Monday, April 11, 2011

The Dogs of Venice

Everyone has at least heard of John Ruskin's The Stones of Venice, a 3 volume treatise on Venetian art and architecture, even if they haven't read the mountainous tomes... BEAR and I decided we must write, The Dogs of Venice. Naturalement we must first finish The Dogs of Paris! At least Venetian dogs are sensibly dressed (if dressed at all) for potential rain unlike their ridiculously overdressed Parisien brothers and sisters... And who needs a leash when there are no cars to do damage?

If you stop in any museum in Venice like the Accademia for example, you'll be accosted by even more dogs.
Though mostly very small dogs so not to worry. And yes, dogs are allowed on the bed in Venice in case you're wondering...
Venetian dogs will only listen to Vivaldi quartets, so don't bother playing them Debussey per favore.
This little dog is the "Kiki of Montparnasse" model favored by all Venetian painters nonstop.
BEAR and I kept bumping into this hound over...
And over...
Even in Paris a Tiepolo fresco featuring this little dog was at the musee Jacquemart-Andres.
And on the streets as well...
You might be scratching your head wondering where the heck are all the cats of Venice?
Don't ask me. I saw only one meower and I had to take the boat to Burano to catch him sunning in a doorway...
Though Gawd knows there are way too many cat masks in Venice!



  1. and what a cute meower it is at that...

  2. Hi Carol - Wilson and I love this post.

  3. What a clever post --- and how observant in your art travels around Venice to see this obvious motif which I have never noticed !

  4. LOVE the painting of the dog listening to music. Pets make very good audiences. My 3 cats all like to be in the room when I'm practicing the harp. Sometimes they even like to try to balance on my left leg when I'm playing, though it kinda messes with my phrasing when they dig in their claws...

  5. Great post! I had to write an essay and spent a semester studying the architectural ideas of Ruskin. One thing him and I had in common was that we both enjoyed the works of JMW Turner! That's where it ended.

    I did notice in Venice that so many stores and shops had their own dog and I loved that aspect of this city.
    Thanks for sharing the art! I went to the Academia but we were lead by my professor so I missed these great and amusing pieces!
    Loving your blog!

  6. Wow. I love all of the Canine artworks, Thanks for sharing! So now we can "Take our Dogs to Italy," right?

    What? No Dog masks?? What kind of carnival is that!

  7. I love the opening shot of the dog at the bow of the boat, and the second shot of Bear looking at the pup. That one is so cute!
    Great post, Carol - great photos and the art work, too.
    I miss Venice :)

  8. Justinian1:47 PM

    Venice is neck-and-neck with Paris in the tiny dog realm it seems, with Venice gaining a lead me thinks..
    Adorable fun.

  9. Oh, that little cat in Burano is wonderful! Such luck that you got to go to Burano to catch him--such a colorful spot to venture off to! I love Burano. Did you happen to go into the restaurant with all the paintings covering every wall everywhere? It was a magical place.

  10. I just wanted to say I once witnessed a man jump into a Venetian canal to save an elderly woman's dog. He climbed out, grabbed the dog and ran to a public fountain to try to wash the germs off both of them... the lady followed, sobbing and crying "thank you, thank you" in Italian. It was quite a drama! They do love their dogs and apparently will risk their health to prove it!

  11. Anna-Maria A.5:48 PM

    Such elegant doggies in the streets and on the canvases..
    Those Italians can't be topped for simple chic

  12. I love this post. I am really enjoying your blog!

  13. I actually did see quite a few cats when I went to Venice in October(although come to think of it a lot of them were around Burano). But did snap a photo of one of the prettiest kitties I've ever seen right outside my hotel


  14. The mystery of the missing cats - a case for Commissario Brunetti? LOVED this post as a dog-spotter myself, and have just spent a happy time (when I should be working) linking to all your Paris dog posts!

    ! ! !
    Oh thank you Karen @ Pas Grand-Chose.
    Now I have found my true calling, just like Train Spotters and Extra Terrestial Spotters.
    I can rest easy.

  16. That cute little dog with the red ribbon and the big black ears is a PAPILLON.

    I am the owner of one such little adorable cutie!

    Dulcie Belle-Paris. (Set me back $2000.)

    Have a grrrrrrreattt trip!


  17. I did notice in Venice that so many stores and shops had their own dog and I loved that aspect of this city.
    Thanks for sharing the art!

  18. You have such an eye for detail!! I would have never noticed these things :)


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