Monday, February 02, 2009

Hot Chocolate

Marshmallow Heaven, original art, 5" x 7"
In the interest of serious, intensive research and for your benefit, kind PB readers, I felt I must avail myself of the opening night of the month-long HOT CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL held annually since 1990.
At CITY BAKERY NYC!I first heard the festival was about to begin over at Paris inhabitant, master pastry chef and chocolate expert, David Lebovitz's. And the drooling began...Did I mention that City Bakery is at 3 West 18th Street, just footsteps from 5th Avenue FYI?Owner/creator Maury Rubin was on hand giving out free tastes of the various flavors of the night.
For the month of February you can taste:
Banana Peel, Earl Grey Hot, Beer, Vanila bean, Ginger, Lemon, Bourbon, Cinnamon, Caramel, Tropical, Love potion, Sunken Treasure, ChocoVivo, Malted Milk, Milk chocolate hot chocolate...Grand Finale to be decided Feb 28th. And did I mention there are hand-made marshmallows to accompany your hot chocolate rather than the usual whipped cream?

( I don't happen to like whipped cream and as Merisi of Vienna, an expert in all things mitt shlag says, it dilutes the hot chocolate! Who knew?) For starters, I had a FREE! "flight" of hot chocolate flavors-
Ginger, Chilli, Beer,...oh heck who can remember? Traditionalist that I am, I went with the "original" hot chocolate... Here Rusty does the honors...OH YUM! By the way, before he does THE POUR, he airates the hot chocolate with a mini whip. I can easily pass up the mitt shlag but never the marshmallow! TA DA!How did it taste you want to know?
It's just the best damn hot chocolate you can find in New York (baring La Maison du Chocolat, which is once a month experience)
This I could have everyday...sigh
There are fabulous accompanyments to your hot chocolate like these home made chocolate chip cookies.
But I showed some discipline...
And these heavenly looking lemony apple tarts.
But I showed some restraint...
Maury Rubin by the way has a gorgeous book out on tarts...
To-die-for French toast carmelized up the whazoo!
But I showed a sense of responsibilty...ahem
As far as the hot chocolate went, I threw caution to the wind and gobbled it ALL UP vite vite vite!
If you go, tell em PB sent you!


  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Extremely tough and serious research there!
    I feel for you...

  2. You really sacrifice yourself on our behalf.
    I have to come to NY !!!!

  3. Thanks for this post. I just love City Bakery. It has been inspiration for my own baking. Ever since I was there, I've been making giant marshmallows for my own hot chocolate. YUM.

  4. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Holy Schmoly! I could almost see the steam rising through my computer screen! Oh lawd... Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences - I never miss an entry.

  5. j'avais envie d'un chocolat chaud mais je me disais que ce n'était pas raisonnable!!!!
    Maintenant je file m'en faire un,avec plein de mousse grâce a la machine nespresso qui fait de la mousse de lait.


  6. The hot chocolate looks divine! Such awesome pictures...keep them coming!

  7. Oh, I so wish I liked hot chocolate--I love the whole ritual of it, and I've fixed it many times for others who do love it. It looks delicious. Those marshmallows look yummy, (but I do like whipped cream, too.) Fabulous, Ms PB.

  8. OMG!!! I am drooling over that homemade marshmallow in the hot chocolate....WOWOW. What fun this. And gorgeous piece of art you did too. Just wonderful for a Monday morning. I worry that you suffer for us so much....don't you dare stop...HAH! On deadline but will be back to drool some more.

  9. Anonymous10:35 AM

    Ooooh! Thanks for letting me know about the City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival! I'm on my way...wonder if I can try all the flavors by month's end? Heehee =)

  10. You really suffer for your art!

  11. OK this is like torture. I am snowed in and may be for days to come and I have not one crumb of chocolate in the cottage. The only thing I can find that's sweet is a packet of Kellogs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. Just isn't the same is it?

  12. Anonymous11:19 AM

    They say you have to suffer for beauty...
    Now I get it!
    BRAVO for you tough assignment.
    I should be so lucky

  13. Anonymous12:29 PM

    where can I eat hot chocolat with white marshmallow in Paris ?
    I love the guimauve, is it the same food ?
    I can try to mixt that myself HUm Hum...

  14. YUM! I've just got to make my own marshmallows now....

  15. Anonymous2:00 PM

    Thanks for reminding me to high-tail it to my favorite February event!

  16. OMG, I am in need of some 'real' hot, and those marshmallows look a piece of heaven. You do a fabulous job on your postings! I love visiting your blog, always takes me away from reality for a short time.

  17. OMG!!! I was drooling!!!! Looks better than Angelina's!!!! How did it compare? I'd MUCH rather have a marshmallow than whipped cream... YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Great post!
    P.S. I snowed overnight here so we woke up to snow! Then it rained anmd melted most of the snow!


    That looks so good and I have a huge craving for hot chocolate now...even though I had chocolate 30 minutes ago. Oh and with those marshmallows? SWOON!

  19. Anonymous3:47 PM

    i wish city bakery in LA were doing the same!

  20. Anonymous5:17 PM

    what a coincidence - I was reading this, when I caught a whiff of hot chocolate from the person who sits across from me at work - it made your blog come to life!

  21. Anonymous1:21 AM

    I can't believe Maury hasn't named the festival in your honor! What an oversight! I will write today!
    By the way, I own and have used his tarte book and it is chock full of wonderful recipes!

  22. EXCELLENT IDEA Jeanette!
    Yes Maury really invented the Post-Modern tart!
    They look and taste exquisite...sigh

  23. Anonymous4:54 AM

    I could be at a Hot Chocolate Festival all day!!!
    Double YUM!!!

  24. Anonymous4:55 AM

    Looks soooo delicious!
    I must go out and buy marshmarrows!!

  25. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Lovely photos and very generous words from you. Thanks so much for the kind treatment, very appreciated.
    Was nice to see you, Maury

  26. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Hum, I love your watercolor!Yummy, yummy, this white cube shrinking in the chocolate is perfect!I never saw hand made marshmallow, it loooks great!

  27. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Hi Carol: I'm on deadline for a performance so I'm behind on reading all of your lovely posts...but this inspired me to run to the kitchen on this grey foggy San Francisco day and make myself a cup of hot chocolate. I used E. Guittard (San Francisco Bay Area chocolate maker) Cocoa Rouge and I whisked the hot milk into my cup as shown in your post.


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