Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Line of Fashion

SPRING has truly arrived in New York City with the grand opening of London's TOP SHOP down on Broadway in Soho. Of course flowers are bursting out all over on 5th Ave. and 58th street.
  The city has kindly planted masses  on many streets. The trees are pretty spectacular in front of The Plaza Hotel. You cannot experience spring in NYC without munching a Sabrett hot dog. The taste will not be spectacular but it's a very New York thing to do. Dean and Deluca's floral selection has exploded.
On Madison Ave. Barney's windows are full of the "Blue Project" - top New York designers got some old blue jeans scraps of and told,"Go create!"British Designer Matthew Williamson rocked H&M last Thursday but I got there on Friday. TOO $%^#@ LATE for this jacket :( In the new TOP SHOP these shoes rocked the joint. As did the massive throngs of lookers. At the Society of Illustrators on East 63d street there's a wonderful show of fashion illustrations not to be missed if you love drawing.
The master of fashion drawing, Kenneth Paul Block was the central focus of the show.
I LOVE the wild, free sketches of Richard Rosenfeld.
How can you not feel nostalgia for this sketch/doodle of master draftsman, Joe Eula of Jackie Onassis being fitted at Halstons.
 Joe Eula did quickie sketches for Halston's 1st collection since he didn't own a polaroid camera. The exhibit closes May 1. Run and see it if you love beautiful drawings. I went twice.
 Signs are plastered all over town for fast way to get to Paris - by subway no less. To see Gustave Caillebotte's Impressionist Paintings from Paris at the Brooklyn Museum.
Do you know the wonderful artwork of Nathalie Lété? I got this Eiffel Tower plate of Nathalie's.
This little Soho New Yorker in has on the best Spring outfit.


  1. April in Paris AND New York...truly two of the world's most incredible cities...I love the Soho darling too. And what fantastic drawings!!!!!! Drool. Sigh. Very very nice.

  2. Kristine9:51 AM

    It's raining hard here in Paris...
    Oh to be in New York!

  3. grace under pressure9:52 AM

    I've tasted one of those Sabrett hot dogs once and that will be the last..
    A tad watery IMO
    I'll take a Dunkin Donut instead. Is that sufficiently New Yorkie?

  4. June Bug10:00 AM

    LOVE the profusion of NYC fashion and Spring flowers!!!

  5. "Take the Subway to Paris!" -
    now, if that is not serendipity, what is? ;-)

    Thank you so much for the beautiful sights of New York in the Spring, especially for showing "my" pear trees at the Plaza. I do miss New York a lot, especially in the Spring (always two weeks behind DC, it was so wunderful to "play it again" by travelling up to NY after the cherry blossoms faded down south).

  6. Marie-Laure10:20 AM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all these drawings!

  7. I saw those plates at Anthropologie this weekend & wondered if you knew about them. They're perfect for you!

  8. I want that blue jumpsuit and the attitude that goes with it. Plus the body that can wear it.

  9. Spring in NY how beautiful. I love the trees in bloom the white tulips and that Eiffel tower plate.

  10. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Paris, first and foremost. But if I cannot go to Paris, I want to go to New York, because I love New York too. What a grand city it is, although I would not touch one of those hot dogs, I think I'd rather go down to the Doughnut Plant and get a doughnut or head to Saks 5th Avenue and hit the Neuhaus counter (which is not really New Yorkie but I always do that when I'm in New York)!

    Thank you for taking me to New York today!

    Now ... are you going to take the subway to Paris? That Caillebotte exhibit sounds intriguing, non?

    Oh, and you have excellent taste in plates. I bought that Tour Eiffel plate about six months ago to feed my Tour Eiffel obsession. It's a very nice plate. :)

    Bonne Journee!

  11. Beautiful shots and I love the illustration exhibit.
    (I didn't see any dogs!)

  12. NYC looks very jolly in the spring!

  13. like the plate and they've a french doggie plate too :)
    enjoyed my ny tour today.
    have a good wednesday.

  14. Thanks so very much for posting the Joe Eula drawings! I wish I were in NYC to see them in the flesh....

  15. Wonderful post! I am smiling:)

  16. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Loved your photos, but why did I feel like I was rematching the movie "Shopaholic"? New York, shoes, jackets, manikins, display windows, and of course - hot dogs? Yes, I see a few similarities. Don't get me wrong, I *LOVED* that movie, and recommend it totally!

    Always enjoy your wonderful posts!

  17. Anonymous1:38 AM

    Paris and NYC collide. Love it!


  18. Oh if only I could take the subway to Paris!

    Right now I wish I could take something from Houston to get to NY!(Used to live there, moved here to marry husband, thank you E-harmony, when you say you're willing to move wherever if the person's right,lol).

    Will be there in June and maybe May.

  19. Will be checking out Top Shop btw. Thanks... didin't know when it was opening....

  20. Oh I must get one of those plates before they are all gone! Thank you, Carol, I so enjoy coming here. Un petit award pour vous. http://dwquiltart.blogspot.com/2009/04/rewards-of-blogging.html

  21. I'll have to make it a point to go to Top Shop next time I'm in NYC

  22. I perfectly remember Spring in NYC; it was very hot and fabulous. I hope you bought cheap and trendy things at TopShop!

  23. Oh what wonderful shots of NYC and all. It looks wonderful. Love the fashion shots and that exhibition looks stunning. If only....

  24. Did they plant those white tulips in honour of Moi?


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