Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Metro

Metro Abbesses Montmartre, 5" x 7"

Did you know everyone has their own Metro?

Metro Abbesses (#12) in Montmartre is not my Metro, but Peter of Peter's Paris was kind and gave me the Grand Tour...
This is my Metro - Ecole Militaire (#8) next to Cafe Terrasse in the 7th and a spit away from rue Cler. This is my Ex-Metro, Etienne Marcel, from a year ago when I stayed in the Marais. And quite nice on the ligne #4, a good line if you like going to the Left Bank... Station Reaumur Sebastopol (#4,9) has never been my Metro much as I like their murals. I've never stayed there and I have an aversion to getting off at Metros I can't pronounce much less spell like Faidherbe Chaligny (#8). This is a BIG mistake as you'll miss out on alot in Paris since many Metros are unpronounceable like St-Sebastien Froissart where Boutique Merci is. Here's a neat Google Maps trick I just picked up last trip by accident. If you tap 3-4 times on the Metro symbol, up will pop the number of the lines that stop there, as well as their routes! Did you know this trick? Who doesn't love Google? It's not enough to know your stop and what direction you're headed. You really need to get familiar with the different numbers of the Metro lignes - there are 14 of them.
Some are "hotter" than others like the #1 (to the Louvre and Marais) or the #4 (St. Germain = Pierre Herme, Gerard Mulot, Sadoharu Aiko i.e. Macaronville). Each Metro ligne has it's own color, but I was disappointed to find the chairs are not color co-ordinated? HMPH! I will never travel around Paris without le passe navigo! You do need a serious-looking photo to get one, but it's good for 10 years and you just refill it each visit. Then you can come and go as you like on the Metro and buses carte blanche! Here's another trick I learned last time using my Navigo card-you can get on and off at consecutive stops on one line... I never would have stopped at Art Deco Station Vaneau (#10)if not for the card...
Station Sevres-Babylon(#10,12) is the next stop and a "must" since Bon Marche is there and lots of fun shopping.
Station Cite (#4) is where you go for the Sunday Marche Oiseaux- it's really the flower market...
Station Tuileries (#1) line spells out Angelina for me, since it's just across the street on rue de Rivoli...
Every time I go to Station Chatelet Les Halles (dans la salle de correspondance RER) to Metro souvenir shop for dish towels it's closed. Horaires: du lundi au vendredi de 10h à 19h (sauf jours fériés). Can I pay them to stay open?
In my mad hunt for Eiffel Tower decor, someone sent me this Metro bedding picture from Bed and Bath. Instant love. Of course it's no longer available, but should you come across it

I know I've said it before, but it doesn't hurt to repeat that the Metro always arrives on your left (except at Station La Motte-Picot). It's nice to be looking in the right direction in my opinion.
See ya on the Metro PB readers!




  1. You are a font of information.

    Next time I go - if there is a next time - I will have to plumb the depths of your blog for info.

    years ago when the rain was dripping on my head everytime I came in and out of my door I decided that I was rich ( I wasn't) and contacted two artisans to create a porch roof in the shape of the art nouveau canopies of the Paris Metro. They both went "Whaaaat? I don't know what you mean." Hopeless, completely hopeless. Anyway, I'm still not rich and I still get raindrops on my head when I leave my front door.

  2. debbie in toronto10:38 AM

    my station is Vavin

  3. The Ecole Militaire Metro is my metro, too. Both times I've stayed in Paris I've stayed very close. In Winter it's fine, but in late spring it's one smelly stop! No matter, though. I'd gladly endure the bad smell to be in Paris again!

  4. ooohhhh....

    you are so good!


    my stop is always Ecole Militaire
    as i stay near the rue Cler, too.
    {{ yummies near~by }}

    i always act like i know where i am going

    even when i do not
    this often leads to wonderful opportunities
    to get lost

    i do love adventure!

    {{ once i almost had to walk
    from Pere-Lachaise
    due to a holiday event or strike
    which was Clearly Posted
    but i could not translate
    the poster }}

  5. Love your Metro post and your watercolor on Peter's blog today. That Peter is good at sweet talking guest bloggers right??HA

    You gave me some good info today. And can ANY Americans pronounce ANY of the stops correctly? Not moi!!

  6. Patricia11:34 AM

    Carol, go on Google and type in Garnet Hill. They have an adorable Paris shower curtain and sheets to match.
    Also, if you type in Garnet Hill Paris, you will find Eiffel Tower sheets on HSN, by Garnet Hill.
    Good luck!

  7. Carol, I just got back from a week in Paris, and found your lovely artwork and entertaining blog. Today's feature on the Metro is adorable---I am so homesick for Paris!
    Saving my pennies for a return trip soon...

  8. I've never gotten the navigo, I always get a Carte orange heb..(something) its a weekly card that covers unlimited metros and busses for one price.

  9. Carol, I have come to really enjoy th Paris Breakfast every morning! We share the same Metro! Mine used to be Latour-Maubourg, when I stayed at Hotel Latour Maubourg, but after it was sold, we switched to Hotel Valadon and use Ecole Militaire. I am in Paris every year for New Year’s and will be back for a week at the end of July, beginning of August.

  10. I gave this Paris map to my wife at Christmas; she had the “missing Paris blues” really bad; this helped some. I can vouch for the high quality and the vibrant colours.

  11. Love this post as well as most others. So educational! I did not know about the google maps trick (handy), nor the NAVIGO card , nor even that the train arrives on the left side. I really like your idea about color coordinated chairs at various metros and I think you should quickly tell them...


  12. Stef in Chicago11:49 AM

    I enjoyed every one of your recent Paris posts. What a fabulous adventure. Thanks for finding the time to share so much of it.

    I got a kick out of your paintings of dogs on the terresses in today's post and it reminded me a photo of Kiki and her dog, Peki shot at some terresse in Montparnasse which I attached. Looks like it was shot sometime after her prime period.The photo was copied out of the permier book about she and the period of the 20's and 30's: "Kiki's Paris - Artists and Lovers 1900 - 1930," by one of the experts of that period, Billy Kluver.Facinating

  13. Glad to hear you're always finding new tips for travels, M'lle. Lovely watercolor, and thanks for the link to Peter's blog--wonderful!

  14. I guess I am going to have to adopt a new metro in the Marais. My old one was Sevres-Babylon because we always used to stay at the Lutetia.
    Thanks for the reminder about the navigo card.
    I need a new photo!

  15. Abbesses, la station de ma fille!
    quand je sors du métro ici c'est que du bonheur!


  16. I am a poor girl with no Paris Metro stop of my own, but - thanks to your generosity - I do have rich inner life from all the travels I have taken around Paris, thanks to you. Merci beaucoup! :-)

    May I mention that Vienna has one metro station in Grey and Magenta?

  17. You made more about the métro than I have done in one year in my "mid-month'subway" theme!

    Once more, sincere thanks for the painting I put on my post today... and for the link!

  18. My Metro was the Parmentier as my lodging was on Rue de Trois Bournes. It was three weeks of heaven on earth. Mostly due to the chocolat chaud.

  19. Thanks for the morning smile each day from your blog. I'm going back to Paris in mid-May. Can't wait.

  20. I love the painting and you've got a great selection of photos!
    The Google trick is nice to know!

  21. My métro station is Bonne Nouvelle. Not the most beautiful station, but one of my favourite names in the RATP!
    Also there's a new sign for the station in a steel like material that has been hanging since late last 2008, and I quite like it! Makes me enjoy entering the métro on a daily basis!

    Kisses from Paris!


  22. Carol, I've been traveling to Paris since 1961 and I didn't know several of the things you shared in this post Thank you so much!

  23. Kethrim2:57 PM

    I have those metro sheets- they're a lovely thick flannel but, one might say, very loosely based on the Paris metro. Not to mention missing quite a few line colors!

    I have had several different metro stations, but my line is 12- dark green. (You have to be careful of US-bought maps that may have the metro lines in different colors- once I figured out that my map was wrong, I immediately attached myself to a properly colored map.)

  24. Stephan...I've never been to Metro Parmentier because it sounded so Italian, like Parmesan cheese.
    Where is this hot Chocolate?
    Now I MUST GO!

    Chicette I need a better reason to go to Metro Bonne Nouvelle than the metal sign...
    I never went to Bon Marche because I thought it was a bargain place like Filenes.
    A name can influence you a lot..hmmm

  25. oh you have once again tugged at my heart, and I must also admit to having to wipe away a tear or two (good ones, not sad ones!).

    Ecole Militaire was also my stop, on our trip last April, when we too stayed on Rue Cler (are you a Ricknick by chance??)

    Abbesses is one of my favorites!

    But the real heart tugging occurred when I saw Vaneau! C'est l'arrete de ma fille...elle habite de l'autre côté de la rue, at St. John's University... I miss Vaneau the most :-(

    Love your paintings, must own one some day :-)

    Oh and here is my most recent Metro, Republique:

  26. My metro stop was the Bastille, until I was almost arrested on a Sunday morning. Although in retrospect it is a funny story but at the time the 50euro fine did not make my day. Until I had oysters and wine at Le Baron Rouge (check out this review the day looked sunnier. My husband's metro stop was Saint Paul, because he liked how that very pretty french girl on the loud speaker announced the stop!
    Thanks for making me relive these happy moments! I love your blog.

  27. We had dinner our first night in Paris at Cafe Terrasse near Metro Station Ecole Militaire.

  28. Hello Carol, came by from Peter's blog and knew you all met and had a great time :)

    Yes, I love Paris and I love all the metros/subways in NYC, London too :) You must come by to visit Singapore metro known as the MRT :D

    Nice painting and glad to be here :D

  29. The French should re-name all the metros for their unique experiences...just like you do! Toute de suite!

  30. Déjeuner délicieux, merci beaucoup! I love this "Metro de Paris" post... it is one of my favorite subjects, and your deeper delve was very satisfying. And I, too, love Google... David

  31. I think each line smells different too...
    And I got an airfare for $1400.00 return!! cheap as!

  32. Thank you Carol - your amazing "Paris Breakfasts"
    blogland gave me a fresh look at Paris.

    It’s obvious that she’s completely in love with Paris ... and she certainly knows how to illustrate her love, in pictures and text!-
    True words. Peter was right!

    My best wishes to you!

  33. Your Metro is also my Metro. I have stayed within a block of this merto stop on all three of my vists to Paris. When I saw the phto of the entrance and the Cafe Terrasse, my heart ached to be there. If the finances hold up, I hope to be back there sometime later this year.Here is the link to the apartment I stayed in on my last trip.

    Donna Marie

  34. So you do your food shopping rue Cler? I did when I lived just round the corner and took the metro at that same station (or at a station at Latour Maubourg).

  35. PS. That was when Peter and I were working toghether!

  36. Ecole Militaire, the perfect metro!!! Navigo is the greatest way to take the subway.But, I would never sleep in these subway sheets!!!!

  37. Stephan Art Decdo8:19 PM

    Dear Carol,
    I actually never had chocolat chaud near Parmentier. My first experience with it was at Dalloyau in Boulogne sur Seine. I had gone to photograph Erte's apartment in that area and had lunch there.
    I also had it again at Cafe de Flore. I had not heard of Angelina's until I returned from my trip. I'm afraid that I never really ate near my hotel or the Parmentier station with the exception of a small Chinese place that had the most glorious dish that translated as 'one thousand perfume chicken.' I wish that I would have had the nerve to ask for the recipe. I have never found anything like it in all the Chinese restaurants that I have visited here in the States.

  38. Metro Abbesses Montmartre is my metro. I love it. Imagine owning a Metro Station in Paris we would be so rich :)

  39. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Really good sharing this.

  40. Yes, there are Americans who can pronounce all the names of métro stations. Studying French and speaking as well as possible is one of the main reasons many of us love to visit, or live there!

    If you catch the slang, literary and political references, and polite phrases that are everyday expressions, it widens your activities. You will meet more people and have more reasons to make another trip.


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