Tuesday, April 05, 2011

"The Caillebotte Brothers"

Before I left Paris I saw 'The Caillbotte Brothers Private World' at the Musee Jacquemart-Andre

Well-to-do brothers, Gustave painted while brother Martial took endless photographs, both recording daily quotidienne life in the mid-19th century, opening an intimate window into their priviledged Parisien lives.

Each brother visually influenced and mirrored the other's images. *Note the backlite silhouetted figure, the result of the slow view camera.

Echoed here in Gustave's painted silhouetted figure at the window.

Just like these two sharply delineated visitors at the musee Jacquemart-Andre

Two figures from Gustave's famous big painting, 'Paris Street, Rainy Day' in the Art Institute of Chicago, again backlit.

A preparatory etude/study for that painting.

Looking down from the balcon at promenaders dans la rue.

Again silhouetted figures contrasted against a light background.

And Martial's photo.

150 photos of Martial's were recently discovered and are grandly displayed actual size against wall-sized blowups immersing you in the atmosphere of their times.

Lots of eating included, like brother Gustave's petite niece licking out the copper jam cooking pot.

Or the family caught mid-slurp at dejeuner.

I loved all the glass in this 'Dejeuner' painting of Gustave's.

And was inspired to try my hand at some champagne glasses.

Champagne Celebration, art on Etsy, 9" x 11"

The Salon du The at the Jacquemart has terrific desserts. *Note the eaters are backlit on the terrace.


Dessert Boxes(backlit), art on Etsy, 9" x 11"


  1. Wooo-ooow! I love these photos!!

  2. Who knew? I never heard of the Caillbotte brothers, but I'm glad that you showed them to me.
    A nice little history lesson.
    I love that painting from the balcony - I've seen that one before, but never knew about the painter.
    A great post, CG! Lovely to look at.
    Your paintings are great, too! And the pastries.....

  3. Justine5:20 PM

    lovely evocative post...
    An exhibit not-to-be-missed!

  4. That sounds like it must have been a great exhibit, Carol! Thanks for taking us along. Love your delicate washes in these watercolors here. Beautiful!

  5. This is so amazing. Just last night my husband and I were discussing seeing Callibotte's works (in Paris herself and in Los Angeles for an exhibition on loan from Paris). and how gorgeous they were. How lucky we felt to see them in person.
    Now these photos today , its such a treat to see them!
    Can't wait to show the mister.

  6. Oh what a wonderful post today. I was lucky enough to see Gustave Caillebotte's paintings in person in LA several years ago, and To see the Big huge Paris Street, Rainy day painting. I was enthralled. Fun to see them here and to learn more about them.

  7. I must get to that museum I have wanted to go for awhile now and what a wonderful time you had. I loved the photograph of the family eating-mid slurp- as you put it! I am glad you had another productive and fun visit to your favorite place.

  8. what lovely paintings! i have seen 'Paris Street, Rainy Day' @ the Art Institute of Chicago...and so much more! it is incredible.
    I also saw a whole exhibit of Toulouse Lautrec in milwaukee a while back...rather depressing after an hour in "his world"
    thanks for sharing your trip...on rainy days there are always museums!!even on sunny days!
    Jennifer aka Gigi

  9. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Ahh--- another wonderful thing to see in Paris. You have brought back wonderful glimpses of our lovely city. Merci mon ami

  10. Carol, I would love to see that exhibit. Thank you for giving us a taste.

    I particularly liked the views from the balcony.

    Best wishes!

  11. Thank you for this! I love Caillbotte's paintings and my sister and I will be in Paris next month. We have now added this to our itinerary.

  12. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I am very fortunate to live in Chicago and visit the Institute often. I love love love the Rainy Day painting. It's just tremendous, and the Art Institute treats it like a masterpiece, which it is. I also love in the Musee D'Orsay The Floor Planers paintings--really incredible. the Caillebotte brothers have been an interest for years. I wish I were in Paris to see this exhibit.

  13. Funny! I was just trying to decide whether I could fit this into my two full days in Paris at the end of the month (the rest of the two weeks will be spent with a friend in Amsterdam/Leiden and with my friend who lives near Blois). Your post has pretty much made the decision for me. So, April 28: Musée du quai Branly for "L'Orient des femmes vu par Christian Lecroix"; April 29: Caillebotte. Merci bien!

  14. Thanks so much for your visit and comment on my blog, Musings, Carol. I'm really going to try making quinoa. I've been to Paris and your pastry here reminds me of what I loved best there. And the bread... mmmmm....

  15. By the way, I've seen that Caillbotte Rainy Day painting so many times in Chicago. It makes me miss the Windy City.

  16. Even the French 'slurp' Marie!!
    Who knew?
    Now it's recorded on film for posterity.

  17. Wow, those are absolutely lovely! I really like the photograph of the little girl licking the jam pot (I know that I did similar things with cake batter bowls as a little girl) and the glass covers in the dark room in the Déjeuner painting.
    Also, your champagne glasses are amazing! I love the pink!


  18. What an exhibition--the juxtaposition/similarities between the paintings and photography are intriguing. Love your watercolors!

  19. Carol, I just LOVE your paintings of the pink Champagne, rose macaron and the green boxes. Such CLASS! I'd forgotten about the Caillbotte exhibition. Must get there during the hols with the kids next wk. I hope the famous painting of the rowers are also there.
    Beautiful, Carol!

  20. Carol, always a pleasure to stop by your blog.

    Thank you for sharing the Caillebotte brothers exhibit, and your own striking art. I love the idea that art is around us everywhere - not just in major monuments but in daily life.

  21. Love the pictures, but your painting is ADORABLE!!!
    And it is incredible that the picture that you take from the museum it looks so similar to the paintings, that's what I love about Paris, the people still dress nicely and enjoy talking long walks with elegance!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  22. Yes , there is a clear link between some of the paintings and some of the photos. However, it seems that it was rather Martial who got inspired by Gustave's paintings than the other way round. Obiviously anyhow, they really worked together.

    (Hapyy to see that you managed to get some champagne and nice desserts into your post! I made a slightly different post on the same event; a really nice exhibition!)


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