Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Parisian Chic 2

Just before I traipsed off to Paris I told you about Ines de la Fressange's new book, Parisian Chic.  Galeries Lafayette did an homage to Ines and her book (called LA PARISIENNE in the French version). No surprise either. Ines is quite the icon for the French. They even awarded her the presigious Legion d'honneur. All the vitrines/windows were filled with Ines-like mannikins set in classic iconic Parisian spots like Cafe du Flore in St.-Germain du Pres...
Including the perfect classic afternoon tea from Cafe du Flore...
The iconic Parisian street lamps were filled with miniature Eiffel Towers and L'Arc de Triomphes..
The iconic street bench painted pink...
Chaise from the jardin du Luxumborg also pink and laden with l'aire du Temps perfume (is that Ines' favorite?)

In the video Ines was nattering on about Parisian chicness:
'On her hair:
'Without product, I am like Olive Oyl.'
The Asian press call:
"What is Inès's favourite restaurant?"
I never go to the restaurant! Who goes to the restaurant?'
On being recognised:
'People imagine I am always in a Bentley with pearls and diamonds and black glasses and Karl Lagerfeld next to me. And usually people say, "It is incredible how you look like Inès de la Fressange." And then usually I say, "She is much older, isn't she?" And they say, "Maybe." ' BIG MERCI PBers for being so patient and buying Ines' book when it finally came out. I'm still struggling with the French version and must get a copy in English a toute a suite!

As I was grabbing a pile of black clothes to throw in my suitcase, I had a Parisian Chic epiphany when I noticed I had one of FRENCH GIRL's cardigans in the pile. I took a good long look and it hit me. Such amusing details! Faux leather patches at the elbows! Little brass buttons down the front! Why the heck was my black cardi so plain vanilla blah?
It made perfect sense. This flat bow is adorable on the back of French Girl's Paul Ka jacket non?
And could the details on this skirt be more charmant? Are you getting it too?
A last word from BEAR (who is working like mad on his own Le Bearsian Chic book).
And while you're tossing these thoughts around have a petit bouche/little bite of religieuse chocolat why not?


  1. Perfect book!Love ur blog so much.Love PARIS and everything about it...:)

  2. Justinian9:22 AM

    Oh am I ever GETTING IT!
    Hand me the trash can puleese.
    I have so much plain vanilla blah in my closet I want to scream!!
    Or should I get out the thread and needle and add some patches?
    NON, a trip to Paris is in order

  3. It's true, my gardening gear is not chic but practique. I need to up the quotient of chic. However, it's the Brits who have a lock on garden chic. Or do they? Any chic French gardeners?

    The FRENCH are mad for their gardens!
    How much you forget cherie...
    Is there a French person on the planet who is not going to be CHIC(actually du classe is the preferred expression) in their jardin?
    Bien sur!

  5. Though only a short timer on fabulous PB I want you to know it brightens my day when it appears early in the morning. I am an early riser and a smile always crosses my face when viewing the photos and impish commentary. Also, your pictures trigger severe sweet tooth convulsions.

  6. Fun post, Carol--I remember that skirt. Pretty.

  7. Anna-Maria A.11:26 AM

    I LOVE her casualness!
    She is sooo laid-back and doesn't give a damn what ppl. think
    FUN personality!

  8. Because of your recommendation, I did buy Ines' book - in English. It should arrive today from amazon.com and I can't wait to delve into it! While I'm at it, I'll pre-order Bear's book...

    Ines' comment about being recognized made me remember playing my harp at an event Saturday. An older man came up to me mid-song and asked if I had ever heard of Amy Kortuem, the harpist. I said I had and smiled at him. He still didn't get it was me! So I said, "I hear she's exceptional - a real artist." And he agreed and walked away, STILL not getting that I was Amy Kortuem! ha!

  9. I got my copy last night and cannot wait to sit down with a grand creme and peruse every page....then I shall do a 'what not to wear' routine on my closet and go shopping ;)

  10. I tried to order Ines's book on Amazon.com, but it looks like it will only ship at the end of May! I was so bummed out, though I guess that's what I get for not pre-ordering it.

  11. Anonymous3:09 PM

    A fine post. She is a super chic lady and I'm glad she and Karl made up. I saw her once at a cafe near St Sulpice, where I also saw Miss Deneuve--place to be.

  12. Brittany3:44 PM

    I love your blog!
    I will be visiting Paris for 2 weeks in May. I've spent a lot of time researching what to wear, but cannot find anything on what to wear in Spring.
    Do they wear tall black leather boots in Spring? I'd like to pack lightly but still want to be able to mix and match and be fashionable :)

    Thanks for any input

  13. I bought the book, very disappointing.
    she claims she does go to restaurants yet lists her favorites.

  14. I'm sorry you feel that way Mimi..
    Most of the restaurants she mentions are are quite casual and fun - not the serious 3-star $$$ places
    But if you're going to write a guide to Paris you have to include food and restaurants don't you think?

  15. Everyone worries too much about what to take to Paris.
    But it's so much better to travel light and wait and see what THEY are wearing when you get there.
    You can find trendy things at all price points in my opinion if you look in Zara, H&M,Mango..
    Then you can bring home something special and not worry so much before hand.
    That's what I do Brittany

  16. As a teenager in the late 80's, Inès was on the cover of every other Vogue; her face will always be that of THE Parisienne: timelessly classy, effortlessly chic. Nice tribute! (Yours, and that of Galeries Lafayette!)

  17. Boy, you packed a lot into this post :)
    I didn't realize what a cultural icon Inez is.
    French girl's fashions are very enlightening - the detailing is great.
    Looking forward to Bear's book!

  18. Thanks for the encouragement.
    Right now I'm hitting the 'typewritter' at 6 AM.
    But too many balls of paper are missing the waste basket...ahem
    I need more practice!

  19. I bought the book while in France last Christmas. I absolutely love it and the fact that it truly points out the little details about French style that make it so special.

  20. French style is a combination of pretty details and not overdone look.
    Yes, the French are very good at that!
    We will get there! Let's keep practicing!

  21. Anonymous5:00 AM

    I ionly learned about Ines de la Fressange when I started learning the French language in 2004. French styles has always been easier to copy than those runway trends as they are so much more comfortable and laid-back.

  22. Carol,
    I so enjoyed exploring Parisian Chic with you and Bär!
    Like a fun lecture at university (a much needed change!) accompanied by a little sweet nothing to end it all well.

    I particularly enjoyed the shop windows, gorgeous to no end. I am smitten.

    Merci beaucoup!

  23. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Bonjour mon ami,
    Thanks to you I am getting my copy in English! And... i will read it while sitting on a chaise in le Jardin de Luxumborg...x

  24. Anonymous4:42 AM

    I live in Los Angeles. Where can I get a copy of PARISIAN CHIC in French language??


  25. Anonymous4:43 AM

    I live in Los Angeles and would like to get a copy of PARISIAN CHIC. Where do you think I can get it??

    1. JUST CLICK on the link
      AMAZON has it!!!


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