Thursday, April 30, 2009

The French Scarf

 It's practically summer so what's with a post on the French scarf?
The French do not put away their neckwear because the weather has changed and temperatures are rising? No way!

How is it the French woman can put on this sack-like outfit with  l'écharpe hanging to the floor and come off looking chic, soigné et avec du syle?

Granted the scarf has history (even if this is an English painting) it's hanging at musée Cognaq-Jay by the way.

More traditional French neck adornment at nearby musée Carnavalet.

 A bow adorns the neck of many French jam jars.
 This chocolate duck could have so easily been sporting a French scarf don't you think?

A French scarfy twist on this intensely chocolate-carmelized Saint Honore creation at Pierre Herme.

Here a French kid get's early scarf training.
*Note the color co-ordination going on here.

This little French girl got the training.

Back view.
I could use some scarf training.

The double scarf effect - one used as a shawl/cape base for the other scarf twisted on top.

The "shawl" scarf on its own...

 A touch of red scarf showing color co-ordinated to go with a green food cart.

Here the French scarf evolves into the casually knotted sweater neck adornment.

 The scarf can be color co-ordinated with salade at Cojean.

"How could you leave your l'écharpe at home?"

My all-time fav French scarf by artist BEN (no longer available). I drool for this.
Now I get it! The baguette wears an écharpe.With or without the French scarf, the Paris baguette est toujours irresistable.
BONJOUR French Scarf!


  1. Melanie9:32 AM

    Gorgeous--I love my scarves too!!!Silk one--tie-dyed one--all of them--need to get an "OM" one too.
    Merci Carol.

  2. I love this post - very humorous - and so many great shots, like the scarf/salad/red arrow composition!

  3. Cynthia9:55 AM

    great humorous ;)can you imagine the second foto looks like some rag I have in painting basket...mmmmm guess I have a gold mine of scarves and didn´t even know it...great,gotta go get dressed now.

  4. Anonymous10:04 AM

    As it happens, this morning's style feature in Minneapolis was the scarf, interpreted by a New York stylist.
    The photos with the story are the worst of the lot. Take a look at the gallery.
    appréciez votre jeu d'écharpe!

  5. Anonymous10:09 AM

    This column is the BEST! My inferiority complex about ever wearing my many scarves because I am incapable of giving them a French (or any!) twist, my CHAGRIN when my husband will wax lyrical over your column because he adores scarves, your wonderfully acute eye and photographic skill and bel esprit--- Merci bien, Carol.
    Berkshire Tsarina

  6. mais tu connais même les confitures de Chistine Ferber!!!!!! Bravo
    bon week end


  7. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Thank you, thank you. I needed this today. I shall go out into the world today with a "french" scarf proudly around my neck. People often say to me when I wear a scarf that they feel so matronly when wearing one. My response is, "confidence darling."


  8. I love your scarf posts! I just took out my spring scarfs, but hate to put my winter scarfs away. There is something about an outfit with a scarf. Qu'est-ce que c'est? Je ne sais pas, mais ooooh la la! : )

  9. I have always loved scarves and have every one I have ever bought or been given. I think you either are or you aren't. xv

  10. I am absolutely in LOVE with your blog and your art!Just awesome!

  11. Whenever I go, I take scarves to wear but I never look like I am doing it right, no matter what.
    Lack of proper training, no?

  12. I have observed the very same thing. No matter how hard I try, I just do not have the je ne sais quoi to tie my scarves the French way. I bought myself the Louis Vuitton leopard scarf for my birthday and my friend Lynn asked me immediately if I could tie it right.

  13. Cute, funny, sweet post! I need me some scarf wearing training : ).

  14. I used to work at Hermès so of course though I'm not French, I proudly sport my scarves even and especially in summer (in fact I have so many great ones that only work in summer!). There is nothing chicer and I love them!! :-)

    Kisses from Paris!


  15. Wonderful! What an eye you have! Soon time to check the summer versions!

  16. I have a huge collection of scarves of all kinds--I used to wear them constantly, but now mostly in the winter--I always wear one with a coat. These are great, Carol. Fun post!

  17. J'ai effectivement encore une écharpe autour du cou ce soir!French people, My God, alwys wearing a scarf!

  18. Amy F.6:54 PM

    Love it!!!!!!!

  19. Remember that scarf you gave me ages ago in blacks, blues and muted yellows with lemons and fish and wine bottles. I bring it out everyother year and love it.

  20. The French don't take off their scarves even in summer. Not only is it tres chic to wear them, they also believe that any little breeze will make them sick and uncovered skin is vulnerable. Just try opening a window near any one of them! Love all your surprise shots of people! And how I miss those baguettes!!

  21. I only discovered the wonders of scarves a couple of years ago and they changed my winter life remarkably! It's amazing what they do to keep the chest warm and add a certain jaunty chic-ness to something quite plain. I love that you can see a scarf when looking at a pastry, Carol!

  22. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I adore your posts, I adore you blog. And I think I never comment but I read each one. I'm a bad reader! I will change this! Thanks for the post!

  23. I've decided to continue wearing my scarf through spring and maybe summer. I love it too much to let it go so soon.

  24. "This is a French 'écharpe' the baguette is wearing!"
    I have to admit, it is much more apetizing than "diaper"... ;)

  25. It's something in the air over there you know. My daughter Charlotte can tie her scarf like a French woman in a jiffy whilst it takes me at least 3 attempts.

  26. Love your blog... and you had me laughing at the baguette wearing the scarf! ;-)

  27. Bonjour!

    LoVe your blog! Love the scarves. Somehow, even though living in Florida, I can always find a way to enjoy this accessory. Found one that is very sheer and doesn't "heat" me up. need something in air conditioning, mai oui? Thank you for sending out such FUN on your blog. Hugs, hello sunshine

  28. I love those French Scarves....

  29. Carol, you really have gotten me back into wanting to wear scarves again, and it's been years since I've done this, so I actually went out and purchased a few (just some basics, but for fun and to keep warm). Here's my predicament (embarrassing...), I totally don't know how to tie it or put it on so that it looks nice and pretty (like in your picturs). Is there any way you can post some "quickie tips" on how the French make their scarves look so great?? and btw, I'm not even looking for fancy - just basic, but when others see it will at least "think" I know what I'm doing (LOL) with some fashion sense, haaaa. Any advice from anyone would awesome. I feel like a kid again who doesn't know how to tie their shoes (sheesh). Thanks xoxo, Risa

  30. Thank you for your sharing. I love it.

  31. Thanks for your insight for the great posting. I am glad I have taken the time to see this.

  32. Anonymous12:41 AM

    I need a Dummies Book on Scarves. Can't tie, don't know what sizes or materials to buy. Can't ever find great ones. Where are great places to shop for them? Thanks, Carol


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