Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Poisson d'Avril

Happy Poisson d'Avril PB readers!April 1st is when French kids make a joke pinning images of fish on the backs of adults, then running away yelling "poisson d'avril". It's a lot like April fools.

Then French bring out the chocolate fish by the ton! Here from Jean-Paul Hevin surrounded by yummy macarons.Gerard Mulot celebrates Poisson d'Avril in a big way with lots of sea creatures not just fish... This gold fish.

Comes from Restaurant Prunier on Avenue Victor Hugo 75016, famous for it's caviar.
French bunnies are out too.

In full force.

 Put on your bunnie suits and go out for a Spring hop.
The first forsythia is out too.
Spring has hit Paris!

Fabulous fleurist, Jeff Leatham, at Hotel George V, has strewn forsythia around in the most inventive way.
His book is to die for.
Bonpoint has dirt and growning things on it's mind.

Let's put on our Spring hats and get out there.


  1. les fleurs du georges V un bonheur!!!
    ma fille travaille dans ce beau lieu donc j'ai la chance d'admirer son travail.
    tu m'as fait rire avec ma musique oiseaus!!!!

    a bientôt


  2. Okay, now I would like to start eating all these delicious chocolat fishes. I'm a big fan of Spring in Paris; it's such a beautiful city to take a walk.
    But, I prefer London.......Poisson d'avril!

    Anne Corrons

  3. Very inspiring! Yes, spring has sprung in Paris! Now I'm going to gorge myself on fish-shaped chocolates, macaroons, etc etc. ;-)


  4. So many beautiful things to see here and learn ... thank you for the insights, Carol!

  5. Aha! I haven't lived here (Aix-en-Provence) very long, and I WONDERED why our local grocery store was displaying fish-shaped chocolates. I wonder where you photographed the first poisson. . . The Cezanne plaque looks just like all the ones we have in the streets here. . .are they cherished farther afield, too?

  6. I must try these macarons seriously!
    I need to make some.

  7. Love the whole Springy feeling here...
    What wouldn't I give to be in your shoes :)

  8. What a beautiful, springy post!
    I've got April Fish on the brain too today!

  9. I just returned from a visit to Paris last week and was wondering pourquoi tous les poissons dans les fenêtres?? Now I know! Merci!

  10. That hotel lobby with the light and reflection off the floor! You are good! I will carry a little bit of the French April 1st with me today. Merci!

  11. that as an april 1st item...

    asperges...will have to try adding a piece of fried bacon atop mine, what type of sauce is that?

    macarons...lovely spring colors timely as i was in the yard last evening trimming our monster up off the ground.

    do stop by and take a peek at my italy posts when you've a chance, i took so many pictures that i could post forever (it seems).

    hope you are having a great time...

  12. Yes, is the answer--we should do all those things--don our hats, get out our bunnies...(well, all of us excepting maybe the Mistress.) Great post--looks like fun. That book of flowers looks gorgeous--I'll have to check that out! Take care, Carol!

  13. The bunnies are so cute!

  14. Paris in the Spring. How luck are you?!

  15. I LOVE that Fosythia photo. What is the blue behind it? wow
    Fun post.

  16. Loved the flowers. Ah Spring in Paris. It snowed there one April when we were visisiting and I'd forgotten my coat in the LA airport.

    When do you come back?

  17. Hi, I discovered your blog yesterday, by accident. I love it! I instantly subscribed. I don’t subscribe to blogs. Not even my own family member’s blogs. So- Thanks for making my day a little richer and keep up the good work. I will be looking forward to it.
    Lisa in Kentucky

  18. I stumbled across your blog when researching chocolate ganache. I'm completely enthralled! Thank you for capturing these images and sharing them with us. I'm inspired all over again by Paris!
    San Francisco, CA

  19. so.. will you get time to go to see Rue Daguerre??

  20. You might have taken my heart into consideration by giving me a little warning about the long-eared onslaught! Thank heaven my husband was nearby and he knows CPR.
    The fish are quite exceptional!

  21. Years ago Harvard Lampoon , or maybe it was Mad Magazine, had a spoof advertisement showing a bottle of Dior "Poison" fragrance, but labeled it "Poisson".


  22. fabulous photo ~ i would so love to be biting into several of those macarons...
    Right now!
    xo heidi

  23. FINAlly!
    My macarron fix!

  24. Imagine if someone stuck a real fish on your back and you didn't know and you walked around all day with it on. You would Stink!

  25. Love The Selby's photos - particularly that Inés de la Fressange series.

  26. I just returned from my hometown, Dallas, where I took my niece and nephew bags of chocolate fish from Paris! L'Ami Jean is one of my absolute fave spots -- I adore the rice pudding, don't you?


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