Friday, January 18, 2008


OK A little trip on the Metro today. I have to go off to work myself and have no more cupcakes or cupcake paintings for you since I went back to bed after yesterday's post..Ahem
So this in MY Metro in the Marais - Etienne Marcel, a nice old traditional Belle Epoque station.
I love it that the Paris Metro has a seperate entrance and exit for passengers, unlike New York's MTA, where there's always a contest/battle of who gets throught the same entry/exit.
Here's something to remember.
No matter which side of the platform you are on, the train will ALWAYS be coming from your left.
It took many trips to Paris to discover this valuable nugget of info.
Metro Art is a FABULOUS in Paris.
Hello MTA!!! Listen up
I took a special trip to the Metro station Reaumur-Sebastopol just to shoot these interior murals - really enamaled tiles.
I love the brilliant patterns and colors...
Prince Street Station has something like this but in miniature - I'll take some pictures. But I love the abstract graphic assertivness of these larger than lifesize figures.
Each figure has a story to tell.
Franck, 36 ans.
I wish I knew the artist/ designers name who created these...
Terrific contemporary gestural poses...
Even a TV screen with News!
Les goss (the kids) going off to school...
Back inside the very compressed and not so well designed old Metro car a real woman puts on her makeup!
The stations are spacious and airy, unlike the old style Metro cars...
Well, here's the seperate exit I love.
Off to work.
Cya next week with more cupcakes and paintings!


  1. loveitaly9:44 AM

    Great Metro shots, Carol! Have a good weekend, and rest up!

  2. Elizabeth10:09 AM

    beautiful !
    thank you :)
    I am enjoying your blog, having just signed up for it this week !

  3. Did you see the altered plan for RATP's holiday greeting? This was in many of the stations when we were just there.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I wish we could nail the public transport experience as well as's a dream. But then the french not only expect it to be a cultural treat, they demand it. :) I say cupcake kiosks in the metro! Feel better.
    All best, Jan

  5. Love this! I will see this soon =D
    Thanks Carol!

  6. Great post but not one link for me to check :(

  7. Beautiful picture of the classic metro station. Paris looks warm and lovely with the sun shining on the buildings. It would be wonderful to sit and people watch while eating a cupcake. Thank you.

  8. I adore your blog! I went to Paris last year for the first time, and moved to NYC 2.5 years ago. I love seeing Paris through your eyes, and parts of NYC that I don't frequent as well. THANK YOU!

  9. Hey Paris....

    Great blog! I'm actually not going to be at the Artist's and Flea's Market this Saturday, but I will be starting back up in Febuary. I'll keep you posted and what days; I'd love to see you there!

  10. Beautiful blog.
    Gorgeous, soft and yummy watercolors.
    Great stories.

  11. If they are going to stick people underground like that it's nice of them to make it as pleasurable as possible. I can just imagine that gal, with the mirror doing her makeup, scrambling like mad trying to find her mirror if the train came to a quick stop. ;)
    I get claustrophobia just looking at that shot.

  12. Ah, le métro parisienne, toute une histoire! Mais, Réaumur Sébastopol n'est pas sur la ligne 1!!!!! it's a shame that in NYC the subway stations are so sad and boring. I love a lots of Paris stations, such as Arts et Métier, Louvre Rivoli and the one at Concorde with all the human rights written on the walls. Fabulous stories !

  13. Fabulous
    I love all that you post!

  14. jeanette, mistress of longears2:43 PM

    What - no more posts for me to browse while I procrastinate about Photoshop?

  15. Dear Carol,
    Thanks for the colorful tour. Great Metro art! Tried to leave this on your blog, but I'm having trouble signing in on blogger today.
    Wanted to say hello and let you know that I saw your article in Somerset Blogging issue this afternoon. It is a great article, and your the first person featured!
    Hope you are well.

  16. Anonymous4:28 PM

    And our MTA always wants more money for less service. I haven't been to Paris in years, it's great to see how beautiful the subway is, even, for crying out loud!

    Ink in My Coffee

  17. Oh, this makes me miss Paris. I loved the Metro system. It made life so easy!!

  18. what fun. your blog is beautiful.

  19. There is an artist based out of Boston, I think, that you will love. he's a doll house and castle sculpture. When I get his name from my friend who has a few of them, I'll let you know...



  20. Susanne in VT3:17 PM

    Ok, this latest Paris Breakfast has me itchin' to go back to Paris!


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