Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Goofy French Chicken

The French famously adore their chickens. In all shapes and forms. So naturalemente the chocolate chicken for Paques/Easter is a must. Is there anything to complain about this chicken? I say nay. But what is going on here? Is this not a sacrilege to tart up a chicken in this fashion?
Isn't something seriously amiss here?
Still if I offered you the chance to hop into top chocolatier Francois Pralus shop in the Marais, you'd be inside pecking around no matter what he's done to those chickens. HMPH.
Lenotre sends their goofy chickens high up in Montgolfier egg-shaped balloons.
The price is rather high too. Goofiness costs. C'est la vie.
So far the French egg has gone unadulterated for Easter but don't hold your breath.
Except for some delightful flowers from Jadis et Gourmande...
Would I be wrong in thinking the goofy French chicken probably lays goofy chocolate eclairs?


  1. Chocolate eclairs and jelly beans?

  2. What do your chickens lay Julie?
    I would love to know :)

  3. Justine2:25 PM

    Very GOOFY indeed and very $$$
    Leave it to the French!

  4. I'm vegetarian...but THOSE chickens? I'll eat one at every meal!!!

  5. My chickens lay pink striped eggs, otherwise they wind up in the stew pot for chicken and dumplings!

  6. I've heard of the funky chicken and now the Goofy Chicken. :)) I love Chickens and Roosters and have them ..fake of course.. all over my kitchen. Very French country. I would be right at home there. :)

  7. I'm sure that the Montgolfier Bros. are tossing in their coffins :)
    Chickens in a balloon?
    Somebody call the military!
    I really don't see the holiday connection to that one - but, hey, if they enjoy it.......

  8. Chocolate chooks! what were they thinking! - give me one of those classy cloche-de-parques with the elegant gold bow.

  9. Really interesting to learn that besides the chocolate church bells there are also goofy chocolate chickens around the French Easter table! I could not help but think that the chicken with the pearl necklace ought to have a third row of pearls, wouldn't you agree? Two looks just too clueless. ;-)

  10. ROFL! But, I admit, given a goofy French chicken, I would rip off its clothes and devour it! Hmmm...where does one take the first bite when there are no long ears?

  11. Anna-Maria A.8:12 PM

    Give the chicken with the pink lace stole THREE strands of pearls puleeze!
    Whatever were they thinking?
    What sharp eyes you have Vienna Chick!!

  12. Jeanette,
    these chickens come with eating directions of course!
    You are ever the proactical one cherie.

  13. Oh man those Fauchon eclairs are soooo cute!! I need to pay a visit soon. ;) Check out my blog too:

    We seem to love French desserts to the same degree!

  14. Carol, thanks to you, I am beginning to warm up to the charms of the goofy French chickens...dark chocolate please.


  15. Oh, so lovely photos! I was two weeks on holiday (in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France) and enjoyed warm days, ice creams, taking photos... It seems that there is much more easter decorations than here in Finland! Cute chocolate bunnies and chicken! :)

  16. Thank you.
    I love reading the blogs, you make my week!

  17. HA HA Carol you are too funny with this Easter post--tarted up and goofy chickens! I love your holiday/seasonal posts in general.

  18. I enjoy your photographs so much, brings me back to France every time. The chocolate shops on every block, the windows, always stunning. Thanks for your post...
    Easter Blessings

    The French Hutch

  19. Oh man, I love the chicken with bulging eyes in the hot air balloon. Hilarious. Thanks for the laughs, Carol. Personally, I love goofy chickens of nationality.

  20. Bawk Bawk! The French are goofy about more than just chickens, n'est-ce pas? And did you sample the praluline when you went to Pralus? Dee-vine!

  21. Celeste5:00 PM

    I love your travel diary content also and hope you post more in the future for me to admire and dream.

    Venice is wonderful and this upcoming tour of Italy of 5 weeks organized by a friend includes an extra nights stay making that 5 nights in Venice though one day is a day trip to Padova where I have never been before. One day also to explore Murano and Burano as well and have been to these twice.

    You can never have too much Italy.



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