Friday, February 27, 2009

Rue Bonaparte

Rue Bonaparte

Rue Bonaparte1, 9" x 11"
One street I know really well is rue Bonaparte in "The Latin Quarter" 6th Arr.

Shall we go for a stroll..?

Rue Bonaparte Oooops! What is New York's Kiehls doing here?

and right next to patisserie Pierre Herme at #72 rue Bonaparte!

Rue Bonaparte Ages ago before it went upscale I used to stay, in a garrett at Hotel Bonaparte conveniently right across the street from Pierre Herme. Course there were no passion fruit macarons back then...

Rue Bonaparte Just to the right of the hotel is now a YSL Rive Gauche boutique. That wasn't there either...

Rue Bonaparte If you walk down rue Bonaparte towards the Seine you can't miss Cafe Les Deux Magots with some of the best chocolat chaud in my experience (next runner up to Angelina).

Rue Bonaparte Keep on walking and another hot chocolate awaits you...

Rue BonaparteServed in an entirely different manner at Cafe Le Bonaparte...
Rue Bonaparte Across the street is book publisher Assouline and a favorite jewelry boutique, Fabrice. Their windows are always a witty surprise.

Rue Bonaparte For a 3rd hot chocolate...

Rue Bonaparte Macarons at the corner of rue Jacob.

Rue Bonaparte After all these goodies you better just keep on walking all the way to La Defense. Allons-y!



  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Bonjour toi !
    tu es mignonne en balade rue Bonaparte avec ton adorable chien !

  2. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Speaking of garretts!
    Would love to know of places you like to stay while a Paris!

  3. Anonymous12:37 PM


    Thank you so much for all your postings, but especially this one. One of my favorite trips to Paris was with some girlfriends and we stayed at The Hotel Bonapart. We had a fantastic time - you brought back some fantastic memories.

  4. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Hotel Bonaparte! My god-I had a dreadful experience there. Not only did they give away my room but when I finally was re-instated I had to put up with really loud music from next door-it was obviously a party. It didn't cease until 5am. The concierge did rien! Not happy memories!

    Bon week-end

  5. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Bonjour Carol,
    Thanks for your latest; I took that walk along rue Bonaparte last October and it has to be one of my favorites. That is just how it looked all the time we were there; grey and misty. Superb! Yes, I was surprised to find a Kiehl’s there too but it was lucky for me since I needed some things. And that Laduree is the best; I have never found it crowded.

    The map is a little off though, I think. Les Deux Magots, is just a block east of Café de Flore on Saint Germain. We wanted to have lunch there one Sunday but it was too crowded so we walked down to Flore, which was just as crowded, but they managed to squeeze us in---we shared a table with Dennis Hopper, of all people!
    Ah, only in Paris.

  6. I just love reading your posts and seeing your artwork. Always brings a smile to my face!

  7. Anonymous2:44 PM

    I love this. We stayed in the Latin Quarter when we went. It’s full of ethnic restaurants where owners of Greek restaurants break dishes in the front doorway to get your attention to get you to come in and eat.
    There are rows and rows of ethnic restaurants in that arrondisment (6th Arr).
    It’s a fun place to stay with lots of students in the area milling around.

  8. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Last time I went to Paris to visit my daughter, I rented an apartment for the week on a website she told me about. Very reasonable rates compared to hotels and I enjoy to faire le course so having a kitchen is the best
    Always fun to contemplate for le prochaine fois!

  9. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Charming again, Carol! Lovely!

  10. Thanks for the tip! I don't know if I have ever walked Rue Bonaparte, but now will do so tomorrow! 8^)

  11. Thank you for another turquoise painting!
    I am not sure if you had a chance to respond but I was curious if the black lines are watercolor as well?

  12. Salut chere Carol, I just love your facade series...well done...! ! !

  13. Anonymous12:03 AM

    I simply love your blog! It makes me travel starved.

  14. Anonymous3:39 AM

    funny you mention rue Bonaparte.
    My dearest Parisian friend, lives right before the church. She thinks it's the best address in Paris!

    One of my favorite streets is rue Vielle du Temple in the Marais.

    Right across from rue de la St Croix Bretoniere (or something damn close to that!) is a great modest little restaurant, Le Petite Fut aux Cheval.
    I had my first steak TarTar there and always return. Sit outside and watch the cool people wandering the street at night. They also have a great apple tart for dessert!
    Missing it as I write this!!!!

  15. Anonymous3:41 AM

    Thank you for these photos...I will be heading back to Paris since your pictures have intrigued my boyfriend...I love your photographic triumphs!

  16. Anonymous3:48 AM

    My favorite street in Paris, ah yes!!! Love Fabrice,I met the shop owner Ann two years ago when I made my first and not last trip to Paris. She is a dear friend to two of my former students. Wonderful lady. I stayed at Hotel Luttetia.
    I love your blog.
    Have a wonderful time.

  17. Anonymous3:54 AM

    thanks for Rue Bonaparte(other of my unforgettable places):everyday I went through it and I loved sitting outside le Bonaparte,specially the weekends after lunch time,just watching people go by...(I must confess that I also spent a large amount of my walkings in front of YSL rive gauche/Anick Goutal vitrines counting how many euros I had to save weekly to buy the shoes or clothes I liked=how many phone calls I didn´t have to do,how many outside dinners,lunches,brunches I had to deny myself for walking or wearing them marching in front of the people having coffes in Le Bonaparte,La Mairie,Deux Margots,Aux Vieux Colombier...

  18. Anonymous9:28 AM

    There was an article in OK magazine this week showing were all the stars and most from Sex in the City on TV stay at Hotel
    The bar with the long soft sofas looked inviting
    Jill xx

  19. Alright, now I must try hot chocolate Cafe Le Bonaparte style.

  20. O la la! this blog is very interesting!!!

  21. Anonymous12:09 PM

    rue Bonaparte in the 6th is the Latin Quartier?

    That's news to moi.
    Isn't it in the 5th and more like Blvd St. Michel and rue de la Huchette being right in the hub of it?

  22. Anonymous12:12 PM

    The Latin Quarter of Paris (Quartier latin) is an area in the 5th and parts of the 6th arrondissement of Paris. It is situated on the left bank of the River Seine, around the Sorbonne University.

    Known for its lively atmosphere and bistros, the Latin Quarter is the home to a number of higher education establishments besides the university itself, such as the École Normale Supérieure, the École des Mines de Paris (a ParisTech institute), the Schola Cantorum, and the Jussieu university campus. Other establishments such as the École Polytechnique (also a ParisTech engineering school) have relocated in recent times to more spacious settings.

    The area gets its name from the Latin language, which, as the international language of learning in the Middle Ages, was once widely spoken in and around the University.

    Thank you Wikie!

  23. i am digging your blog, i just found it today !!

    we both seem to love paris & your art.

    have a sweet weekend,


  24. What a wonderful entry! My friends and I are planning to go to Paris in ten months and I can't wait to try out your hot chocolate suggestions. BTW, I love your blog and your paintings!

  25. I feel as though I've joined you on a fabulous walking tour. More hot chocolate please.
    Your illustrations are darling.

  26. Totally agree. It is one of my favourite strolls in Paris.

  27. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Did I tell you about the fabulous YSL exibit that was at the DeYoung the last several months?
    Just captivatingly fabulously beautiful.
    And amusing.
    If ever I'd had the $$$ he would have been my designer.

  28. Anonymous11:21 AM

    You must know Paris like your own bed :-)
    How many times have you been there?

  29. Great post Paris Breakfast.
    Love it all, but especially your painting & the cup of chocolate!! How decadent!


  30. hello! i am a big fan of your BEAUTIFUL paintings. they're so pretty and colorful and i LOVE everything Paris! i've never been, but plan to go one day soon. i would love to post some of your gorgeous creations on my blog, and of course i will link back to you. i just love sharing beautiful things. please let me know.

    God Bless,

  31. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Gluggg...I'm chocolate-logged. Or maybe not....that's quite a walk, n'est-ce pas? Am most intrigued by the service at Cafe le Bonaparte, but apparently, it's more show than substance - not even 2nd on your list. I bet you have to stir and stir and stir.

  32. Hmmmmh, my kingdom for a croissant right now!
    I love all those glimpses of bookstores, merci.
    Did you know that Vienna has its very own Kiehl's store? Kiehl's of New York, of course. ;-) Walking past the store is like travelling across the sea into your fair country.

  33. I strongly recommend a lovely and peaceful B&B next to Notre Dame and the Seine River... so charming and restful! please, visit Private Homes who publishes it

    Hervé Williamsson.

  34. On my first trip to Paris in 2000, I stayed at the Hotel Bonaparte. It was lovely and so wonderfully located. Across the street, at that time, was another patisserie. It was delicious with melt away cookies that I spent my last francs on to eat on the trip home.
    On my next visit I expected to find the same patisserie but was surprised to find Pierre Hermes. It had just recently opened and the lines were around the corner! I knew it would be fabulous because Parisians would not wait in line were that not so. I couldn't wait to try it. I feel in love with the Rose Macarons!Also, this delicious Pistachio cream tart topped with strawberries.
    Each time I read your stories about macarons, I remember that flavor of Rose. It never fails to evoke Paris.

  35. Thank you Sharon K for your poignant comment - very evocative of Paris for me :)



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