Thursday, April 16, 2009

Les Marins Font la Mode

Eiffel tower seen from Palais de Chaillot, original art
PB readers, we'll be visiting 'Trocadéro' : trokadéro or Troh-kah-deh-roh today.
Can we ever have enough of marine stripes? Sailors stripes are right up there with macarons and ballerines as best-loved Frenchie trendie (tendence) style icons. 35 haute-couture outfits designed by Jeanne Lanvin to Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent to see.

Sonia Rykiel's witty striped pull (sweater) with a sailor's pompom hat embroidered at the waist.

The REAL thing in a 30's poster. French sailor songs and snipets of Gene Kelley in On the Town are playing in the background to get you in a nautical mood.

A 20's fashion statement.

All kinds of ephemera illustrate the love for the navy.

Even old French dollies wore striped sailor suits.

The everlasting bateau-neck striped T will always be a permanent fashion fixture. Jean-Paul Gaultier has created a special affordable collection for the museum gift shop of this classic. I was tempted but the call of the macaron was stronger.
And macarons are just a few steps away at Place Trocadéro.

At lovely Salon de The, Carette.

Served with a pot of chocolat chaud.

Patisserie Carette's interior has the same Art Deco feel as the exhibit, so a perfect antidote for tired feet and eyes. Their macarons are gorgeous and well worth the trip to the 16th arrondissement.
But first stop in at the new exhibit at le Musee National de la Marine at 17, place du Trocadéro to see the influence of sailor's gear on fashion at the Les Marins Font la Mode show. "When the Navy inspires French fashion" (closed Tuesdays and open tous les jours de 10 à 18h -9 euros) 



  1. Lovely and luscious. I shall be there come May 19th.
    All of My very favorite things.

  2. Of course, I have my marinière from Petit Bateau and I went to the show.Loved it!!!!!!!!!!Even if I'm not a big fan of museums, ah,ah,ah!!!!!

  3. Beautiful capture of the tower! I was there a long time ago and always look for images of this side of the esplanade. They are extremely rare. Thanks you for taking me back! Did you do this plein aire?

  4. I have finally learned that if there is a watercolour I want I had better act fast! Can't wait to add this one to my other Gillots. Putting the striped tee shirt on the gent was brilliant!

    M. Baker

  5. I LOVED this show!!!
    wish I had bought the J-P Gaultier tops instead of the macarons though...hmmm
    Ain't that always the way it is!

  6. Déjeuner délicieux, merci beaucoup!

  7. I wonder if pompoms will ever come back :-)

  8. OH YUM!!!!
    Delicious post.
    I want to taste it all...

  9. I love all the blue and white stripes
    What ever would we do without the NAVY!!

  10. I just started reading your blog! A rural Montana girl with a French heart...

    Your photos and art cause me to catch my breath. I love the details...

  11. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Carol, you have to write and illustrate a guidebook. Every time I read one of your posts, I wonder how I'll remember to go to all of the great cafés, musées, bistrots and shops you introduce us to! I wish I could just have your blog in my pocket the next time I visit la Paris.

    Sarah B

  12. This is scary! I was just hanging out in Trocadéro this afternoon (despite almost never going there, even if I did once live in the 16th, on the rue de la Pompe).
    Les Marins looks fun!! :-)

    Kisses from Paris!


  13. That first watercolor is beautiful, Carol! Really lovely! Great job. I enjoyed this. I had a navy/white striped bateau-neck T shirt with bracelet length sleeves that I wore forever. Now I wish I still had it--I finally got rid of it after years of wearing it.

  14. I'd love to see what JPG created. Whenever I see sailor stripes I think of his fragrance Le Male

  15. Eileen7:38 PM

    HI Carol,
    I just signed up for your newsletter last week and I must tell you how delighted I am to read your column every day. My children are in Paris and it means so much to me to see what they are seeing. I can't wait to go.
    Thank you for such a fabulous service!
    warmest regards,

  16. Amazing just how many subjects have this in common: macarons and chocolate chaud! Truly, les macs and le choc are the real icons in this post!

  17. Hi, I just read MSN's wedding cakes special (creations by Martha Stewart) which has a French Confectionary Box Cake. They say this box cake was inspired by Laduree, a Parisian tea salon and pastry shop. I had to enclose this link because you've written so much about Laduree.

  18. Luis Lumival2:33 AM

    ok, that's my favorite original so far, that says a lot! :)

  19. Nuova Arte2:34 AM

    GREAT exhibition.
    Went on the website in hopes to see the gift shop offerings but to no avail.
    I had a great stripe shirt that has disappeared.
    I worked with JP Gautier on an ad campaign doin special effects cosmetics... would love to get a shirt for my wardrobe... you said affordable... how much would that be in Dollars?

  20. I think they were like 125ish Euros
    That price for a beautiful Gaultier stripped top is GREAT IMO
    There were like 3 designs...maybe, but these places are not like the Met.
    Who knows if they do mailorder or even have a telephone??
    C'est la vie..

  21. French Sailor look for me every time - I love it.

  22. Love your blog -- I buy les marinieres every season at Petit Bateau. There's a great one that's slightly off-white with navy stripes in stock right now and around 50 euros, I think, if not less..

  23. Why do French people only wear dull dark colors, its either
    navy,grey,black or brown, its good that the macaroon's are colourful.
    Have you ever seen French people in bright colors. This year we are
    supposed to be wearing primary colors in the UK wonder if it will go
    over the channel,

  24. WineWalker8:31 AM

    I have probably asked you this before but are ALL macarons kept refrigerated before selling?
    Love the Marine look.
    Could never wear one of those tops, alas.

  25. I used to live quite near. Never realised that this Carette café was that nice! Now I just have to go there, dressed as a "marin" or not! :-)

  26. Love the expo at the museum and the macarons... look scrumptous!


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