Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge,original art, 5" x 7"
Montmartre expert, Peter guided me to Place Clichy.

To see the Moulin Rouge. I don't think I've visited since my first trip to Europe.

On a grey Paris afternoon, we just browsed a bit like everyone else.

"Les Girls"

Around the corner, the boutique awaits.

Thanks Gawd I'm no longer under the hypnotic spell of mini-mania. This would have been hard to resist.

Here's a chance to toast/trinquer with glasses full of gold glitter. Of course you know better than to ever toast with plain water! Unlike some people :( Peter writes that the Moulin Rouge is the biggest champagne buyer in the world - around 350 000 bottles a year - more or less 1000 bottles per day. That's a lot of trinquer going on!

This red Moulin Rouge mug gave me pause... I love red big time. should I do over my apartment in Moulin Rouge style rather than Eiffel Tower decor?

Fortunately there were no large essential items on offer, like pillows or lamps etc. Decision resolved in favor of the Eiffel Tower motif!

I'm not that big on ashtrays but this reminded me of.

All the wonderful prints and posters Toulouse-Lautrec created.

For the Moulin Rouge in the late 1800's.

Too many to count notable performers have taken the stage at the Moulin Rouge including La Goulue, Josephine Baker, Frank Sinatra, Yvette Guilbert, Jane Avril, Mistinguett, Le Pétomane, Édith Piaf and others.

So it's only natural that the backdoor will have it's "stage door Johnnys" awaiting.


  1. I agree with you: the Eiffel Tower is the real symbol of Paris and not the Moulin Rouge!!!!!Paris, Paris waiting for you with its wonderful new windows and its Champagne to trinquer for your birthday!

  2. I have to ask, "How's Denise Acabo in Pigalle?"

  3. Great paintings again! I love the ashtray, too, and the poster art.
    I am shocked, shocked, by the Les Girls poster, but I forgive you :-)

  4. I especially love your Moulin Rouge watercolor/photos today. I too went there many years ago and it was fun to revisit. You always inspire me to get out the paints and your charming photos and short narratives are fun. As I said, especially loved the offering today - Eiffel Tower is always good as are macaroons but this was a refreshing change!
    Thanks for your enthusiasm and inspiration.

  5. Carol, I love your Moulin Rouge--for a minute there, I thought you'd taken a detour to the Netherlands. ;)

  6. Where's Nicole Kidman?

  7. Someone is cruisin' for a bruisin'...ahem

  8. Grace under pressure3:22 PM

    You make the Moulin Rouge look cool again...
    I think I'd have a problem going in again.
    Once is enough.

  9. Woo hoo I loooooove this... augh now that song is going through my head.. you know Pink and the girls Hm, must pop over and watch the video...gitchy gitchy ya ya....I love these vignettes your are doing...honestly MS Agog, very impressive.

  10. merci pour ton com.
    j'espère que tu as enfin reçu ces macarons roses!!!!
    bonne soirée


  11. Always A Teacher4:36 PM

    Frankly I think "Les Girls" should go back to wearing the original can-can outfits...

  12. I just got back from a trip to Paris to find your site in my e-mail. I love it.
    Do you ever plan trips or offer recipes?

  13. Love the painting. Love seeing the place in real too.

  14. PS real photo that is...Never been there in person. :)

  15. I came across a gorgeous room that I thought you might like! The Bordello Moulin Rouge at !!
    Will this make you change your mind back ???

  16. Beautiful painting, very retro looking (in a good way!)!

    I remember the piano lessons when I was being taught to play the "Can-Can" (from Jacques Offenbach's Orphée aux Enfers) - for some reason (Degas?) I always associated that music with the Moulin Rouge. I wonder what's going on inside nowadays.

  17. I could lose my heart to that stage door johnny!

  18. Yes do your apartment up in Moulin Rouge style and have a trapeze hanging from the ceiling. What fun!


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