Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Green

Paris color post today. "Spring Green" was all over town in March and since Spring is passing so quickly I thought I better get on it VITE!
When you see a trend in Paris it shows up in EVERYTHING.

Like these "baskets" or high tops for your feet...
And in this eye shadow...
Spring green Japanese tea pots...
Giant green cups for your green tea...
Sirop de cactus in Galeries Lafayette. What the hell is that?
Spring green chocolate boxes at Cocoa et Chocolat..
Ordinary spring green vegetables look chic here...
And the REAL Spring green in the flower marche by the Seine...

*This is a repost from May 20, 2008. I'm trying to catch up on commissions and paint, paint, paint!!! Merci :)


  1. A very complete green list, but you forgot my favourite macarons, the pistache ones! :-)

  2. A lovely re-post, especially the last picture. Where do I find that flower market?

  3. The 'apple' sweater is funny and the green tennies are a kick. My favorite color - a cleansing for the eyes.

  4. Have a great, green weekend, Carol!

  5. Steph in Chicago11:16 AM

    Bonjour Carol:
    So glad you did re-post the spring feature,because, I missed it the first time.
    You have my, and everyone else's permission to do so, 'cause it's those commercial jobs* that subsidize the paintings we all love to enjoy each morning in our mailboxes or when we drop in at your blog!
    So, you paint, paint, paint, Girrrrl!

  6. I love your spring greens.. repost or non....paint paint you go go go go..LOL. ;-)

  7. Grace under pressure11:29 AM

    I could use the green box of chocolates even if it is a year old...
    Miam Miam!

  8. I love your color themes, and spring green is my favorite (that is, until your next feature comes along). Who could blame you for reposting once in a while? You make these delightful pieces appear effortless, though I know they are anything but.

  9. Lovely green repost : ). As for the sirop de cactus, my friend makes prickly pear cactus jam (jelly) and syrup for waffles/pancakes. Yummy stuff! Haven't seen one so green before, though.

  10. Green is the word. Now, I'll drop in and check your books and other posts. Tres bon!

  11. Too many macarons on your blog. I can't stand it any more. I think you're really in love with Paris and no lack of green.
    See you.

  12. I love those "sirop" bottles!
    Have fun painting - enjoy your weekend!

  13. lovely!!!!!!
    the last pic is marvelous!

  14. Thank you so much for the latest color trend!
    I teach illustration and I've been talking about
    spotting trends -- your pictures are a perfect

  15. Hello,
    A co-worker told me about your web-mail a few weeks ago as I am going to Paris for a week in July. Just wanted to let you know that I think it is really great fun and giving me some ideas for new places to see. I've been a few times before but am travelling with my niece and 3 friends, none of whom have been there before. Your photos/paintings really capture the spirit of Paris.
    Bon Voyage for your upcoming trip and many thanks from an appreciative reader!

  16. You should re-post more often, Carol -
    your posts really are more than worth a second look. I happen to notice things that escaped me the first time around or I had a particular busy time back then, only glancing time, so it is wonderful to be presented with a second opportuntiy.

    It does take a lot of time to put posts like yours together, I enjoy seeing them again.

    Good luck with your work,
    I hope you also get to enjoy the spring at your front door! :-)

  17. A lovey bouquet of spring greens.

    A wonderful spring has arrived here. I have been out in the garden al day, surrounded by this ovey green.

  18. just love green, just got a green bag. Red and green are the best,

  19. Wow, so much green, after all, in this gray town!

  20. love green... love the sneakers...

  21. Spring green is my favorite color! Thanks Carol!

    I'll be going to Paris next month, YAY!


  22. Anonymous4:23 AM

    A green Tower candle to match the post of the day + to celebrate PB's 3-year anniversary!

    (Have forgotten how to edit a link (in spite of your good lessons !!!)
    Have a green day !!!

  23. What a very Spring like post my friend. Beautiful


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