Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paris Posh Places

YSL Avenue Georges V, original watercolor, 9" x 11"

Have you ever walzed into the YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) boutique on 7, Avenue George V in Paris?
Givenchy Avenue Georges V, original watercolor, 9" x 11"
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing..

Or what about Givenchy at 3, Avenue George V right next door?
Easy as pie right?
Avenue Montaigne in the 8th arrondissement is chock-a-block with some of Paris' poshes places, as is Avenue George V also. I have yet to set foot in Jimmy Choo at 34 Avenue Montaigne... This facade inside Chanel's window gave me hope, but when I saw the guard at the door I took off rapidement...
Anne says Cafe L'Avenue at 41, av Montaigne is overpriced. Maybe that's why Beyonce, Jay-Z, Bruce Willis hang out there? I have yet to try their hot chocolate...
Look! Someone wearing white shoes is walzing into Nina Ricci? I hope they are not sneakers...hmmm
Dior? Forgettaboutit! Never happen - me walzing in that is. If only they had macarons I could get up my courage...
Don't I need a diamond-encrusted bag to enter?
Or else an extremely LARGE bag?
Or maybe an extremely LARGE scarf?
I did get up my courage and walk into the Plaza-Athenee, because they are famous for their macarons and I was hoping to run into one in the lobby. No such luck, but I did take a peek at the desserts menu. 32 euros for ONE dessert OUCH!

Anne somehow managed to drag me into Louis Vuitton on 101, Avenue des Champs Elysées and nothing deleterious happened. In fact it was fun. But as you can see here, all sorts of people are pouring in with small bags, no scarfs and white shoes, so anything goes I guess...
Chocolatier Fouquet just off of Avenue Montaigne at 22, Rue François 1er, is one posh Paris place where I feel relatively comfortable. The surrounding essence of chocolate helps alot.
I even bought something and didn't worry about breaking the bank.
Have you walzed into Paris' posh places and lived to tell the tale?
Please tell all!


  1. Melanie12:34 PM

    gorgeous places to shop!!
    Wish I could.

  2. I walked into Chanel on Rue Cabon and bought myself a lipstick. They were so nice, sat me on a stool, tried a few shades, gave me mineral water and gift wrapped my purchase complete with camelia and ribbon(i wear it as a summer choker

  3. debbie in toronto12:38 PM

    I was walking in front of Chanel and someone had left two large empty shopping bags on the sidewalk..complete with cameilias and I picked them up and walked around all day pretending I'd shopped there...I have them still on proud display at home.

  4. Great painting and photos as always!
    I love the Chanel photo but the Louis Vuitton color scheme is a little odd :-)

  5. That's his homage to Steven Sprouse at Louis Vuitton, NIKON...

  6. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! I found it through Fodor's Travel forum about a year and a half ago while planning a France trip last October. We are going again next week (!!!) but this time, just Paris. We have an apartment in the 5th. Your almost daily emails give me both a fix and great ideas for things to do!

  7. My husband loves Louis Vuitton, so of course, we made a stop there. But I'm feeling you on these posh shops... I'd much rather spend time admiring and enjoying Parisien sweets : ).

  8. And the walk is still there...big walk, big bag, big scarf.....big gulp... and walk right in. I wold love to go into Dior. Just love to....sigh. these are really fantastic pieces. Love the crispness and the gesture of the figures too against the facades. Just fantastic.

  9. Love your paris poshness, xv.

  10. Bonnie1:25 PM

    You know, I am too charmed with the most normal of places in Paris to worry about the posh places. To me, with my very simple tastes and humble budget, the grocery at the Bon Marche is more than enough! To stroll the ailes, sniff the tea, admire deserts so daintily assembled, and watch as the moms get their bread and chocolate snack for the children coming home from school soon is such fun. And to buy a cube (or 10!) of my favorite oilve oil soap and a tin of my favorite Kusmi tea there makes me very, very happy. And no one looks at me as though I might steal something! Leave me to the friendly places where normal people go and I'll leave the posh places to those who go that way. Something for everyone in Paris!

  11. Great blog, it's lovely to see what overseas people like about our beautiful capital city! Although we're not that far from them, we've not yet found the courage to waltz into a Paris posh place...our niece is going to be training under Jimmy Choo soon, so maybe with her escorting us we'll make it in the door one day!

  12. These shops are great, Carol! Nice job. You should venture inside next time--sounds fun! I love your paintings!

  13. Bonjour---I have been in the Dior store many times and even found a cashmere knit dress there ON SALE many years ago. Even though, I have "outgrown the dress, I keep it as a dear souvenir of my time in a haute couture establishment. maria

  14. Anonymous1:39 PM

    love your blog cos i adore paris!i love the way you take us around on your travels!next time i visit you have given me the hope to go into louis vuitton at least!i have wandered down ave.montaigne just drooling though!my son and his friend while on a short visit to new york went into the plaza hotel fully expecting to be ejected as they were very casually dressed, they were treated like lords while having their afternoon tea and declared it a great experience.sometimes you just need an air of confidence!a note to debbie, i would have done the exact same thing! kathleen

  15. Assignment: Next trip I will go into Chanel and buy a nail file and walk out with a camelia and a ribbon AND a shopping bag!
    I hope it's quilted...

  16. It's always fun to take a tour at Avenue Montaigne and it's even better when we are together. I have never gone into this Dior boutique!

  17. By the way, when I find the perfect place to live, I'll contact you for this Givenchy facade because I perfcetly recognize the girl in front of the window with her bag!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I love your new painting style. I haven't visited in several weeks--last time I was here, you were doing birds and teacups. I'm enjoying the brighter colors and greater details--lovely works, as always!

  19. So much fun,
    but I don't mind that these are not my regular shopping destinations. I am just glad they are there and that there are people who are willing to spend money there, so I can share the beauties created there vicariously by looking at their shop windows.

    Your paintings are beautiful,
    I like your witty details (like the woman sort of sneaking by that shop window!).

  20. Sophia4:07 PM

    I'm very intimidated by all the Avenue Montaigne boutiques so I won't go in. I don't need some huffy salesgirl looking me over to see if I am worthy of purchasing luxury goods.

  21. Oh go on Carol! You can go into any shop in Paris you are famous! Sure you can!
    If they look at you funny or if you are uncomfortable remember two things: 1) you are the customer not the employee and 2) everyone you are looking at puts their pants - no matter the designer - on one leg at a time!

    I love Paris and have always felt welcomed there...and I am a lowly artist. :)

  22. My son and his girlfriend (both as poor as church mice, they are students) happily waltz into all the designer shops. The doors are held open for them as if they were millionaires and the staff chat away happily too them. Courage my dear that's all you need. (And maybe a way out hairstyle - did I mention their hair?)

  23. I've always wanted to see Fouquet's ever since reading the novel. A lovely idea. Will make a great series of watercolors. Actually I'd love one or two in my office. Quelle elegance!

  24. Lovely! Your watercolors are just perfect!

  25. Loved the tour of the shops and your paintings are fabulous. I really like the top one.

  26. Thank you for keeping me in touch with Paris.I have not shopped at Jimmy Choo but have stayed at Plaza Athenee.Their breakfast is outstanding not forgetting their desserts!

  27. I also love the Chanel photo. Nice catch with the reflection.

    And I must share what I read in the Los Angeles Times food section this morning - macarons in downtown LA! Some new restaurant is opening. I never go DT except when we go to the Taper at the Music Center. We have season tickets with friends. Maybe I will convince everyone to check it out. Will let you know.

  28. You can walk into anyone of these posh boutiques and hotels. Just make sure you say bon jour when entering anywhere then keep moving. Like someone said, you are a potential customer not nn employee.

    In my experience at such places in Paris as Dior, Hermes and Le Meurice, they all treated me with respect and enthusiasm. I even walked to a Place Vendome jewelry shop. How about pictures and paintings of that area? It's kind of tricky but oooh those little baubles are just as eyewatering as the delicious macarons.

    How about a piece of jewelry that looks like a marcaron? A bracelet with a macaron charm or a macaron pendant?

  29. Well, since you asked, no, I have not walzed, tiptoed, sneaked, or fox-trotted into any of Paris' posh places. Frankly, it would be a lot of trouble. First I'd have to do my nails, wash my hair, do my makeup, try on and discard 30 outfits, coming to the conclusion that I couldn't possibly shop there without wearing something I bought there to do my shopping in. It's a chicken and egg thing...though Mimi seems to have done it just right. What was she wearing?

  30. I have! Almost all of em! I was just an ignorant Indonesian tourist from Hong Kong...I was wearing an old t-shirt, with terrible jeans and cheap sandals WITH SOCKS ON! ohhhh lala...i guess all you need is an attitude...ignore the disgusted once overs and, not surprisingly, the treatment improved (a lot) when my tour mates bought loads of expensive bags (for fathers, mothers, aunties, cousins, friends, foes...) LOL

  31. Ok, I get it, but you need to do lunch at Cafe des Theatres, you get to see all the same glitz but its a local, genuine kinda trip!

  32. The cafe at Théâtre des Champs Elysées‎ - 15, Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Carol?
    OK I'll give a look

  33. Barbara9:19 PM

    Best posh story...
    Went into Paris an English teacher I wanted to see Hemingway's hang-out...
    I was dressed well for sneakers, a dress with a scarf even...but the guard in the lobby spotted me immediately and accosted me saying, essentially, "you aren't staying here are you..." to which I replied "non!" He said he'd have to ask me to leave, but I took a breath, summoned my best French, low intermediate, and said " Je suis professeur d'literature Americain, et que je voudrais voir le place de Hemingway."
    The very polite "guard" smiled (at my French?), bowed ever so slightly and gave me friendly instructions on how to get to the was down a very long corridor with numerous pricey displays. The bar itself was small, and covered with pictures of Hemingway...I only wish I'd had the nerve to order a drink when I got there.

  34. Anonymous12:31 AM

    walked into LV and admired their huge chandelier..sales people were polite and welcoming..walked out without a purchase...whew,that was an accomplishment!

  35. I still prefer Paris not so posh places

  36. I just now discovered your blog and LOVE IT!!!

  37. J'adore that street. Too bad my wallet doesn't :) Paris in Pink


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