Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paris Guard Dogs

Foret Noire Salon de The,original art,9" x 11"
Something you see all over Paris are working dogs
They are guarding bistros

And cafes - have you seen this little hard worker,Ourson sitting on the corner of rue de Buci? He's always there.

Double guards on duty watching the girls go by...Is that allowed?
A chic Marais shop dog guards from the inside...The night watchman on patrol!
He's eyeballed me. Uh oh

This hound is guarding her mistress' baguettes.Don't touch/ne touche pas!

An antique watch dog.
Goyard has this fausse metal hound on offer.
More and more NO DOGS allowed signs in Paris

WOOF! How do you say woof in French?
PB reader, Anne Mathieu sent in this photo of Paris Bull Dogs on Bvd. St-Germaine des Prés


  1. Love this post of Paris pooches, but why no French Bulldog?

  2. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Are they the bistro "bouncer"
    "My dog does not approve.
    Please go away,"
    says the bistro owner...

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    hola hello hi bonjour
    j'adore ton œil de paris et autres coins du monde

    bravo pour ce que tu fais

  4. Translations of Woof-Woof in French: Ouah-Ouah (like the "WaWa" we have in PA) or Arf-Arf (more for comics) or Wouf-Wouf (naturalization of the English) or Wouaf-Wouaf (obvious mix)...

  5. Wharff!or Ouah! but there is an americanisation of the "Ouah" that tends to become "Wharf!" may be the cartoon's influence.
    These dogs are so cute, that I would like to paint all of them!!s there no dogs in NWC?
    I like your first drawing with this humoristic way.
    Oh I just see what Patty wrote !!
    Ah Ah!!!

  6. Anonymous9:35 AM

    My name's Erika, I'm from Brasil and loved you blog, specially your paintings! The pictures are gorgeous too!
    I've been in Paris in 2007 and loved so, when I visit you blog, I refresh my memories!

  7. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Dear Carol,
    I love your watercolors. There is a wonderful guard dog on the corner of Augereau and Gros Caillou near where you are staying. He is a huge black dog in front of the Café de Mars. You might want to check him out.

  8. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Another great one.
    That dog is perfect!!!!!

  9. Anonymous10:45 AM

    beautiful !
    great simplicity and color.
    fido is the finishing touch :))

  10. Anonymous10:58 AM

    ouah! ouah! I think it also translates as macaron please.....

    These make me smile so much!

  11. That Dalmatiner is such a fantastic accessory to the red shopfront! ;-)

    Love your waltercolor painting,
    the dogs are cute too (please don't tell Maxie,
    he's quite the jealous hound! *g*).

  12. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE the work you're doing of storefronts.

  13. Anonymous11:03 AM

    No fair.. I must stop looking at really, must get back to work... click away ,Jan , just click more pet, and then I 'll go....meant to tell you how much I have been enjoying your street them lots and lots.

  14. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Your talent,passion and style are fabulous. I have been a huge fan for several years.
    Your past few watercolors are some of my absolute favorites.
    While I enjoy all your wc subjects,food is off my radar right now as my Dr. has given me strict orders to get my cholestrol down and lose weight. No more "Food Channel" for a while

  15. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I LOVE THIS !!!!

    I am a dog lover.

  16. According to Idefix, it's "Ouahh!"

  17. This post is the best...and what about Paris chat et chatons?!

  18. Anonymous2:06 PM

    "Wooof!! woo wooo woooooo and wooooof; wooo wooooooooof!!!!" In case you aren't familiar with Canadian poochie, I'll translate: "Wow!!! I really love your doggie posts & paintings; more please!!!!"

  19. Anonymous4:01 PM

    This is great, Carol--sweet post. Lots of cute pups! Your painting is wonderful!

  20. mais, qu'ils sont mignons ces petits chiens!

  21. I eat at a restuarant where the owner has 2 dobermanns.. on closing they are allowed to come over and say hello.

    BTW when are you going to paint some of Vienna? Merisi's photos look tempting!

  22. Oh love this post. some cute doggies.
    Love the painting.. Its another good one.

  23. Anonymous8:39 PM

    faux chien en métal ( le chien, le métal )
    we say ouah ouah for the dogs
    and miaou for the cats ...

  24. Loved this post!!! :))

  25. Fabulous series! Just great & so cute!

  26. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! So much fun!

  27. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Bonjour !
    Very funny !!! What incredible french people !!! :)

  28. Ah, one evening at a chambre d'hote in southwestern France, we had a conversation about the differences in the language of French and American animals. To say the least, there were a lot of giggles.

  29. No breakfast today? *woof*

  30. I am scared stiff of dogs and hate it when I see one outside a shop in Paris. Do I need treatment? :)

  31. Message from Maxie:
    Even Demel's opens no later than seven. *woof*

  32. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Frankly, I never went in much for Frenchies...thinking they would all be like the poodles. I once passed a white poodle on the street in show trim and didn't even recognize that it was a dog! Just a collection of big white balls with a strange, perfume-y smell. Chacun a son gout! But the French must be coming to their senses - these are all doggone REAL dogs!

  33. Thanks for this insightful perspective. I thought all dogs in France were poodles. ;-)


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