Tuesday, April 26, 2011

French Girl's Rouge et Noir Cuisine

I mentioned to Fr Girl.

That there was definitely a rouge et noir/red and black theme in her cuisine/kitchen.
French Girl responded,"Absolutement PAS!"
Never mind. I bought the little red and black Ladybug kitchen timer from PYLONES and added it to the shelf with the other red and black items.

Red and green mug sitting on the black cooker.

A hanging red & black light fixture.

Red curtains hang in the kitchen window.

Plus a red with black striped dish towel. Hmm... What do you think? Am I crazy seeing lots of red and black here? I felt compelled to add a red kitchen mitt from Boutique Maille.

It's no surprise a Fr girl would decorate her kitchen in red and black. Le rouge et le noir training starts early in la pousette.

And evolves to grown-up Parisians daily sitting in red and black cafes.

Probably walking there in RED shoes.

Whilst wearing red and black jewelry.

Their politicians deck themselves out likewise.

Well sophistication must start early don't you think?
And Paris is such a sophisticated town non?


  1. I LOVE the hanging light!!!! Everything is so well thought out in France in design!

  2. Yep, looks to me like she has a black and red theme going! It looks fabulous.
    (Does Bear wear red accessories so he fits in when he visits?!)

  3. Hahahahaha!
    no Prairie Jill and BEAR is FRENCH too

  4. LOVE the red touches (although French Girl is obviously in denial)! I've recently been adding in red touches to my all Fire King Jadeite green kitchen. My mom gave me a red Le Creuset pan for Christmas...and with a beaut like that, you MUST add some red accents to highlight it!

  5. Red shoes on black and white tiled floor, the red cafe au lait bol with white dots, I'll take it! ;-)

    The cat jewelry is adorable (I think to recognize the design from a Viennese store, a French designer, of course).

    All that's missing on French Girl's spice rack is "grains of desire" by "ambiance gourmande" - black label, red lettering. ;-)

  6. Love the lady bug timer – even those are French "cool"!

    Perhaps I should get a children's book to test my "advanced beginner French" (barely after several years!) My colleague who studied French said she was humbled when she couldn't follow a French speaking toddler!

  7. could anything be more perfectly chic than those red shoes?
    except black ones ~

  8. I think you could also add to that the Moulin Rouge exterior facade! Lovely visual post!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  9. Justine4:39 PM

    I LOVE black and red together but maybe you have to be French to pull it off?

  10. I would never pick that combo - but it sure seems to work in Paris!
    I love the little glimpses we get of French Girl's apartment....it looks a so tidy and tiny.

  11. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Isn't it funny - obvious to us but subliminal to her - I love it x

  12. J'adore RED... even more FUN in Paris!!!
    Are you in Paris now? I hear the weather is AMAZING!
    I'm sooo excited I will be in Paris AGAIN this year... October... maybe we will be there at the same time!!!

  13. Oh wow! I think I want a pair of red shoes.


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