Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Presidential Dog...

The announcement of the long-anticipated presidential dog caused havoc in my posting today...
Suddenly the presence of dogs in cafes took on an importance I hadn't planned on. Now I need to know if The Presidential Dog will be going to Paris next trip.
A PB reader sent me photos of her dog assisting in the making hot chocolate while visiting Paris...
My Belgian Sheepdog knew French, maybe better than I do.
Va cherche (go get it)
Donne la patte (shake hands)

Vienne vite (come quickly...though now Parisien Anne now tells me I should have said rapidment!)
Will The Presidential Dog be getting French lessons?
Enquiring minds need to know...
This hound is guarding a creperie not a cafe. And unleashed at that.
Is there a special school for cafe dog training?
And do they accept foreign students?
These guys definitely have their P.s and Q.s down pat!
What sort of cafe table you tether your dog to is of great importance. This one is Art Deco...
Course there is nothing wrong with the traditional cast iron cafe table like this one at Le Select. Most hounds don't give a damn anyway...
A cafe cat is another matter altogether...

This is cafe Le Select's resident cat. I doubt he lifts a paw to do much of anything. Forget about guarding the place.He's a cat.
Can you give a Paris cafe-visiting dog a Perrier? Probably plain old Paris tap is the way to go. Especially when you take into account the 5 euro price tag.
I'm still looking for that Parisien-rent-a-dog place.
Wonder if they have any Portuguese waterdogs?
BONJOUR First Pup BO!!


  1. Carol, This post and these paintings are absolutely adorable. The new first pet is a nice break from the crummy news lately. Glad you decided on a Doggy post today, it's totally Charming. Our Annie would be a good greeter. She thinks everyone comes to visit her anyway. :))

  2. The FIRST DOG even has a twitter account and is tweeting to everyone.

  3. I love the paintings!
    Good to see a cat in there, too :-)

  4. Lovely post. Le Select has a gorgeous cat!

  5. I too have often felt the need for a Parisian rent-a-dog service. How else can I look like a Parisian?? I can do the heels and a fur coat to markets, and have a wheeled cart, but must have a dog else I'll be spotted as an impostor :-) Nice paintings :-)

  6. oooh how charming. I really love how you create paintings with 'personality'. What a great post Carol - thank you.

  7. Love the dogs but so glad you included the CAT....he is so adorable, and does not need a leash and will not fetch or shake hands!

    I wish I were there NOW.

  8. Anonymous3:25 PM

    I do love your paintings of the adorable Parisian pets! I have a French Bulldog, Mademoiselle Coco Paree, that I love to take with me everywhere I go!

  9. you are too funny...i so enjoyed the lone cat in the post ^..^ looking quite aloof at that.

  10. To be correct, the waiter would have brought a water dish for the dog.
    Dogs rule!

  11. PB gone to the café dogs - hilarious!
    The paintings are cute (if I may use this expression). I am a little worried about painting #3: that pigeon is getting awfully close to the dog. ;-)

    Maxie's a little jealous. He says he's black too and loves to wade in shallow water and jump little waves at the beach. He would be willing to live on a diet of only macarons. Enouwoof said? ;-)

  12. Laura M.6:20 PM

    tres amusante et merci!
    Bo at least looks sufficiently Frenchie even if he is Portuguese...

  13. Nice water(color) hounds not waterdogs...

  14. Leslee6:47 PM

    Adorable post...and you can feel free to post the pix of Slaine assisting with the chocolat chaud if you wish.
    and oui, she is bi- langue as previously mentioned..... allez!

  15. Do YOU do the watercolor images?
    Most delightful edition with the "BO" references!

  16. Please sign Ozzie up for French lessons and Cafe Comportment pour les Chiens. He is still desolee abou missing his chance to meet les French Babes with you.

  17. As always, spot on, Carol. this is just delightful. Your paintings are a riot--so sweet.

  18. Love the doggy paintings - just gorgeous, xv.

  19. Loved your dogs. What kind of dog did the Obamas get? How old, etc.
    There is a dog at our local market who looks just like my Adzuki. He's called cashew.

  20. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Love your artwork and your photography.

    I try to do some things that are inspirational in some way. Not always successful. Gobsmacks

  21. I don't know what you like the most aobut Paris, the shop fronts, the dogs, the macarons, the metro entrances... what I know is that you love Paris!

  22. I just knew you would do something on Obama's dog.
    Have you thought of a meeting place yet?


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