Monday, November 08, 2010

Alliance Française de Philadelphie Exhibition

J.Roget Champagne Who knew you could find Champagne like this?
'medium dry with crisp fruit flavors - aromas of apple and pear are balanced with a bouquet of toasty, yeasty notes and floral nuances' And for all of $5 bucks (shhhh - a pastry chef shared his secret brew with the Philadelphia Alliance Francaise...) My sister kindly brought les fromages Francaises to boot...
I ran over to Philadelphia Friday afternoon.

And hung the show.Photo by Bonnie Squires Photos by Bonnie Squirers

And so many PBers showed up!!!
Photo by Bonnie Squires Big Merci! You cleaned off the walls too!

Quite a few Paris cats found new homes.

Carol Gillott And Paris dogs.

Carol Gillott Champagne and

Carol Gillott Bonbons were a favorite.
Carol Gillott As were Paris fishmongers.
BEAR did NOT make it to Philadelphie.

But fortunately a PBer,Janet brought along her bear, Pan, da bear.
Again I forgot to taste a thing. There were tropical fruit macarons this time from Mad Mac and everyone was raving.

Later I got a French lecon from my petit niece's daughter, Shira.
Bonne idee non?
I got lecons in Swahili (piki-piki) and Italian too before my head hit the pillow.
A terrific book for kids and adults from Funix.
French Chocolate pot


Bonnie Squiers said...

The show was wonderful - paintings just walking off the wall with happy customers! Felicitations! Merci Beaucoup!
Bonnie S

zizi bloom said...

i wish i was there too!

vicki archer said...

Congratulations Carol...I am not at all surprised the show would be a sell out. I love the mounts by the way....xv

Justine said...


FoodWalker said...

I knew you would do well :)
Sorry BEAR couldn't make it but at least ONE bear was present.
PBers are very accomodating.
Wish we could have been there too.

Jenny said...

It all looks so fun and beautiful. What?! no mac tasting, Carol?, I am shocked...but I am sure you were a busy hostess. And now I find myself web surfing for J.Roget champagne and the funix books ....what cool tips. And your Etsy shop too...have a lovely week...keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Would love to have you do a showing in Columbus, you wouldn't even have to bring your own macs as we have a wonderful bakery here that does them and J. Roget is an easy find! Still loving my picture... Cindy

Annie said...

mm, I'm following Ur blog for sometime now and I really love it! U're taking great photos and ur drawings are amazing :)
I'm going to Paris in January for sometime and I would love to see everything what U put on Ur blog :)

kisses from Cracow!

Marina Mott said...

Stuning pics (and, you know: wonderful macarons!!!).xx

Marina Mott said...

And, of ourse: congratulations!!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Congrat's on your fab show Carol. I think your art is amazing & obviously PBer's did too! Thank you for sharing the Champagne tip. I adore Champagne & what an incredible find for $5.!!

Have a terrific week.

X Cheers

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Sorry but a "bunny day" can't possibly be a good idea! I could really use some of that Lillet now!

sue said...

My aunt who taught French used to always say the "bunny day" line. Made me think of her with love.
Congratulations, Carol!!! So happy for you! Sound like great fun.

Anonymous said...


That was me with the bear - Pan, da bear!


Je m'appelle Cynthia said...

Hooray ! A resounding success. Philly loves you!

Karen in VA (was CT) said...

.. sounds like you had a great show ... terrific ... you're a busy jeaune fil these days .. (ah, that was a guess on the young lady)

cocoa and coconut said...

Looks like a fabulous time. You deserve it Carol!

travellermimi said...

my my the line up of champagne bottles!!!
lucky u
paris city tours

Gay said...

Your blog makes my day!
I'm still planning on another painting with croissants, coffee/espresso and of course, chocolates!
Love the sketch!

Nikon said...

A great looking display of your work.
And so many nice PB fans - I really wish I could have made it!