Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Eiffel Tower Insanity

Remember when I got back last trip in October...
I was completely gaga over everything Toile de jouy...

I had BIG plans to do everything in my apartment over toile de Jouy
post card by Editions Cartes d'Art Well that's all changed now... Now it's gotta be EIFFEL TOWER decor or nuttin!Top to bottom Eiffel Tower is IN and toile de jouy is OUT!!! The trouble is...ahem. Where do I find BIG, important pieces? Everything in Paris is tiny, small, made to fit in a suitcase like these neat cards from Editions Cartes d'Art at 9, Rue Dragon 75006 Or these itty, bitty Limoge pill boxes :(Chocolate Eiffel Towers simply will not do or last... And this carrot grater from Pylones does not make the grade... I checked out all the tourist traps and no shower curtains!
Only T-shirts and earrings and tiny paperweights. Besides the Frenchies don't use shower curtains. Who knew?
How did I miss these wonderfully cheesy touristic dishes. I do not want "elegant" let me make that very clear! I did find this 25" inch high lamp at Target. Right, ya gotta go to Target to find stuff!? Wa'? They have this "shimmering" Eiffel Tower shower curtain too-not so mad about it though... And I got this clock from Amazon today - not really cheesy enough but it will have to do for the time being. I do have a bunch of those Cavallini posters though...
I haven't actually been up in the Eiffel Tower yet...hmmm I guess it's de rigueur next trip. Eeeek
Did you know they will be celebrating the Eiffel Tower's 120th anniversaire in May? Should be spectacular! Do you think they will bring out a shower curtain for the occasion?

One thing you don't see much of is Eiffel Towers decorating the gateaux and tartes of Paris. Not even stamped on ONE macaron? Odd don't you think? Is anyone out there similarly obsessed? Want to start a shower curtain company with me? :)


  1. I saw some Eiffel Tower large size "stickers" that you can put on your wall, door, etc at Joann's. I love that lamp!!!

  2. Of course I'm not obsessed with this Eiffel Tower! Next month, when you are in Paris, you should take the Eiffel Tower itself in your plane. Ah,ah,ah. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of the Empire State Building and Big Ben, either!La Tour Eiffel, quel succès!

  3. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Showercurtainsgalore.com has one of a street scene with the eiffel tower. Otherwise, would Eiffel Tower shower curtain hooks due? I've seen them on everythingeiffel.com

  4. I hope that you get to the top on your next trip!
    Very funny series!

  5. I was thinking I read earlier your avoidance of the trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, is due partly to a fear of heights, non?
    And then had this funny idea that you could "train" by trying the 1/3 scale Eiffel Tower at Kings Dominion in Virginia. ;o)
    (My husband worked there as a ride operator during the opening yrs of the park. We visited the park a couple years ago for an employee reunion.)

  6. good post...some finds at TARGET and of course MARSHALLs of the eiffel tower stuff. i scored a nice piece of wall art from TARGET and in front of it i've metal eiffel towers...looks kind of neat in my study/library area.

    have a good day...

  7. How about a canvas panel attached to your wall with your painting of the tower and macaroons. Something you can replace when a new decorating mood arises.

  8. Hi, my name is Karen and I am an Eiffel Tower collector. I am practicing what I will say when I attend my first Eiffel Tower Anonymous Meeting. Yes, it is true. My house is slowly being taken over by Eiffel Towers. My husband says no more, but somehow, they sneak in. Please share your "finds" in case I need more! However, my Eiffel Towers think those macarons are very cute - especially the pink ones!

  9. Emilie1:03 PM

    a collection of 300 images up to 36"

    or make your own




    you can actually take one of the Make your own posters to some Office
    Max or Office Depot outlets and they will blow that up further. Call
    before you head out. It depends on which outlet has the right equipment.

    Of course, you could always paint a wall white and have at it. Hey,
    one of my cousins used to do that (and yes, she is an artist, also)

  10. no, you're not the only one with the Eiffel tower fetish.
    I have a garden wrought iron Eiffel Tower at Marshalls/Homegoods years ago.

  11. Try eBay...lots of goodies (and I must have them all!!)


  12. Foodwalker1:21 PM

    I love the Target Eiffel Tower shower curtain but the one I want is the "true" map of the world. Need to look for that but I just washed our curtain so no great need. We leave for the airport at 1:00. I'll be reading you next in Maury!!! It's raining here and in Perpignan. Love the rain.
    Love to you!

  13. Dear Carol,
    You should check out the website for POSH - poshchicago.com It's a great shop here in Chicago. They started out selling vintage Hotel silver but they have all kinds of interesting stuff now. They have a number of Eiffel Tower accessories like bookends, tin sign, candles, a thermometer, framed postcards etc. The best way to look for things is to just browse around in their different sections as when you do a search for a particular category it doesn't bring everything up. I just bought the Eiffeel tower notebook and a tin of Paris stamps from them the other day when I was in the shop.
    Good luck with your Eiffel Tower search,

  14. Sharon2:00 PM

    Go to ebay. I did a search for "eiffel tower shower curtain" and several came up!
    Best wishes,

  15. Don't laugh..but I love paris too ..and always look at your pictures...here is a link to a shower curtain! http://www.bedbathstore.com/pafrvishcu.html

    and here are the hooks..OMG..I am going to get these myself! http://www.everythingeiffel.com/php/index4.php?title=homedecor&choixprod=homefurniture

    Take care..hope it helps you

  16. Hi Carol,
    I know what you mean about the Eiffel Tower Insanity - I have it too although I haven't decorated anything in our home with the Tower - just have some small ones that I have collected on my trips sitting on the coffee table along with the Paris coffee table books.

    Here's a web site that you may be interested in - I know the owners as they have a gift shop in the Sofitel Hotel in Bloomington, MN which is where my husband and I stay when we are in the twin cities area. They have some pretty cool stuff on their web site which I think you might like.

  17. Look in the desk accessories section of target! I just got a 1 foot tall eiffel tower there and it's super cute!

  18. Anonymous3:14 PM

    that lamp is the coolest lamp ever!

  19. Hi I just love your series. I am an artist living in Canada and admit to being a Eiffel Tower freak also. Paris is my second home and I am flying there again on Saturday. I will be checking out some of your favorite haunts as well. My shower curtain is vintage Paris pics and one is the La Tour Eiffel, I picked it up in a local linen shop. I found this site which has all kinds of great shower curtains, Paris included and world maps as well. http://www.izolashower.com/
    You really need to get to the top of the tower next time you are there..you will find so much more to paint. I look forward to more of your adventures and art.

  20. Anonymous3:45 PM

    My daughter has a cute Paris shower curtain from Garnet Hill with the Eiffel Tower, Metro and even a Parisian dog!



  21. CAROL, You are an artist! You paint your own Eiffel Tower shower curtain! Buy a plain white one from Tar-gzhay and go for it! I knew that once you saw it you would be hooked!

  22. Your blog is the highlight of my work day ~ I always have my coffee break with carol :)

  23. RakelArt5:29 PM

    I suggest you cut a stamp and do your own shower curtain...I have been mad for Le Eiffel for years...have never been to Paris but that does not stop me...I would be happy to make you one...I am going to do one for my own bath!

  24. Oh pooh, I just bought a set of bedding, all yellow toile de Jouy and stripes!
    Haven't put it on the bed yet... will also paint BR yellow and white.
    No Eiffels :(

  25. Grace under pressure5:44 PM

    What a nice shot of Marion Cotillard up on the Eiffel Tower...wonder if it's real or airbrushed in..?
    Such a fun post encore!

  26. Perhaps you should hold off on things Eiffel for a while...in case your feelings go the way of the toile....? What if you go up and hate it? It's so easy to love from afar....

  27. I am a little worried that the day will come when you want ot sleep on top of the Eiffel tower! ;-)

    I don't get it either how the Europeans take a shower without curtains. They must be very neat people. Chapeau!

  28. Love the clock, Carol! Wonderful paintings, too!

  29. A few years back everything had Paris & Eiffel towers & Toile on it in the stores, now it is hard to find anything lie that. You might just have to make your own and sell them. :)

  30. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Perhaps we could franchise Eiffel Towers all over the world. I'll be your Australian contact. Love your blog. It keeps me in touch with the city of my soul :D

  31. Oh HEAVENS Merisi!!!
    I wouldn't mind sleeping on top of Eiffel Tower sheets, but up IN the Tower?
    Are you kidding???

  32. PS So far thinking of you Mistress Longears...
    No doubt I will come to hate the ET decor like the blue period, rose period, industrial decor, Moroccan decor...there have been so many or so I'm told. I tend to forget the past decorative phases quickly and move on to the next :)
    When I first moved here I was inspired by the silver radiator and everything had to co-ordinate in shades of gray with a touches of red and black here and there.
    Long gone now.

  33. I saw an Eiffel tower today at Target today and thought of you.

    Just wanted you to know there is an award for you on my blog. Nothing formal or fancy, just kudos for a wonderful blog.

  34. Verbena11:10 PM

    I, too, love Paris, and the Eiffel Tower has found its way into my studio/work room: on a plate, on three hand towels in the BR, on a wall plaque, on a pillow, on a vinegar bottle, and on a picture. Our dining room also has a painting featuring it. Needless to say, my husband and I love Paris....and we will be spending our 37th wedding anniversary there in June. It has been 5 years since we were last there, so your blog has given us our daily dose of Paris - thank you for an incredible "trip"!

  35. Love all the Eiffel Tower photos! And after reading many of these comments, I know just where to go to find whatever I might need!

  36. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Thanks so much for your daily posts - truly a highlight each morning.

    I'm traveling back to Paris in May & would love to know more about the ET Celebration - unfortunately the ET website didn't offer any tidbits. Do you know any specifics??

  37. I love that first picture you painted. I have a HUGE print of the tower over my bed. I got it from Ikea. I didn't have a headboard and it makes the perfect headboard.

    There is a picture of it on my blog.

  38. There is absolutely nothing else in this world like being by the eiffel tower when it glitters, sparkles and shines at night. It's pure magic!

  39. Angela Hunter12:47 PM

    Shower curtain link!
    You are too funny!

  40. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Stick with the toile!

  41. I can't keep up with you. Minatures, toile de Jouy, stone and linen and now the Eiffel-Tower.

  42. Really loveable Eiffel Tower photos! Last week, I got one Eiffel tower at home depot.


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