Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter in Paris

Patisserie Gerard Mulot,5" x 7"
Ok, The Easter or Pâques report in Paris.

Starting at patisserie Gerard Mulot - as always many, many ribbons, mostly pink (rose).

At La Charlotte de l'isle, her fab old fashioned chocolate molds... (I will refrain from showing you the rats this year by popular request) Chocolatier Jean-Paul Hevin went for a GINORMOUS chocolate (bien sur) chicken in all of his shop windows!Chickens lay what else? Macarons.Galerie Lafayette Gourmet's floor was covered with chickens.
FYI:The difference between "poule" and "poulet"
A "poule"is a hen while a "poulet" refers to chicken meat..cooked chicken.

S.V.P. correct me on this.
Chocolatier Puyricard goes with the traditional hen decked out in orange ribbons - tres chic
Comme habitude (as usual) Sadaharu Aoki brings out his annual Green tea hens for the holiday.

Pierre Herme's poules are lurking in the dark, perhaps in recovery from Jour de Macaron day. *I noted that they are not wearing "wired" ribbons this year...hmm

Eggs within eggs within eggs in La Maison du Chocolat's vitrine plus a sprinkling of butterflies hither and thither.

I have no idea at all what's going on here at Arnaud Larher's window... An egg hunt perhaps? Eggs wearing hen's crops or whatever it is that hens wear...ahem

Ok! An instantly identifyable egg tree at prestigious and pricy chocolatier Debauve & Gallais.

Another egg tree or something similar - a pile of chocolate eggs? call it what you will - a shot stolen through an open doorway at Lenotre.
That'll teach em to keep their doors shut.

Another egg tree at I don't know where.

We end the Paris Easter report with a grand showing of egg cups, egg slicers and other eggy accoutrement for all egg lovers.
From de l'official a la table 23, rue de batignolles 75018
As for Easter hats, I spotted this charming concoction in the Metro.

If you prefer a real rabbit to a chocolate one, then the marche de oiseaux is the place. If you'd told me there would be rabbits at the bird market. Ah ha! One that got away with a stack of macaron boxes.
Joyeuse Pâques Everyone etc.!


A Brush with Color said...

Too funny. Love the hens/chickens. Those egg trees look like a Carol painting waiting to happen. Charming painting, by the way, Carol. Happy Easter weekend to you.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, c'est fantastique!
I will need to revisit many times in preparation for my big trip over in 2011!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Ah a Macaron laying Chicken. Where can I find one please? :)) Another wonderful painting.

Blind Fly Theater said...

Delicious and filling breakfast... I benefit daily thanks to your work ethic. Merci

Erin said...

oh i just love the rabbits...when i was a young person in los angeles my parents used to take me downtown and there were live animals at easter...chicks and rabbits and was wonderful.

the green tea hens and eggs...what are those made of?

just love all the easter pics.... :)

Anonymous said...

You asked for it: a poule, yes, is a big fat hen.
But a poulet is the smaller chicken that most of us usually buy and cook and eat, whether of the organic or battery varieties. Probably poulet might also be used of cooked chicken --- but it begins with the live ones!
Incidentally, DH and I LOVE your blog, and are now concentrated on walking the Park Walk. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

OOPS, make that the Paris Walk!!!!!!!!!!

Bobbi said...

I'm taking your 'eye' with me on my daughter's spring break/college tour next week. Quick stop in Manhattan, Ithaca, Vassar/Poughkeepsie, Seattle/Tacoma/Puget Sound and Portland/Lewis&Clark. Practicing how to view life through a camera and the stories I can tell. But will have Blackberry/computer to check in with you each day. A daily visit with you lifts my heart. Happy Weekend!

chezgraceparis said...

That's not a chicken in Laduree's window laying macaroons, that's a ROOSTER, symbol of France! Cocorico is what it says (instead of cock-a-doodle-do) and wishes you a very happy Easter indeed! I love your beautiful photos of the shop windows! Now I know where to go for my Easter basket shopping!

Kirsten Steen said...

Another beautiful post with mouth-watering photos of window displays! Oh, you make me miss Paris! Love the macaron-laying 'rooster'!

Estelle said...

Thank you so much for sharing all things Paris! I've been lucky enough to visit the fab city three times, so far, and your Paris Breakfasts bring to mind all the wonderful and exciting things to take in. Of course I love the "Tower", it has the best city view. The flower shops and store fronts are so amazing. Joyeux Paques!

Felio said...

Dear Carol,
Once again your Paris Breakfast still reigns number 1.
Thank you for always exposing us to new places in Paris.
We found Gerard Mulot by accident as my husband was looking for a sports bar
I so look forward to PB. You always seem to take me back to what made me the happiest in Paris.
Happy Easter.
Merci Beaucoup!

Nikon said...

Beautiful shots! I like the rats :-)

Lynda said...

Wow! Chocolate and chicken heaven!

gladys said...

happy easter to you

PeterParis said...

I was considering making an "Paris Easter Post", but glad I didn't! You are unbeatable!

Joyeuses Pâques!!

Gina said...

Oh how fun are those pictures!! Thanks : )

by Danie said...

I haven't been to visit for quite sometimes, I went through your latest and past posts, it is really a great, enormous pleasure to read you, anyone would love Paris through your eyes.
Joyeuses Paques Carol.

Anonymous said...

hahaha so funny. happy easter! ah now i must go get some chocolate!

Merisi said...

Could it be that Pierre Herme's poules prefer lurking in the dark rather than melt in the sun? ;-)

Beautiful Paris Easter Parade,
merci for sharing these treats. I had so much fun browsing with you.

Happy Easter! :-)

Jill said...

I love the egg tree you didn't know where, its the best and very delicate and better than those old fashioned ugly hens, the ones hanging made me feel like painting it but will leave it to you,

Leda said...

What a treat. I can't thank you enough. Your recent Paris adventures inspired me to bite the bullet and after visiting my son in
Amsterdam I'm off to Paris. It's been quite awhile that I've been abroad. Happily at this stage of my life I can do whatever I please.
Hooray!Best wishes: Easter, Passover, etc. Much joy and blessings.

Lawrence said...

poulets also means not just
chickens;but cop, police officer...

Caroline H. said...

Love the chicken peeking out of the top of the Lenotre pile o' eggs! adorable

Janet said...

Have a wonderful holiday this weekend.
You deserve it.
You worked so hard keeping us amused whilst in Paris :)

vicki archer said...

Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Lori Lynn said...

Hi Carol!
Happy Easter!
Lori Lynn

Heather Stimmler-Hall said...

I think that pile of eggs at Lenotre is supposed to be an actual body of the chicken...see the tail feathers sticking out the back? Funny, but I don't think it works. The eggs look too much like smooth stones, like the town chicken has been stoned to death, LOL!

I don't see any Easter bells in the photos...the ones that lay the Easter eggs. ;)

jeanette mistress of longears said...

Most DEVIOUS of you to lull me into a sense that all would be well this Easter in Paris....all chicks and chickens and none of the beastly Rabbits!

Victoria said...

OK, you've found the marche des oiseaux, something I've never been
able to do when in Paris. Of course, one year I was looking it was
during the bird flu scare and it wasn't open. Obviously it is open
again, so please take pity on this fellow Paris-lover and tell, WHERE is it???

Happy Easter

parisbreakfast said...

*Victoria-It's at the flower marche just on Sundays
Quai de la Corse, 75004
*Heather-how nutty can they get? A chicken made of eggs and eggs dressed as chickens!!!

Merisi said...

Good morning and
Happy Easter Monday
from V.!

Winnie from Michigan said...

That red thing atop a hen's and rooster's heads is called a comb aks the cocks comb. Great Easter show!
Winnie from Michigan

Susu said...

So yummy! The weather here in Paris is as easterly as ever!

Di Overton said...

Ah April in Paris and Chocolat what could be better?