAL flowers.
In Lalique's Madison Avenue windows the flowers are glass of course.
Jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels has flowers growing out of it's windows but the diamonds are kept safely behind the glass - quelle dommage.
Be sure to water your neckties!
Or why not sit down on a flower chair and eat off flower plates?
A floral purse...
To go with your Bergdorf's red flowered dress.
Or better yet, wear a pink rose at the neck with a dress of macarons from Macaron Cafe on 59th street.
They even put pistachio chips/bits on the outside!
These birdies were hankering after my macaron pistache, with or without chips.


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    I do believe I am the first! You are online as a write. How fabulous. I love ladybirds as we call them down under - gorgeous. I am so jealous Macy's flower show -wow. You have the best of both worlds x

  2. Great way to end the week, Carol!
    I really love those reflections within reflections in the Van Cleef & Arpels windows.
    I hope that you fed that birdie :)
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. Beautiful painting and Park Avenue looks great, I spotted also tulip leaves!

    Btw, word verification: Pesto :-)

  4. Lady bugs are lucky in California, so I would think they're lucky in new york too :)

    Love the pictures, and I want that macaroon.

  5. Love the painting!! Love the pics...and that cute bird!! beijo!

  6. Oh this is wonderful. I am missing on in SO CAL right now. we always went this time of year.. thanks for showing this now. I am in heaven!!

  7. Oh, I wanted to see those flowers on Park Ave! Lovely, Carol! I noticed you visited Claudia's blog--so nice of you. But then, you just are sweet. Thank you. x0x0

  8. Oh what a fun post! Love the PINK roses along Park AVenue and the flowers in Macy. Lucky you to live in such an exciting and always busy city!
    Have a fun weekend

  9. Maybe I should make those pistachio macs...would that make you happy?

  10. Lovely Carol! There's so much of this glorious city to explore. I love how all - humans, animals, trees, flowers - are waking up from their winter's slumber. Hope you enjoyed Macaron. I know it probably doesn't compare to Paris!

    Happy Spring!

  11. Hello Carol. Once I got back from Washington, I've been spending too much time in meetings, and other indoor locations. Must check out that MC on 59th street, and some of the other delights you've show us.

    (After doing the laundry, of course.)

    I love the light touch of a ladybug landing on me. It does always seem like a bit of luck has arrived.


  12. What an awesome post! i really loved the Van Cleef add and the flower plates! Gorgeous post!

  13. Catherine,
    these macarons 'look' right, but in fact they are way too cakie for me, too sweet and missing the delicacy of a French meringue cookie. And those 'feet' can not be correct - too much feets in my humble opinion, not that anyone asked...ahem

    So lady birds equal ladybugs down under. Good thing to know indeed.
    Merci Suzi!

  14. Stunning images of Spring in NYC!!
    LOve the florals, the ladybugs the art it all!

    Carol, come and enter my very fashionable giveaway from the French Basketeer!!

    Art by Karena

  15. Fabulous spring windows! Hope your weather follows suit soon ...

  16. great post...the Macy's flower show was really lovely this year! going to be a rainy one in the Northeast today.

    Check out my post on termini bros. desserts in Reading Terminal Market..anything worth painting??

  17. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures, I think i will enjoy traveling with you sometime, you like to pay attention to the same things I will notice, i will like you to see my Paris pictures, vitrines, flowers, dresses, desserts, shoes, etc. I am so glad I found your blog!!!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing New York in Spring. Down here in Brisbane Australia it's autumn and grey. Sigh.

  19. Bonjour Carol - Oh! to be in New York - this is very classy !! love all the flowers down Park Avenue.
    Would you mind terribly if I took a little peck at your macaron pistache! only a teensy weeny peck.

  20. Thank goodness the flowers have bloomed, and the ice cream man is ready!

  21. If ladybugs are lucky, then my house is the luckiest place in the world. There are ladybugs EVERYWHERE - they multiply by the day. I can't seem to convince them to move outside in the fresh, warm spring air.

    Those huge roses are a dream!

  22. May I steal that read flower dress from Bergman's? ;-)

  23. ce petit tour à New york me donne la nostalgie,même sous le soleil provençale.

    Belle semaine



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