Friday, April 08, 2011

Caffe Florian

Is your pet asking to go to Venice, to Caffe Florian on piazza San Marco?
It's not that surprising with all the nattering on about Venice of late at PB? BEAR is a huge fan of Caffe Florian and insisted I return twice so he could lap up the luxury... Lots of real Venetians stop in, including Commissario Brunetti. And with good reason. The place is absolutely gorgeous and has been since it first opened in 1720 by Floriano FrancesconiThe sumptuous murals were restored in 1858. The small rooms have their own names and distinct decor styles - the Oriental Room, the Chinese Room, The Senate Room, The Liberty Room. Really is there any need to take a gondola ride with all this grandeur?
I picked up a souvenir gondola instead.

You can happily sketch at Florian without being rushed - the service is very oldie worldie divine.

Or you can read the news in a dozen languages.

BEAR was delighted with all the fine details - Caffe Florian's name is plastered on everything, even on their silverware.
And the bill for a tres elegante pot of hot chocolate was a mere 9 euros.

Though you could easily break the bank for a jar of Florian's home made jam.
Or one of their signature scarves.

It's lovely to sit outside.

And take in San Marco's spectacular views.

Or follow BEAR's example and listen endlessly to Florian's own orchestra play all the old romantic tunes and just swoon.


Do get in touch if your pet would swoon over a portrait at Caffe Florian.



  1. Bear's doing more traveling than most of us. ;-) Lucky bear!

    A pot of hot chocolate at Caffe Florian sounds so lovely. Love the city - so magical!

  2. I love caffe Florian. Thanks for the memories.

  3. Last time I went there they were so kind to tape our credit card which was splitting in twos. The service is really divine and the place is truly worth a visit.Lovely memories of Spritz, white sparkling wine with a hint of Select to add colour and flavour. I must go back. I'm glad you enjoied your Italian detour, Rosanna

  4. What a lovely spot in the world... how I wish I were at the bottom of a chocolaty tasse right now!

  5. I think that I went there! It's been so long.....
    One thing I remember fondly of Italy was the staggering variety of newspapers - it was quite a treat to see so many - no monopoly on the news there!
    Your watercolors are beautiful as always, and the photos in the cafe capture the charm of the place perfectly.

  6. Anonymous4:54 PM

    I was there in February & it was exquisite. Thank you for the photos and memory refreshment.

  7. 12 dollars! That's what google says 9 Euros equal. For cocoa. well, chocolate. I am feeling faint of heart. Perhaps I was not cut out to be a European traveller after all.....

  8. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Swoon! Indeed. Thanks for the trip on this cold Chicago evening.

  9. Wow--you're so taking me back, Carol--looks beautiful. I love that place. Sweet watercolor--I'm sure some peoples' pets will be taking trips there!!

  10. Anonymous3:02 AM

    It really is lovely isn't it? I loved the orchestra playing outside. My only disappointment was that it closed quite early in the evening....lovely - beautiful - venice.

  11. Bonjour PB~
    Such wonderful memories of Venice...the chocolate is worth every last euro!!! And listening to the orchestra was the perfect ending to a day of shopping...we never made it inside (crowded as usual) so loved all your photos!
    Bear is so lucky to have such a wonderful travel mate!

  12. la Giulia would love it but we have to wait...& wait & sigh. Wait. But will keep it in mind, of course. Enjoying the Venice photos very much, Carol.


  13. Did they charge you to sit drinking your chocolate to the music? We had a lovely tea there, but an additional charge for music. We were willing to pay the price for the experience of a lifetime and to say we had tea at Cafe Florian. It was just beautiful and the service was wonderful.

  14. I loved Venice! It was really one of my most favourite cities in Italy. I am soon to be posting about Venice on my new food&travel blog.
    I hope to go back next summer with my sister. I think it is definitely one place she should see. Our plan is to head to France after Venice, maybe a night in Milan before we do. So excited!
    I love your blog and your book recommendations. I have never heard of Donna Leon's books. I will have to try the Venice cook book by her!

    here's my blog link if you're interested. I am relatively new to the blog world but I love to write and travel and of course eat!

  15. What a beautiful place!

  16. Hi Carol - I think Wilson might be interested...

  17. Harry The Many-Haired Cat says, "To heck with Venice. I'm still waiting for her to take me to Paris."

    Yeah, he doesn't forget...

  18. To answer a few questions:

    No Florian does not charge for the music when you sit inside, which I found preferable - more private, more of a trip back to the 17th century than sitting outside with the other tourists.

    As for the cost of a cup of hot chocolate Jeanette, comparable to Angelina, the atmosphere at caffe Florian is so much more...what? Romantic?
    Florian just reeks of gracious atmosphere.
    And the service (compared to Angelina) is divine.
    They treat everyone the same - with kindness and care.
    There are no long lines or rushing about.
    Simply serenity now.
    Very well worth the mere 9 euros I paid, compared to a 60 euros gondola ride in my humble opinion.
    There is no other place like it in Venice.
    Or perhaps on the planet...
    Tell me if you know of one please.

  19. Jan in NJ5:44 AM

    This is damn good..
    I really appreciate this blog..
    All the things are superb..
    It's just so creative..
    Thanks for this lovely post..

  20. Robert B.5:48 AM

    Venice IS such a beautiful city..
    Very much an irresistable seductress.
    merci for this

  21. Hi Carol,
    I'm jumping up and down over your Venetian posts! Fantastic.

  22. Next life, I'm coming back as your traveling bear! I so love Venice but have not been since 1975. So fabulous to see your photos. Thank you!

    Have a terrific new week Carol.
    xx Deb

  23. Yes, Florian is a must! But, don't forget the number of small bars, cafés, restaurants off the track!

  24. wonderful.... The small rooms have their own names and distinct decor styles .

  25. Oh, my, all I can say....Cafe Florian=swoon.

  26. Had the best -- and priciest -- Campari Orange of my life at Caffè Florian! Blood-orange juice, mmm.
    And needless to say it's a veritable jewel-box of a café; the prettiest imaginable. Well-captured in your pix, Carol.

  27. Wow, this looks absolutely incredible! My friend Alexandra and I will be visiting Venice in May - not sure we'll be wealthy enough to eat at Cafe Florian on our Eurail budgets, but at least we can look at it!


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