Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ballerines = Macarons

As obsessed as I am of Paris macarons...
I have an obsession with Paris ballerines. I cannot stop taking pictures of either.
The above balerines come from this boutique on 28, rue du dragon 75006
And Kate, Katherine and Caroline all got their ballerines here.
They have these sweet little ballerine purses for us obsessed nutcases...
I tried my hand at combining macarons and shoes over at Zazzle...Hmmmm
I love these but I've yet to see a leopard-spotted macaron...
Pastry chefs, take a hint!

But savvy Paris ballerine shops have yet to follow suit!#@$%!
Nor will you find ballerines stacked up to look like the Eiffel Tower!?
Truely I think rue Vavin should be renamed rue Ballerine, there are that many ballerine shops on it...
In all price ranges...
When you're done shoe shopping you can walk to the end of the street to Jean-Paul Hevin and buy matching macarons...
I haven't seen any Paris dogs wearing ballerines and I'm not going to hold my breath either.


  1. Tee hee, very adorable post, Carol! I agree - the balerines with heels just don't have the same appeal. A ballet flat is a ballet flat, non? Those little purses are sweet.

  2. Hi Carol,
    As much as I love your website, I don't know who is advising you on the French - the correct spelling of these shoes is ballerines as you have in the subject line.

  3. Two of my favorite things ~ macarons and pretty ballerinas!

  4. Zat is the problem!
    No one is advising me. I'm an intuitive speller. This does NOT work!!!
    That's why I asked for help in the comments message.
    THANK YOU Laurie!

  5. I hope in your redecorating that you are including one of those blackboards. Love the cute little shoes!

  6. what a cute post of the shoes (my they are expensive) and the macarons. i just love the colors...cheerful and bright ^..^

    i bet you are counting the days til your next departure? i so would be.

  7. So glad you are as obsessed with balerines as I am. My faves are still the Chanels; I must have 8 pairs but they are rapidly becoming too cher to buy. I've bought Repettos in Paris on rue de la Paix, but they aren't cheap, and also at Jet Set and Marisa and various other cheapy shoe stores on streets I don't remember the names of. I'm happy to have the name of the shop you featured because one can never have too many pairs of balerines! What do they cost, do you remember?

  8. I love the little change purses too. I so enjoy opening up your posts in the morning, it always bring smiles to my face, I love color, you style, your musings ... well, everything! Just wanted to let you know how much yours efforts are enjoyed by little ole' me in Cincy, OH ......
    :) Bon

  9. Great Juxtaposition especially the top two photos. I'm going to try to make these soon.

  10. Anuncion Ananda11:20 AM

    Pretty Ballerines&Jaime Mascaró are Spanish Brands....

  11. deuxième point commun avec toi....
    j'adore les ballerines!


  12. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Hi Carol! Oh I love Macarons! I crave them so!
    You are right about Japan. I was on vacation there last month in Osaka city and I was delighted there were Macarons everywhere. There were many days where after being tired from sightseeing and all the walking, I could get macarons and take them back to my hotel to end the day on a good not:)

    I love the ballerines! Somehow it is hard to find any where I live. I never knew there was a store of all ballerines! I must put that on my list of places to go:) The heeled ones are especially cute, and they still look comfortable

  13. I've had ballerine shoes in many different variations over the years--they're just so comfortable. I'm not so big on the heeled ones you showed, but I did have a pair of my own that were simple, that I really liked.

  14. Oh, please do tell...WHERE did you see the 20€ balerines? I'm still here on rue Bonaparte and I'd love to buy some affordably before I leave. Thanks for the info!

  15. Melanie1:04 PM

    Hi Carol,
    Very beautiful as always. I had a pair of yellow patent leather pumps when I was growing up and loved them--so gorgeous!!I love the ballerina macarrons too!
    Have a beautiful day!

  16. I'm also a great fan of macarons (probably beaten by you); much less of ballerines. (Actually never tried them.) :-)

  17. Absolutely delightful post! Thank You, sincerely, David.

  18. Very funny and and I love the colors in your photos.
    I've never had a macaron!

  19. Jayme: I suggest you point and listen...something like but not really
    With a Very nasel n!!
    This is a guess at best

  20. I like your idea: comparing macarons and ballerines. Bravo! I should take a look at these ballerines in the paris windows!

  21. Cynthia6:10 PM

    Lovely post but I find those shoes to be some of the most uncomfortable I have ever worn...they are just too darn FLAT...but the colors are gorgeous.....

  22. Leopard ballerines! I love them!

  23. Can I find the macarons in LA? Such a refreshing post. Merci encore.

  24. Hi! I was thinking of putting picures of painted birds on my blog and googled it for images. That's how I found your pretty blog! I love ballerinas and macarons! Actually, there was a small period when I was not yet a teenager, when the catalogues sold ballerines, then it went silent ans came back for real in, what, 2000-something. And would you believe it, now Dr. Martens are being worn again! Guess History ans fashion keeps repeting theirselves! Cheers!

  25. LOVE macarons and ballet flats. What a wonderful combination! I'd like those fun sneakers with the macarons all over them!HA I will be there to eat my fill in 30 days!!! Sadly, flats won't take you far on walking trips around Paris but they are sure cute and chic!

  26. can i have those macaron's keds?
    it's so cute!

  27. I'm ready for my matching macs and ballerines!!

  28. Beautiful post PB.
    Thinking of you
    in my ballerines.


  29. I am always reminded of eclairs when I look at a pair of ballerinas but I know you can't eat ballerinas.

  30. I just love your blog. Found you by accident, via several other blogs and comments!! Your photos are beautiful. I want to come to Paris now!

  31. Elizabeth10:59 AM

    Catch Carla Bruni-Sarkozy in her kitten hell balerines in Spain at:
    You will need to go thru the slides to see the close up...and a few slides later the shot of the red sole (Louboutin??).

  32. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Lovely post! I love Pretty Ballerinas and macarons too. Moreover I'm feel very lucky to be a neighbour of the PB's industry in Menorca.



    PS: If I had a blog it would be exactly like yours! xoxo


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