Thursday, October 28, 2010

Salon du Chocolat 2010!

Salon du Chocolat 2010!Normally I just show you... Masses and masses of...
Mustn't forget the almighty cocoa bean!
I thought this time I'd show you some of the wild inventive chocolate designs.
Cacao Sampaka of Barcelona has boxed sets
Of unusually flavored chocolates.
Malarchocolaterie of Sweden has gorgeously packaged choco bars...
In exotic flavors...
So much chocolate...
You get to choose each one.
Walls of AMMA chocolate bars...
Jean-Charles Rochoux.

Michel Cluizel.

Andy Warholesque caneles boxes.

Brightly colored guimaves.

Edible Xmas trees!
More trees on a Jean-Paul Hevin Xmas gateaux.
Arnaud Larher macarons with a flavor guide...
A wavy Chapon box of chocolates..
With matching teapots...
How ever do you choose?
Are you into 'percentage' chocolate bars?
Which do you prefer?
Our peanut butter in France becomes pate a tartiner de noissete or creme de caramel a la fleur de sel to name just a few of many flavors available at the Salon.
I loved this cleverly designed fan chocolate map...
Chocolate hedgehogs anyone?
Are your hands full of chocolate by now?
Then wash them with this round chocolate soap!
Bone up ahead on chocolate tasting with Chloe Doutre-Roussel's detailed Chocolate Connoisseur.

Or perhaps you'd rather make your own chocolate extravaganza?
Trish Deseine's luscious I WANT CHOCOLATE will get you salivating.
Shall we all get up and do a dance to CHOCOLATE!
infos Practique:
Salon du Chocolat 2010, Porte de Versailles – Pavillons 5-2 et 5-3
Metro #12
Du 28 octobre au 1er novembre 2010 - Horaires : de 10h à 19h
Tarifs : Adultes : 12,50 € - Enfants jusqu’à 12 ans : 6 € - Gratuit jusqu'à 3 ans
Infoline : 01 40 72 51 62


  1. Absolutely the most delicious way to start my day!

  2. I love, love chocolate....thanks for such a fun posting.

  3. Dear God, When I go to heaven, i want all of this set up in my backyard!!

  4. That variety of chocolate is so delicious to look at. My favourite are the christmas trees!

  5. My favourite is Dark Chocolate ^^ Choco-yummi!!!

  6. Oh my. I've heard of this event before. It's astonishing. I would so love to be in Paris for it one year. Thanks for sharing.

  7. At least 70 percent, dark! Liking the Warhol caneles boxes, Larher flavor guide and fan chocolate map.

  8. I have (and love) a copy of the I Want Chocolate book in English of course. Chocolate sandwich. Yum!

  9. Oh I do love chocolate in all forms.

  10. Ok.....hungry for chocolate now......sick of tostadas! xv

  11. Boy, that was a visual tour!!
    Great photos, I think that you liked it there :)
    I'd love to see more of the chocolate dancers..........

  12. Chocolate Lover11:58 PM

    How do you stay sane with all that chocolate around you?
    I would go NUTZ!!!
    Definitely a goofy experience for sure.

  13. Anna-Maria A.11:59 PM

    Thanks for taking us along again PB! Love seeing the piles and stacks of choco.
    UNBELIEVABLE that there could be so much chocolate in just one place.
    New York show does not compare!

  14. Oh. Oh. Oh. There is a reason to live! I'm going to dream about chocolate hedgehogs.

  15. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Moi aussi ... Yumm

  16. OMG! I can't stand this!!! I want all that chocolate!!!!!!!!

  17. Oh, boy...I would write someting here, but I have to go (buy some chocolate, just now!!)xx

  18. You have sent me flying to my chocolate cupboard...which is nearly bare! The annual chocolate sale cannot be too soon. Right now, I would not be too particular about the chocolate...suer 70% is nice, but a nice foil wrapped Dove milk chocolate should not be disdained.

  19. I see you are swimming in chocolate, fantastic! :-)

  20. Anonymous5:01 PM


    I'm in Paris right now looking for fun things to do...found this site..thanks for the pictures! I hope to check out the Salon du Chocolat 2010 in the next couple of days! A nice change from museums and other attractions.


  21. OH my lord, there is a heaven on earth. I love the chocolate shaped like raw cacao pods, who do they think they are kidding? At least it is a nod to the origin of this great food group.

  22. Hey you!
    Last time I checked in on your blog, you had a post with overloads of cute little tempting cakes… and NOW…! ;D Chocolate and a nice shiraz.. yummy!

  23. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Can any of visiteurs reveal to me: there are some degustations at the Salon du Chocolat or it is only 'look, but do not taste' party?

  24. Carol -- The term "death by chocolate" has just taken on a new meaning! How does one survive such a chocolate frenzy?!
    Anyway, I now think I know what it must have been like for the kids who took the tour of Charlie's Chocolate Factory! (An all-time fav film -- the original version with Gene Wilder, of course!)

  25. They showed this Salon du Chocolat on TV tonight, but I didn't see you. However, your report is much more better than the TV one!

  26. This was of course a must for you! I was a bit disappointed about the lack of free tasting.

  27. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Your post inspired me to purchase some caramel ice cream flavored with fleur de sel. Really memorable!

  28. Anonymous5:26 AM

    that is incredible


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