Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Canelés Baillardran - Paris

Caneles Baillardran - Paris, original art

I spotted this charming Canelés Baillardran cart in Gare Paris Montparnasse. Can a food cart count as a "facade"?
Caneles Baillardran Canelés Baillardran originate in Bordeaux but you can find them everywhere in France. Please tell Amtrack that we need some French caneles.
Caneles Baillardran They are crusty on the outside and inside a tad custardy...oh it's impossible to describe the taste sensation of these little cakes/cookies...
Caneles Baillardran They are baked in these gorgeous traditional copper molds called moule, which they also sell at the train station cart!
Caneles Baillardran They are not very big, but evidently just one of these will do for lunch. Ah so that's how the French keep so trim.
Caneles Baillardran Something the French do really well is food carts.
Or should I say another thing the french do well...hmmm
This fancy food cart was at the exit of the Marie-Antoinette exhibit last March.
This little gem sits just outside Galerie Lafayette Gourmet - that must take some nerve. Yet they offer delicious little inexpensive treats.Here's a delicious treat I heard on the BBC this morning...
If you have 15 minutes to spare you may end up with a smile plastered on your face like mine was...


  1. I love the way the French pay attention to detail, the way they love everyday life.

    As to how they make canneles: those little molds are greased with beeswax for the ultimate in non-stick, and you bake the batter at a high temperature, so that the exterior is caramelized, and the interior hasn't dried out.

    btw, Trader Joe's carries frozen canneles, and they are really pretty authentic, at least to my tastes.

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I love this! Love love it! I think we need those little portable treasures scattered around.

  3. Your watercolors are just a bright spot in my day - this one is especially delightful. Your posts always take me to Paris- a place I want to see in my lifetime and your photographs, snippets and art only make the longing deeper.

  4. Food carts are not only three-dimensional store fronts, they were invented way before the first stone and sticks store opened, infact, the same year the wheel was invented food carts appeared all over Stonehenge! (Source: MerisiFoodTrivia.org)

  5. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Oh, the Lauderee cart looks just like a French carriage. I'm not a fan of the caneles but have clients who are. Get them from a place in SF for those clients. Nibbled my first one in Saint Esteph. You smelled them cooking and followed your nose.


  6. Anonymous12:47 PM

    I found some of those Caneles at Trader Joe's...they are delicious!

  7. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Do they really sell these from carts?
    Living on the street in Paris could be okay

  8. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Hello !
    (I've a problem with my computer to go on flickr...). So I'm happy to see your new fantastics draws on your blog !
    Beautiful red car !!!
    Have a good day,

  9. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Very nice!
    I love that you're branching out in your subject matters!

  10. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I am sooooo in love with your last water colors
    what lovely and genial idea

  11. Hi there! I just started following your blog recently, and I must say that the moment I set eyes on your watercolors, I was a fan! You are a wonderful inspiration!


  12. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Hi Carol - I lived in Paris for about 8 glorious months a very long time ago. I also water color. I don't see any pencil marks on your paintings. Are you drawing your pictures before painting them?


  13. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I always leave here feeling hungry!

  14. This is a fun post and a fun painting. I am enjoying your 'facade' paintings a lot. keep em coming.

  15. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Cart or facade - when they are all this lovely AND have a "doggy" in them, it simply doesn't matter!!! LOVE your other new cart as well. So much inspiration to paint from, so much talent to work with, and so many readers left feeling happy and hungry ;)

  16. Anonymous4:26 PM

    "a movable feast!"
    They're wonderful--a bit more elegant than the hot pretzel vendors in NY I used to see, Carol. These are great fun. Glad to see you branching out--they're wonderful! I expect to see that Laduree one here tomorrow. For sure.

  17. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Now I KNOW I am French...I often have a cookie or cake or mocha for lunch! Must consult Julia on canneles. And as for wagons...Laduree gets my vote!

  18. Definitely the food cart counts as a facade! Beautiful!!

  19. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Those look SO good! Try eating at
    the cafe Du Marche in Rue Cler if your still there. Good food

  20. I'm going to have to give these a try!

  21. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Have you ever tried the Caneles from Trader Joe's? I've seen them at our local TJ's, but I'm certian they are quite inferior to the fabulous looking Caneles of France.

  22. Very cute. I love the dalmation next to the red cart!

  23. I am loving your carts and facades you multi talented lady you.


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